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January 20, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Inauguration Day: Pelosi Didn't Get Her Machine Guns
  • Here's One U.S. Soldier Who NEEDED Investigating
  • Hawley Book Will Happen
  • Spitting Mad
  • Not A Wise Career Move
  • Must-See Video


Mike Huckabee

Inauguration Day: Pelosi Didn't Get Her Machine Guns

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, we talked about what Washington, DC, looked like on “Inauguration Eve”; namely, an evacuated and secured war zone. Yes, Democrats are sending a message about their newly-established power by turning it into exactly that, but apparently House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had wanted to send it in even stronger terms.

According to Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, Pelosi had even wanted “crew-manned machine guns” (!!!). But her request was turned down, he said Tuesday evening to Martha MacCallum on FOX NEWS, “because there’s simply no use for that in a security arrangement for a civilian undertaking.”

In case you’re a leftist who pretends to know about guns but doesn’t know BBs about them, the term “machine guns” refers to fully automatic weapons, a giant step beyond the semiautomatic weapons used by many for hunting and self-defense that are so often condemned by the left. “Crew-manned machine guns” are probably best known by their associations with front-line warfare and also mass executions of Jews and other enemies by Nazi soldiers during the Holocaust. They mow people down. Personal, hand-held automatic weapons were used to commit shocking mob violence in America during Prohibition.

Just think of the image this would have projected, regardless of whether or not these guns were even loaded. I realize those on the left are trying to make a point about their new dominance, but this over-the-top show of power is shameful and dangerous and tells us a lot about their current state of mind. If anything would incite violence, it’s not Trump, who left quietly, but this symbolic boot-heel.

Pelosi had also requested, through the Capitol Police, the many thousands of extra troops, Cuccinelli said, adding, “Some of this has gone beyond any legitimate security need. But they’re disciplined, they’re professional, and the Secret Service has been choreographing this very effectively to maintain security and safety.”

When asked why there was a call for “such a tremendous force,” Cuccinelli said “all of it arose on January 6,” partially because Congress was the target.

"At the same time,” he wondered aloud, “where was this concern for the rest of America?”

Good question. He continued: “But when their own [Congress's] butt was on the line, all of a sudden they want every troop and soldier they can find to protect THEM.” He said they’re perfectly happy to do what it takes to keep members safe, but “not at the sacrifice of the rest of America.”

"Congressmen aren’t more important than any other American,” he said, and the DHS has been trying to keep everyone safe “through this entire difficult year.”

Pelosi’s requests were so out of proportion to any known threat that it actually prompted none other than Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib to join nine of her colleagues, including the other far-left members of “The Squad,” in writing to Pelosi and Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urging that national security powers not be expanded.

Consistent with the “even-a-broken-clock-is-right-twice-a-day” theory, they wrote, “We firmly believe that the national security and surveillance powers of the U.S. government are already too broad, undefined, and unaccountable to the people.” Though the letter makes some points I’d gladly debate –- including their description of the July 6th attackers simply as a “Trump mob,” as if Trump had sent them –- it must be snowing in Hades because I never thought I’d agree with Rep. Tlaib about anything, even a little.

The letter is also endorsed by the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR), and the leftist organizations Demand Progress, Free Press and Win Without War. Could this be an issue on which at least some on both the left and right can find common ground?

"For our part,” the legislators wrote, “we pledge to oppose any attempts to expand the domestic national security or surveillance powers of the United States government at the expense of the rights of our people with every tool available to us as duly-elected members of Congress.” Is it too much to hope that when they say “our” people, they’re actually including Trump supporters? Most Democrat leaders hardly consider Trump supporters to be people at all, let alone “our people.” So pardon me if I can’t help thinking there’s something about this I’m missing.

MacCallum also reported Tuesday that pipe bombs were found at the entrances to both the RNC and the DNC headquarters. The unusually non-partisan bomber, as of this writing, is still at large.

In an update to the story on National Guard troops being “ideologically vetted,” Kevin Corke on FOX NEWS said Tuesday afternoon that the head of the Guard has confirmed that a dozen members have been removed from duty because of “suspected far-right extremist ties.” The decision to take them off inauguration duty was apparently based on “inappropriate texts or comments” these members had made. We're not told what they said that was considered inappropriate but would love to know.

