July 31, 2018

Just last week, in explaining why socialism never – let me repeat that in all-caps: NEVER – works, I cited Ronald Reagan’s dictum that if you want less of something, tax it; and if you want more of something, subsidize it.  

I’m not surprised to learn that California’s far-left Senator Kamala Harris never learned from Reagan’s wisdom, since she is proposing a federal tax credit to “reimburse” Americans for up to 30% of their rent payments.  She even tweeted to ask what her followers would spend that money on.

As usual, Ben Shapiro quickly cut to the chase, explaining to her that they would be spending it on rent, because her proposal amounts to the federal government subsidizing rent increases, which would lead inevitably to…higher rents.  It’s the same faulty logic that’s led to federal subsidies for colleges causing tuition to skyrocket far beyond the level of inflation. 

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At the link, more details, including Ben’s prediction of what Harris and fellow liberals would do to combat the skyrocketing rents they’d cause, and how that would lead to more of the housing shortages they’re trying to prevent, creating a vicious circle, just like back in her home state.  It’s leftist policies like these that have led to so many people moving out of California. Too bad Kamala Harris is one of them, and she’s taken those policies to Washington.  If she thinks these policies work great in California, please, voters, let her go home to California and enjoy them.  I hear you can get a great deal on a U-Haul headed that direction.



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