December 9, 2020

In a surprise move late Monday night, the state of Texas filed a direct lawsuit with the Supreme Court, arguing that the election procedures in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin violated the Constitution and the Court must order those states to let their legislatures appoint their electors. The full text of the lawsuit is here.

Why would Texas have standing to intervene? Think of it this way: unconstitutional voting procedures can allow an illegal vote to disenfranchise a legal voter within a state. But if those procedures determine the winner of a Presidential election, then wouldn’t they also be disenfranchising the voters of other states who voted for the candidate they believe legally won the race?

Meanwhile, judges in Georgia and Michigan dismissed Sidney Powell’s cases seeking to overturn the certifications of those elections due to vote fraud. The reasons were mostly unrelated to the evidence, such as lack of standing to file the suit, filing too late or that it should have been filed in state rather than federal court. The Michigan judge did claim that Powell presented theories and conjecture of what could have happened, but not evidence that it did. Powell claims that today’s “safe harbor” deadline doesn’t apply in fraud cases and that she has until at least December 14th and will appeal.

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  • Heather Harrell

    12/12/2020 11:47 AM

    Disappointed in the US Supreme Court for not holding the states accountable that had embarrassing/illegal procedures for voting in a federal election. Disappointed in the FBI, CIA, DOJ-
    The media, with all their money, wouldn't dream of buying the TRUTH. But, Hallelujah, GOD IS going to say "CHECKMATE"!

  • Mark Calavan

    12/10/2020 06:40 PM

    After the states finish with the election fraud they need to address the 1st amendment issues we have seen from Facebook, goggle and Twitter, as well as every other fake news network that have suppressed our right to free speech. A civil suit in the billions would be a good starting place. Trump has been very damaged and could file suits against each one. Foreign control of this election as well as our news has never been greater.

  • Donna Helton

    12/10/2020 05:52 PM

    Please keep fighting for President Trump. I am scared to death what Biden bunch will do to this country. Thank you very much. I am having a hard time paying my bill I wish I could help financially but I just do not have it.

  • Candida Rodriguez

    12/10/2020 02:45 PM

    Does someone know what’s happening with Dominion ? Have their leadership been subpoenaed for questioning? What type of contracts did they have with the states that used them ?

  • Georhe Osler

    12/10/2020 09:41 AM

    Sidney Powell
    The righteous in America are with you. God is with you so look to (Him) and be encouraged. Praying for you and your family and all those working with you.

  • Judy Kasky

    12/10/2020 08:13 AM

    TMMON SENSE... Take an apple pie and cut it into six equal pieces. Six people take one slice of apple pie. A few hours later they all become very ill. The now empty pie pan is taken to a lab for testing. Nothing could indicate that the pie was tainted so the only conclusion was this: THE PIE WAS THE CAUSE OF MAKING THE SIX PEOPLE SICK. This is how I feel about the 2020 presidential election.

  • ruth egan

    12/10/2020 04:57 AM

    A lot of stuff (excretia) just hit the fan; and not a minute too soon. I believe that when God answers prayers, it comes just on time and at what feels like the last minute. It builds our faith; makes us lean very hard on Him. I feel like something's going is going to happen, and this may be the very day!. Thank you, Jesus.

  • Roderic Keller

    12/10/2020 03:11 AM

    Yes, thank God for true patriotism as shown by people like Sidney Powell. Anything I can do, I will.

  • Karen Ragsdale

    12/09/2020 08:48 PM

    We the American people will never accept the fraudulent interference of Election 2020!! If this is allowed to go forward, as a Biden win; we will never trust voting in this Country again!! No one voted for Joe Biden: he literally never even had a Campaign! Why? Because they knew they were going to stuff the ballots! When people say you can’t overturn an election, well that’s exactly what the Democrats have done! Trump was winning in a Landslide! They stopped the Machines, and started stuffing the Numbers; in the Heat of the night!! This has to be be addressed, and changed to the real Voter Count!! We the American people have been disenfranchised in every way; including what we thought this Country stood for!! God Bless the many men and women that fought for our freedoms and continue to everyday!! ????