Cuccinelli emphasized, “There is NO --- I repeat, NO --- identified threat from any of these people to the inauguration, or any suggestion that I’m aware of that any of them had any intention to do anything other than their duty in the National Guard.” The Secretary of Defense concurred, he said. This is what Cuccinelli called a function of the heightened anxiety in Washington.

"If only they’d been so anxious about the violence all across the country for the last year, we might not have gotten to a point where this seemed to some people to be an acceptable form of political expression,” he said. Agreed, though I'd stress that the vast majority on the right still find it totally unacceptable.

Check out the BABYLON BEE’s satirical PSA about how we learn to riot.

Chad Wolf, former acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said this level of vetting is “the same as the vetting that was done for most inaugurations.” That includes the involvement of the Secret Service and the FBI.

We respectfully disagree that this is normal, as they’re now apparently picking apart every last tweet and chance acquaintance, placing tens of thousands of troops –- American troops –- under the intense scrutiny of multiple bureaus. This deployment represents the largest military presence in Washington in American history during peacetime. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who, as he puts it, “spent my life in the preparedness and security field,” DOES find the current steps deeply concerning, linking to this from Sara Carter.

The message it sends our troops: we don’t trust you.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott doesn’t think the vetting is normal at all and, in fact, is highly offended that the troops he sends would be subjected to this. He tweeted on Monday, “This is the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard. No one should ever question the loyalty or professionalism of the Texas National Guard.”

Texas sent more than 1,000 National Guardsmen to Washington for the inauguration, but Gov. Abbott said, “I’ll never do it again if they are disrespected like this.

As BREITBART editor and host Joel Pollack noted on Monday, DILBERT creator Scott Adams (who also hosts the enlightening daily podcast “Coffee with Scott Adams”) remarked that “once you start evaluating soldiers for political loyalty, you are on your way to creating something like a Revolutionary Guard that protects one party or leader. Democrats are becoming what they think Trump is.”

"Becoming”? The Democrats, as a party, are THERE.


Here's One U.S. Soldier Who NEEDED Investigating

By Mike Huckabee

This is the kind of thing our intel agencies should be spending their time investigating, not pro-Trump tweets from National Guardsmen.

Hawley Book Will Happen

By Mike Huckabee

Regnery Publishing has picked up the book by Sen. Josh Hawley that Simon & Schuster cravenly dropped due to the free speech-crushing leftist mob. In doing so, Regnery put out a blistering statement about free speech and the role of publishers to their gutless and principle-free competitors and the signers of that open letter calling for barring Trump and his staffers from being allowed to publish a book. It should be required reading for all those authors. I have a feeling that’s as close to “required reading” as any of those writers will ever get.


Spitting Mad

By Mike Huckabee

Since both of my writer/researchers are Texans, they are too spitting mad for them even to put it into words after a University of Texas “history” professor branded the Alamo as an “insignificant” battle that represents “whiteness.” So I’ll just link to this article that refutes this historical revisionist sacrilege in detail.

Incidentally, the person making that blasphemous claim is also the “Texas State Historical Association’s chief historian” and one of the drivers of a movement to stop calling the defenders of the Alamo “heroic” in Texas school textbooks.

How do you get to be a leading historian in Texas and not remember the Alamo?

Not A Wise Career Move

By Mike Huckabee

Proof that voting to impeach President Trump on bogus grounds is not a wise career move for someone whose political career is based on pleasing Republicans in Wyoming, where Trump beat Biden by 69.5% to 26.4%.

Must-See Video

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, on his last full day in office, President Trump gave a farewell address. Some “news” channels which are now in the full-time propaganda business didn’t even air it, but you can watch it at this link, and you should.

It’s a reminder of some of the many great things about the Trump Administration that his critics refused to give him credit for even as they benefited from them personally. (I’ve been especially annoyed recently to hear Joe Biden branding the coronavirus vaccine roll-out as a “disaster,” when (A.) it’s only been a disaster in Democrat-run states; (B.) he and his fellow Democrats mocked Trump for saying there would be a vaccine by the end of 2020, and for his efforts at creating one, which worked; and (C.) when Obama/Biden were in office, they were completely ineffective in dealing with pandemics such as swine flu.)

