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June 6, 2021

Good evening! As a subscriber to one of my newsletters, I am sending you my new Sunday Standard Edition.  Each Sunday I will email you the top stories that ran on my website for the week that was:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Buyer's remorse is showing up in polls
  • The NY POST story about "the dinner" was TRUE. Wanna see the picture?
  • Arizona governor vetoes voter integrity legislation
  • Good News For Recovered COVID Patients
  • Excellent News for America
  • A Reader Writes...


Mike Huckabee


Wherefore say, Behold, I give unto him my covenant of peace:

Numbers 25:12 KJV


Buyer's remorse is showing up in polls

By Mike Huckabee

Many Americans who voted for Joe Biden thought they were getting a moderate, bipartisan unifier. Instead, they’re suffering whiplash from how quickly he’s yanked the nation hard-left, with open borders, massive spending, huge tax hike proposals, a return to failed “appease our enemies” foreign policies, the destruction of America’s fossil fuel industry and more insanity from the far left wish list.

The buyer’s remorse is showing up in polls. I told you last week about a Fox News poll showing that the number of Americans who think Biden is too far left has jumped 10 points to 46%. Now, a new survey by Echelon Insights and Winning for Women finds deep concerns about Biden’s profligate spending.

Fifty-eight percent believe that "inflation, raising prices and the cost-of-living for Americans" is certain if Biden’s massive spending plans become law; 57% agreed that the tax hikes on American families his spending would require would "slow down our already fragile economy" and "jeopardize our recovery;" and 53% said his plans would "lead to an unprecedented expansion of big government."

Surprisingly, those numbers include 61% of Independents, 54% of women, 63% of women with children and even 56% of non-liberal Democrats.

So if Biden is governing far to the left of his record, his campaign rhetoric and even many of his own supporters, you have to wonder why? It’s almost as if the guy who’s running the Biden Presidency isn’t the Joe Biden who was in Washington for nearly half a century.

The editors of Issues & Insights have a theory that might explain why Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be governing like Joe Biden. Meet the person they believe is virtually the acting President, his unelected Chief of Staff known to some as “Biden’s brain,” Ron Klain.


The NY POST story about "the dinner" was TRUE. Wanna see the picture?

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, Miranda Devine broke the news in the NEW YORK POST that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop confirm that then-Vice President Joe Biden dined with his son and a number of foreign business associates at a Washington, DC, restaurant. The dinner had been arranged by Hunter three weeks before. Invited guests included a now-deceased former mayor of Moscow famous for his corruption and also his wife, who happens to be the Russian woman who wired Hunter’s business $3.5 million for...well, something.

In case you didn’t see our report, here it is.

Since then, the story has gotten worse. Again, I want you to imagine how this would be reported if it involved Donald Trump and any of his offspring. There’s no need to tell you --- you know exactly how it would be.

In a follow-up report, the NY POST said that Joe Biden was a “regular” at Cafe Milano, the Georgetown restaurant where he dined with Hunter’s associates and which bills itself as the place “where the world’s most powerful people go.”

President Biden has repeatedly said that he's never even had a conversation with Hunter about his foreign business dealings, that there was “a wall” and that he knew nothing about them.

In an update, there’s actually a photograph that was taken of part of this group --- Joe Biden included --- and the background matches other interior shots of Cafe Milano. The image was posted in 2019, with no word on where or when it was shot, but the April 16, 2015, dinner Hunter arranged is almost certainly it. The photo shows a smiling then-VP Biden, flanked by Kazakhstani oligarch Kenes Rakishev and Karim Massimov, former prime minister of Kazakhstan. According to the DAILY MAIL, Hunter worked with Rakishev to find U.S. investments for his $300 million-plus fortune between 2012 and 2014.

Here’s the story, with the photo. (Note: the story says the “Bidens” are in the picture, but do you see Dr. Jill Biden, Ph.D? I don’t.)

Anyway, the media have ignored this story just as we knew they would. Over the weekend, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the media for failing to pick up on the NY POST report. “Joe Biden lied to the American people again and again,” she said. “He told us that he never talked to his brother, never talked to his son about their businesses, and yet now we have photographs of him, now we have that laptop. And, by the way, they never denied the authenticity of that laptop. And so now Big Tech comes in, along with the media, to say we’re not gonna let the American people hear about this. I mean, can you imagine if it were a Trump that went over there and then they brought back a $1.5 billion from China or $3 million from the widow of the Russia?"

