He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Hero

May 2, 2018 |

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Hero: Last Saturday, 96-year-old World War veteran George Boone of North Carolina visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, courtesy of Honor Flight. Boone had piloted a B-25, and he was shot down over Romania and spent time as a POW. While he was in Washington, he asked if he could stop by Arlington National Cemetery to visit the grave of his wife Alma, who passed away in 2007 after 56 years of marriage.

Unfortunately, upon arriving at the cemetery, he and his son realized that in all the rushing around, they’d left George’s wheelchair behind. He’d resigned himself to not being able to reach his wife’s grave when a cemetery employee stepped up and offered to carry George on his back. His son took photos as the strapping young man picked George up “like a toy” and carried him piggy-back to his wife’s graveside.

George said that visit would not have been possible without that young man’s “overwhelming” kindness, and "I would like him to know how greatly I appreciate what he did.” I’m sure that he, and all the rest of us, feel the same way about you, Mr. Boone. We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants like you. That worker asked to remain anonymous, so we’ll just call him, “Huck’s Hero.” To see the son’s photos of that inspiring moment, click the link.


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