But Trump also warns us about the sudden, anti-American turn of the left; the blacklists and censorship and intolerance; the bigotry and class warfare; all the things they once claimed to oppose and are now rushing to impose. It’s going to be a hard two years until the 2022 elections, and there’s no guarantee that things will change even then if conservatives get demoralized instead of getting organized and fighting back, the way the (peaceful) Tea Party movement did in 2009. He also reminds us of the importance of engaging with hearts and minds, not with violence.

This is Trump at his best and most presidential. I wish he’d spoken like this sooner and more often. The partisan media may ignore this speech, but I predict it will become historic, as the American people begin to realize how badly they were gas-lighted by the media. While I hope and pray that President Biden will keep his word to be a unifier and that America will heal and prosper, I suspect that Americans will soon start to miss Trump's pro-American, pro-growth, pro-freedom policies, even if they don’t miss the tweets.

Also, the media treated First Lady Melania Trump shamefully for four years, and then they also ignored her farewell message. I think you will want to see that as well.




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Comments 1-25 of 42

  • Debbie Blair Giles

    01/21/2021 03:37 PM

    Excited to read Newsletter

  • christine simonik

    01/21/2021 07:42 AM

    and we didn't get the first million doses

  • Nikki Straw

    01/20/2021 08:30 PM

    I hope and pray that investigations continue. I was so hoping to here the sucking sound of the swamp being drained. People are are losing hope that anything will ever be done and that there are two sets of rules. Which is becoming more blatant as we are seeing now. I guess that it will be welcome to Communism. I hope and pray not. I am not seeing the Republications sticking together. Only Hawley and Cruz, maybe a few other ones.
    Thank you for letting vent just a little.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    01/20/2021 07:12 PM

    I changed my party affiliation from GOP to none on Trump's last full day in office. HEAR US : we aren't demoralized we are MAD !!
    Until traitors like McConnell and McCarthy are gone we give the so-called GOP no money and no votes. They betrayed Trump and America. Does that R stand for reserve?

  • Margaret Coleman

    01/20/2021 06:50 PM

    I am so sorry that the people of the USA are blinded to the rhetoric being spewed by this particular party (of which I was an organizer, in 2006, as a Republican in Springfield, IL.). I was so sure that I was doing the right thing because I truly believed what our President Ford spoke about regarding every American should be able to get medical care at a reasonable cost! I had no idea it was a fraudulent move on the part of the Democratic Party. I am very sorry for this Country and pray that the people I know and love come to a FULL knowledge of the truth, and trust Jesus as their person Lord and savior! How about the Minister who ended his prayer; "In the strong name of our collective faith...amen!" If we keep relying on our so called collective faith, we are doomed! Wake up America. The Bible says that those who follow the antichrist will accept PEACE at all cost... I pray for, and thank, our President Trump and his family for all that they did while in charge and I apologize for the media and the other party who treated you with malice and contempt the whole time you were in office. I will pray for this administration, now in office, but I'm sorry I DO NOT TRUST you! As for the media, I was a "want to be" journalist in my teens and you all grossly disappoint me. I will STOP watching you all and pray others follow me, in boycotting every news station, actor and citizen who totally disrespected President Trump (and please keep in mind I did not always agree with how he phrased things but he was still my President)! See how this new administration treats you? Gas prices are already going up as will everything else we need to survive... Thank you Mike Huckabee for "keeping it real" and may the Lord Bless us and keep us in His care, in the Precious and Holy name of Jesus, amen!

  • Paul Kern

    01/20/2021 06:46 PM

    I ignored Biden's delusional speech. I wonder how much was plagiarized
    I enjoyed the real President's outgoing speech. It was hopeful..
    We are now entering a nee Dark Ages. Instead of a corrupt Pope we now have a puppet led by his Marxist queen.
    An early Church Father said this "the blood of the martyrs us the seed of the Church" As many church leaders are pushing a pacifist and non-Biblical approach to the war the Marxists have declared I now pray for God to raise up real man and women.
    Too many Pharisees spoil the soup

  • Elaine Liming

    01/20/2021 05:23 PM

    Well stated. I think your comments recently gave me ideas of my ability to act. I think it is time for all God's people to unite. This can be done if people in all our various religious groups tell our bishops, pastors , ministers and lay people to come together, using the gifts God has given us for the Common Good of all for the glory of God. Together we are very powerful. We need to put religious doctrines etc that cause division at times and unit as one people of God. I think God is ready to guide us, if we do this. Let's start with praying for each other. The leader Gandhi once stated if Christians could put aside their differences what a world we could become, Jesus has told us what we need to do' let's start living our Christian values.

