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May 12, 2023



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22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23 NIV


Joe Biden opens the border

The Title 42 COVID policy expired at midnight last night. An estimated 150,000 migrants had gathered in Mexico, and thousands began the rush to illegally cross our Southern border, secure in the knowledge that nothing too serious will be done about it.

DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas warned yesterday that “our borders are not open” and that those who attempt to enter illegally will face consequences. Which, if true, means today is totally different from every other day that Biden has been President. Even the Democrat mayor of Sierra Vista, Arizona, declared, “The border’s wide open. We need it closed.”

With President Biden reversing our border security measures and refusing to do his job of enforcing immigration laws, it’s been left to border state Governors to try to repel the huge influx of illegal entrants.

The invading mob is showing their respect for both America’s laws and our environment by dumping their ID papers and Mexican humanitarian visas in a sea of trash as soon as they’re on this side of the border.

At least a federal judge, as part of a lawsuit by Florida, issued a two-week restraining order blocking a plan by the Biden Administration simply to release thousands of illegal migrants into the US without court dates. The White House argued that if they had to hold them, there would be 45,000 illegal migrants in custody by the end of the month, and that would be catastrophic.

And whose fault would that be? Despite what they claim, not Republicans or Congress. Sen. Ted Cruz released a helpful video spelling it out for the easily-baffled Biden team: the full-blown invasion, the women sexually assaulted, the children brutalized, the over 100,000 drug deaths last year alone, “that is your fault!” It’s all the result of a “deliberate political decision” to bring back catch-and-release, halt border wall construction, end the Remain In Mexico policy and let Title 42 expire. Just imagine our border as a huge broken gas pump with a giant Joe Biden “I Did That!” sticker on it.

Even some so-called “moderate” Democrats are trying to distance themselves from things they did that contributed to this disaster.

Greg Bynes at PJ Media compared the chaos at the border to “the Black Friday melee at a second-rate department store,” except the unruly mob rushing in is composed of “illegal aliens, human traffickers and drug cartel thugs.” I’m sure Biden would prefer an analogy that reflects better on him, like the “Biden version of the Oklahoma Land Rush.”

Border state Governors like Greg Abbott of Texas are revving up the buses to ship as many of them as possible to Kamala Harris’ house and to blue “sanctuary cities,” whose mayors are alarmed at the horrifying notion of having to put their money where their mouths are.

Some of these cities are already so overburdened with illegal immigrants that they’ve started busing them to suburbs, to inflict the problem on people who fled the cities to get away from idiotic leftist policies like “sanctuary cities.” That should speed up the exodus to red states even more.

In New York City, there’s talk of shutting down streets and filling them with tiny houses to hold all the illegal immigrants, which would have been a nice thing to do for all the homeless American veterans.

Finally, the best comment I’ve heard on this illegal immigration disaster came from James Woods, who tweeted:

“If seven million potential Republican voters were strolling across our southern border, there would be tanks parked on the Rio Grande and helicopter gunships in the air.”

Related: I don’t think the Democrats saw this coming. Black Democrat voters in Chicago seriously did not take it well upon being told their neighborhood is about to receive 250 illegal immigrants.


My analysis of E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Donald Trump

Here’s my latest analysis video, about the suspicious origins of E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Donald Trump.


More concerned with not offending China than with protecting our national security

It’s not just an invasion from the Southern border that Joe Biden facilitates. Remember when that Chinese spy balloon made its leisurely float over our secured areas and wasn’t shot down until after its mission was completed? A lot of critics complained that this White House seemed more concerned with not offending China than with protecting our national security.

Well, now, some angry insiders and a leaked email from the deputy assistant secretary of State for China and Taiwan (but mostly China, it seems) shows that it appeared that way because Secretary of State Antony Blinken actually was more concerned with not offending China than with protecting our national security. Even if it meant temporarily halting measures to oppose China’s human rights violations.

To sum up: We went easy on China’s human rights violations because we didn’t want to offend them by criticizing them for blatantly spying on us.

Thank goodness we now have a President that other nations respect!

Foreign influence peddling

Both the Trump CNN town hall and the surprisingly quick indictment of Rep. George Santos just happened to fall with perfect timing so that the media could talk about those stories all day and ignore the bombshell House findings about Biden family foreign money corruption.

Fortunately, gone are the days when the left had the power to control what the public hears. Even with the extremely limited coverage (and they tried to smother that story like it was Hunter Biden’s laptop), they can’t prevent people from noticing the stench.

A new Rasmussen poll found that 69% of Americans believe that the Biden family foreign influence peddling allegations are a serious scandal, and 63% believe it’s likely that Joe Biden himself profited off “pay-to-play” schemes. Even 42% of Democrats think that’s likely.