  • Robert Zegel

    01/20/2021 05:09 PM

    Voting is now a waste of time, Republicans couldn't wait to throw the legally elected POTUS under the bus, now the Washington swamp will finish us off;
    I just hope that Trump will start the Patriot Party, and the RNC can go pound sand, providing there is anything left that resembles America in the coming years.

  • Dusty

    01/20/2021 04:55 PM

    Sorry but I did not look at any of this inauguration today. I do not consider this man and this VP legally elected per the voting and how many were ckd . I cannot believe the two Senators here in Georgia won fairly. That $500 million was poured into here Silicon one of the biggest to win here WHY to do what they have now and control the Conservatives WHY? They made their billions off of many of us and their ads. I left Twitter and FB bumped me out before the Pres Election. So many I knew had this happen for no real reasons. Just they knew you were a Conservative.
    Pres TRUMP should not feel bad not what he did and those who could not take his twitter just did not care enough for what he was doing. If you think this whole Virus was just an accident you are not in the real world. Happened as they had wanted to control the rest of the World and could care less on who was killed.
    Wish that more of the evangelical had spoken out for this President many sat back. Many Republicans sat back and now speak out and go against him. Not how you keep your party it is the party not just one man. Wish MCConnell would step down per his condemning the Pres on the riot? People are not believing this election and the voting Sen McConnell. President will do fine he has super family to keep him in the real world of what is important family not this Govt and those who abused it to get their own control like a Hillary and the Dossier. She needs to be in prison. All that she did to Sen Bernie who I was for in 2016. He took it not sure why? Time now for the Republicans to stop sitting back like a punching bag and get their act together get out to the people not on TV and in continuous mailings. Go to the towns in an RV and talk and see what people need. Gov. you have been super in your info out to everyone and we thank you for the info. God Bless . The game has just begun. Biden will be out within the year per his dealings per the Ukraine and China and his son.

  • Rhonda Stapleford

    01/20/2021 04:41 PM

    Regarding the Alamo article...”what nut job would refute any of our history! It is priceless and we wouldn’t be where we are without it! EVERY country has history, you don’t wipe it out, you celebrate it and learn from it!

  • Amelia Little

    01/20/2021 04:34 PM

    The leftist/socialist/communist "professor" is like so many other of his ilk. Ignore what has been researched (and not by just one person) and is known about the battle of the Alamo, and just re-write "history" as you would like to, to fit the agenda of your party. It was an interesting read, BTW--so much detail that wasn't covered in history classes back when they taught history.

    I do hope that cheney gets taken down, and maybe they could recall her instead of giving her two more years to side with the democrat party. She and RINO romney both should be removed, because neither are appear to be representing the voters who put them in office. It seems to me she can hide all she wants--but all communication arrived at her offices, if she chooses to run away, that's her problem. Maybe they should look in biden's basement where he spent much of 2020--maybe it's a safe haven, so to speak, for all the congressmen who betrayed their constituents.

    As far as all the military presence in DC, it's my opinion that the democrats weren't so scared of violence from Trump supporters, but they had some kind of plans to make sure there was violence--to be blamed on President Trump. It seems to me there should be some method to stop the impeachment folks in their tracks--first of all, just like the first attempt, they were hollering impeachment well before the incident they chose ever happened. Then, made up both content of the phone call and the speech just prior to the protest. In fact, in this incident, they seem to say well, it's not WHAT he said, but how people would perceive it--like it was in code somehow? Anybody to "perceives" his tweet as inciting anything has a big comprehension problem. And, there are those in Congress who have overtly called for harm or death to President Trump or his administration, plus all the hoolywood clowns--why are not any of these in prison? There is evidence--videos, tweets, etc, that show their inciting statements.

    God Bless President Trump and his family who have held up so well for the past 4 years (+, counting when he announced he would run) Melania Trump has remained classy throughout. The President, well, he was a little more crusty with his responses, but everyone knew exactly where he stood, unlike others who say one thing while they are planning/thinking something that will not be in the best interest of We The People. Just yesterday there was a comment on a group I'm in where the poster said she did not know of one thing President Trump did for us. Now, either she only listens to msm and really HASN'T heard/read, or she decides all he accomplished as being somehow detrimental to us.

    Thank you for your newsletter.

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/20/2021 04:24 PM

    Upon my watching Trump leave the White House and climb into the plane, I began to sob because I knew it didn't have to BE that way! And, since you mentioned Scott Adams' name again I am going to copy, and paste, below the comment I wrote, when you mentioned his name, last week, since my comment was never posted!

    Whether my comment IS, or is NOT, posted, I will continue to make the cry that I expressed IN it because my AGAPE love for Trump cannot NOT continue to make this cry despite the fact that the world does not have a clue as to what Christ's agape love is so they, concomitantly, don't have a clue as to how I can state to Trump haters that, while I claim to love TRUMP, I hate his sin even more than they do!

    Of course, as well, are there Christians who, because THEY also don't understand the nature of agape love, would not "hear" THAT love authored the "cry" for Trump that authored my below comment that I submitted a few days ago!
    Nevertheless, not only did my agape love for Trump author the cry I expressed IN this below comment, it also has authored the cry, in my heart, FOR Trump that authored my tears for him, not only this morning, but many other mornings! So, as I see it, those tears earned me the privilege of expressing their cry IN the below comment I wrote a few days ago!

    In answer to Scott Adams...THE only thing Republicans should care about is...that is, if they are taking a stand for Christ's RIGHTEOUS judgment that has ALREADY impeached the Democrats for being guilty of the same sin of hatred that Trump is guilty of!!!

    Get it straight people, in reality, it was NOT the Democrats who won this political election, it was Satan himself!  When, at the, mind you, National PRAYER Breakfast, Jesus Christ used Arthur Brooks as His mouthpiece to try and TELL both political parties that, because HE commanded us to love our enemies, the only REAL winner of the upcoming election will be the party who could answer their opposing party's hatred with HIS unconditional love, neither party could say Amen TO that!

    And SINCE neither party COULD say "AMEN" in response TO Arthur's (Christ's) definition of what makes for one's being a REAL winner, in GOD'S eyes, there WAS no "political" party that really won this election, but the he in the world...Satan himself...the father of lies...because he is really the one who could not say Amen to the truth our father God...who IS truth ....spoke THROUGH Arthur Brooks! 

    And HAD our beloved President SAID Amen in response TO Arthur Brooks' (Jesus') message, rather than saying to him (Him), in response, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't agree with you..I cannot like someone who is trying to destroy me!",  HE WOULD HAVE WON THE ELECTION because, if one is a BORN AGAIN Christian, the He who is in him is "greater than the he who is in the world" because this He CAN answer hatred with His love and because Satan's hatred is powerless against the supernatural power of Christ's love, had that greater He lived in Trump's heart, Trump would not only have SAID Amen to Arthur Brooks, he would have won the election!

    IN ANSWER TO THE STATEMENTS: "Maybe Adams doesn’t care much that ....." But he does seem to care quite a lot about holding people to the same standards regardless of political affiliation. And truly, that’s what will be the most important consideration, long after Trump leaves office. " ......DO I SAY THAT...the problem WITH that is those "same standards" are not good enough ! They must be GOD'S standards which begin with His Love that loves sinners, and hates their sin!

    If anyone CAN truly love Trump WITH Christ's brand of love then THE single greatest way you CAN love this man is to tell him that what cost him winning the election is because He did not listen to what Christ tried to make him understand as to how HE (his heavenly Father....opposed to his earthly father) defines one's being a winner...which is the ability TO answer hatred with love....and, therefore, he...from God's perspective...can still BE a winner and that, NOW, if he says yes TO being a born again Christian...and can witness to the world how his BEING born again, from above, has enabled him to no longer answer hatred WITH hatred....but with love...God can STILL use him to make America helping to make AMERICANS great... by helping them to KNOW..via the change in him...that the He who is greater than the he in the world IS real...and, in reality, THE only He who CAN make America great again!