And FYI: this survey was taken May 8-10, before the House report was even made public. Like an overflowing cat litter box, this is getting to be impossible to cover up so that nobody notices it.

A new Alvin Bragg prosecution

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has finally found someone other than Donald Trump that he’s willing to prosecute.

Considering that if Jordan Neely had not been arrested and released so many times, and had instead been held in custody and given the mental health care he needed so that he wouldn’t have been on that subway threatening passengers and having to be subdued, maybe Bragg should indict the person who’s really responsible for Neely’s death: himself.


Join Me: The Israel Experience


CNN is reeling

Liberaldom is still reeling and wailing over CNN letting Donald Trump appear on a town hall. He promptly steamrollered the CNN moderator’s attempts to lecture, interrupt and “fact-check” him and not only had the audience laughing and applauding, he reminded America of what it looks like to have a Commander-in-Chief who’s in command of his faculties. While CNN likely got a one-time ratings boost, they’ve alienated their core audience (people who like 24/7 Trump bashing disguised as news.) And leave it to Trump to find a way to not only rub it in, but to make money while he’s doing it…



Check out this epic resignation letter by a veteran Chicago prosecutor, explaining why he’s not only quitting his job, but moving his entire family out of the state of Illinois to escape the dangerous, pro-criminal, anti-police policies of leftists like Soros-backed Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

This is not just “Atlas Shrugged,” it’s “Atlas Flips Them the Bird On His Way Out the Door.”


Federal judge strikes down ban

A federal judge in Virginia struck down a law banning the sale of handguns to 18-to-20-year-olds. This will no doubt cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth in leftist circles, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, and if you become a legal adult who can marry, sign contracts and join the military at 18, then you can’t be denied a Constitutional right until you’re 21. How many more such laws are going to be passed and struck down before that simple fact penetrates some people’s skulls?

I should also note that the gun control activist quoted in that article who insists that such bans are constitutional also repeats the popular claim that guns are the leading cause of death among kids and teenagers. Even wouldn’t go along with that. The leading cause of death for kids and teens is traffic accidents. The only way to get the death rate from guns that high is to exclude infants and include 19-year-olds, who are legally adults, and that means you’re counting many legally adult criminal gang members who go around shooting each other as "kids."

A little hope for America

I always warn not to put stock in polls taken a long way out from elections. But it’s hard not to feel just a little hope for America when you see a poll showing rabble-rousing Massachusetts socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren is actually trailing former Republican Gov. Charlie Baker by 15 points.





Target doubles down

Target was one of the first retailers to allow biological males who “identify” as women to enter women’s restrooms and fitting rooms. I guess they think that in the Dylan Mulvaney era of “Get Woke, Go Incredibly Broke,” that seems almost quaint, so they’re saying, “Hold muh light beer!” and really doubling down on pushing the LGBTQ agenda onto kids.

Trump assault/defamation case:  definitely a political hit job

As you know, Donald Trump was found liable this week in civil court --- not for alleged rape but, in an oddly disjointed finding, for assault and defamation.  Yesterday, we passed along a lawyerly explanation of why E. Jean Carroll was even able to bring a case against President Trump over an event she claims happened over 25 years ago, long after the statute of limitations had expired.  (She’s not even sure of the exact year.)

In a nutshell, a new state law was passed in New York in 2022 called the Adult Survivors Act.  Signed by current Gov. Kathy Hochul, it allows a “one-year lookback window for survivors of sexual assault” so they could sue their alleged abusers “regardless of when the abuse occurred.”

It’s easy to see the problems with such a law.  We have statutes of limitations for a reason:  memories fade, evidence deteriorates or is lost, and after many years have passed, it might be impossible for the plaintiff to launch a defense against the charges.  For example, the accused might have a legitimate alibi, but how does one prove one’s whereabouts during a trial held decades later?

In this case it was even worse, as the plaintiff couldn’t give the date or even the year (!) of the alleged offense.  That alone should have been enough for a judge to toss the case.  The fact that he didn’t should tell us a lot about this trial.

In some cases, so many years have passed that witnesses are no longer alive.  This can be a problem, because even though the dead might be able to vote in blue New York, it could still be a challenge getting them on the witness stand.

But pass the law they did.  And when we read more about this law on the day the jury awarded Carroll $5 million, our first thought was, “Hmmm...wonder if she had anything to do with getting this bill passed, as a set-up to catch Trump in the net?”

Turns out, that’s just what happened.

How do we know this?  Well, if there’s one thing Carroll has shown, it’s that she really loves to talk.  She did an interview with VANITY FAIR magazine in 2019 that is so crazy, it gave Trump plenty of ground to call her a “wack job,” as he did in Wednesday night’s disastrous (for CNN) townhall.  And after she won her judgment, she and her attorney, Roberta Kaplan, went on (where else?) CNN, where they mentioned it.

First, CNN host Poppy Harlow brought up the Adult Survivors Act, saying, “They passed it just a few years ago.  Were it not for that law, you never would have been able to bring this case.”

“Exactly,” Carroll responded.  “This would never --- I would never have this window, this year of having the ability to bring a lawsuit for rape.  Robbie can explain it better,” she said, handing it off to her lawyer, who also likes to talk.

“E. JEAN ACTUALLY HELPED GET THAT LAW PASSED,” Kaplan said.  (Emphasis added.)  “It passed last year.  We filed --- it was [just after midnight] Thanksgiving Day, the first day you could sue…”

They both went on from there about what “a brilliant law” this was and how women should take advantage of that “window” while they could.

As it happens, Thanksgiving Day in 2022 was November 24, just after Trump had announced he was running for President on November 15.  Carroll’s lawsuit was funded by big-time billionaire Democrat activist and Trump-hater Reid Hoffman, and no time was wasted in getting it to court.  It should be obvious to anyone paying attention exactly what this was.

Yesterday, we linked to Byron York’s account of how the idea of suing Trump for defamation (and later rape) came up in the first place.  It originated at a Manhattan party attended by various Trump-haters; the guest of honor was five-star Trump-hater Kathy Griffin.  According to York, Trump-hater George Conway, ex-husband of Kellyanne Conway, put the bug in Carroll’s ear about suing Trump for defamation over his quip, “She’s not my type,” after her allegation against him became public.  He also said she’d made up the accusation to sell her book.  (She’d written graphically about an alleged rape by Trump in a dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman in her 2019 book WHAT DO WE NEED MEN FOR?  Trump, as you know, strongly denies even knowing her.)

What a great plan!  Accuse someone of rape and then, when he denies it, sue him for denying it.  How important was it to her to be Trump’s “type,” anyway?  Something about this is very wrong.

The reporting we’ve seen on this case (till now) has glossed over the origin of both the defamation and sexual abuse lawsuits filed by Carroll.  On November 24 of last year, the day the Adult Survivors Act went into effect, THE GUARDIAN said simply that her case, upgraded from the defamation suit, was among the first to be filed, “minutes after the new state law took effect.”  For the original defamation suit, they only say that Trump’s not-my-type remark “led” here to file it.

Until Byron York told the “origin story,” we hadn’t seen a word about where Carroll got the idea to sue for defamation or what sort of role she played in getting the law passed that she intended to use to sue Trump.  And we still don’t know the exact nature of her role.

In case you haven’t seen that story in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, here it is…

As York tells it, by the time Carroll went to the party for Kathy Griffin, she was “already a darling of the anti-Trump Resistance.”  A write-up of Molly Jong-Fast’s gathering in THE NEW YORK TIMES called it “Resistance Twitter come to life.”  After giving Carroll the idea to sue Trump, Conway even gave her the name of Roberta Kaplan to be her legal counsel.

And what of Reid Hoffman, the Trump-hating Silicon Valley billionaire, founder of LinkedIn, who bankrolled Carroll’s lawsuit?  How did he become involved?  Kaelan Deese, also of the EXAMINER, found his name in court records and profiled him last month, a day before the trial started.  “Trump’s legal counsel requested a 30-day delay of the trial slated for April 25,” she reported, “claiming that Carroll sought to hide Hoffman’s involvement in funding her litigation and that it brings her credibility into question.”  Needless to say, the judge refused the delay, only allowing Trump’s team to make an “inquiry,” whatever that can accomplish.

Hoffman is a huge Democrat donor, including big bucks to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016.  Perhaps even more tellingly, he partnered with George Soros to found an organization to combat so-called “disinformation.”  The Orwellian name of this venture: “Good information Inc.”  Is the picture becoming clearer?

Here’s their website.  Warning:  TOXIC!

As reported in VOX, “[Hoffman’s] aides privately boast that he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to oust Trump by guiding the donations of a class of newly politicized donors who are now bankrolling the left.”

So, this is the benefactor who paid for Carroll’s lawsuit against President Trump.  It tells me that this was yet another calculated political hit job.  Trump’s TDS-infected adversaries must lie awake nights coming up with new ones.

More on Hoffman here...




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    Obama's private reaction to the Biden family's exposed scandals -- "amateurs".

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    Gov., I suppose you have seen the latest news from Governor DeSantis. He is raising teachers' salaries and giving them the chance to get out of the corrupt teachers union.