  • June Bice

    01/20/2021 02:47 PM

    Thank you for your information. I never watch fake news. I personally think the national guard presence is another taxpayer wast of money. But democrats love to do that. They are the ones that promote violence. I love President Trump and miss him already. I pray every night for his and his family's protection. I also pray that all the criminals in election fraud will be prosecuted and sent to gitmo. It's not going to be good for the American people with these criminals running our country. All this has given me great stress. I was hoping President Trump would declare Marshal Law but I know he knows more about this than I do. He is a very intelligent man. So hopefully he has plans to rescue us from the evil. I'm from northern NY and there was lots of Trump 2020 signs everywhere! I also wish Cuomo would be removed. He's a crook and the whole state is suffering. End of rant ??. God bless you and the USA

  • William Fuhrer

    01/20/2021 02:33 PM

    Guess President Joseph Biden does not remember the GOOD OLD DAYS of EVEN/ODD liscense plate gas lines

  • Dave Newbry

    01/20/2021 02:31 PM

    The democRATs have shown us they're afraid of the people they were "elected" to represent. That should scare the hell out of everyone who loves this country. Is it possible that Orwell's dystopian scenario was 37 years off?

  • Linda Wolfe

    01/20/2021 02:26 PM

    Slow joe is NOT president of the USA. He is the 2nd Fake president of the USA. BHO was the 1st fake president, elected by saudi arabia. Slow joe was elected by china.
    The virus is a donkey/chinese virus created to reduce the poputlation and rid the earth of old fogees like me. OUR HELP COMES FROM GOD (not budda, not allah, not the spinless congress) but from ALMIGHTY GOD. I pray that GOD's JUDGEMENT FALL ON EVERY LYING, BABY MURDERING, TREASONIST IN AMERICA, SOME OF WHICH ARE SPINELESS ELEPHANTS.

  • Brandy Banyas

    01/20/2021 02:26 PM

    Love the news letter! This is the only way in which I am keeping up with the news right now. I just don’t know who to trust anymore but have always found you to be a voice of truth and reason.

  • Fred Stickler

    01/20/2021 02:18 PM

    Gov. I represent a group that is organizing to reform the GOP. We are, Originating out of Arizona. We re not a radical group. We just want our country back and want to reform the GOP at the grassroots level. If interested, please email me or visit the website. Thank you for your time. God Bless America and her people.

  • Kathi Graves

    01/20/2021 02:17 PM

    Your words and thoughts ring so true. There needs to be leadership that will bring those plans for 2022 to fruition. We the people are waiting for a strong Republican leadership to begin now. I don’t see the strong Republican leadership we need in place now. We need strong leadership or a new party.

  • Gary Slemp

    01/20/2021 02:15 PM

    What did you get on your poll of who thinks the election was stolen? I have not seen the results? I know you are trying to unite the country, you have a big job there Governor. So, what about those poll results?

  • Cindy Glass

    01/20/2021 02:09 PM

    Thank you for your honest reporting and keep real Americans up to date.
    Oh yes we will miss President Tump. I pray for his return. People have not even began to fanthom the new effect.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Floyd Unger

    01/20/2021 01:54 PM

    Thank you

    The massive vetting of our forces and security folks is very reminiscent of the early days that continued of Communism as noted The Gulag Archipelago.


    01/20/2021 01:52 PM

    I am getting a little tired of you constantly criticizing President Trump's tweets. In reality, what was so wrong with them? In reality, how else was he ever to get across his thoughts and messages to the Patriots that finally felt like somebody was listening to them? I wonder if your own daughter doesn't in some small way feel as I do. By the way, I loved the job that Sarah did.

  • Pauline Snyder

    01/20/2021 01:49 PM

    The use of extreme security forces and, barricades is one more indicator they (Democrats and MSM) know the election was ridden with corruption resulting in a fraudulent winner. If Biden's "win" was the outcome of a free, honest and legal election they wouldn't need to be so afraid of protestors and riots and possible assassins. If the election had been fair most Trump supporters would have been deeply disappointed at the loss and deeply concerned for the future of the nation, but accepted the outcome and made the best of it, looking to the future for another election season.

  • Sid McClelland

    01/20/2021 01:36 PM

    Just read the publication Imprimis and an excellent writing by Dr. Larry P. Arnn. "Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas go so far as to say that changing the past - making what has been not to have been-is denied even to God. Because if something both happened and didn't happen, no human understanding is possible. And God created us with the capacity for understanding."
    Thank you Dr. Arnn.