That's the question I've been asking, but, again, we all know the answer. FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND host Will Cain also sounded a lot like me when he compared the media's blatant lies about this to the lies they've perpetuated about the Wuhan lab and COVID-19. Recall that Twitter even suspended the account of the NY POST over its Hunter Biden laptop story, because they dared to suggest that Hunter’s dad knew more than he let on about his son’s foreign business activity.

But now it’s clear that the hyper-politicized social media “fact”-checkers were wrong, not the NY POST. Even so, those “fact”-checkers have the power to determine which accounts are going to be demonetized, frozen, or otherwise given black marks. Time after time, reality turns out to be diametrically opposed to what they tell us it is. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing they should be looking into at this point is their own nether regions. They’re not qualified to check anything else. I wouldn’t ask them to check my oil.

An excellent interview segment featuring Harris Faulkner and guest Will Cain is at the link. It includes a video montage of the times Biden has denied knowing anything about Hunter’s business.

“I think every single one of us would have to our television screens and ask ourselves, what is our appetite for manipulation and lies? Because you have been manipulated and lied [to] blatantly --- not even...surreptitiously, but blatantly --- for more than a year. And...the Hunter Biden laptop story arc, follows very neatly, Harris, with the ‘COVID came from the Wuhan lab’ as a conspiracy theorist idea.”

This is from their playbook, he said, the way they call these ideas “crazy talk” and “Russian disinformation” (which I would add is really getting old) even though they’re true. Cain asserted that the way both of these stories –- Hunter’s laptop and COVID –- were dealt with by the media actually manipulated a Presidential election.

Oh, no, he just gave the “fact”-checkers something else to call crazy. But it's true.

EPOCH TV has put together an outstanding video called “Hunter Biden Is Back in the News: A Look at the Media’s Cover-Up of His Laptop Scandal.” It’s a great refresher on the whole story, and it also looks specifically at the impact of the media’s coverage (or, I would say, lack of coverage, and outright censorship) on the 2020 election. It runs just under 17 minutes and is well worth your time.

As you’ll see in the video, NPR’s Managing Director for News Terence Samuels said of the Hunter story, “We don’t waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste our listeners’ and our readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

I wonder, how many times on NPR over the past five years have they pushed stories somehow linking Donald Trump, and/or Trump’s family, and Russia? How much of their listeners’ time has been wasted on story after story that turned out not to be true?

Another great point: Joe Biden himself tried to rely on the “Russian disinformation” story as a cover during two of the presidential debates when Trump brought up Hunter’s laptop. He had to be well aware that this was a fabrication.

Finally, Matt Taibbi has a great piece about the media’s suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, calling it even a bigger scandal than the actual story.

Taibbi shows exactly what the social media “fact”-checkers are up to, how they scrub or de-rank the real information in favor of the slanted “explainers,” which are pure propaganda. For when you have time (it’s long), his piece is one of the best choices of reading material you could make on the the subject. Aside from this, of course.


Arizona governor vetoes voter integrity legislation

By Mike Huckabee

Wouldn’t you say that in Arizona, given the still-unresolved problems they had with the 2020 election –- the audit there is still going on –- it’s more important than just about anything to pass election integrity legislation?

That's what I'd say, but Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey apparently disagrees. On Friday, he vetoed 22 bills, including two of special note: one that would've prohibited the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in training for government workers, and also one designed to help ensure voter integrity. It would have outlawed the mass mailing of ballots to voters who did not request them. I call that a good start.

But it was not to be. Here’s a portion of what Gov. Ducey had to say in a tweet on Friday:

“Today, I vetoed 22 bills. Some are good policy, but with one month left until the end of the fiscal year, we need to focus first on passing a budget. That should be priority one. The other stuff can wait. Once the budget passes, I’m willing to consider some of these other issues. But until then, I will not be signing any additional bills. Let’s focus on our jobs, get to work and pass the budget.”

With all due respect, and as important as a budget is, there is some “other stuff” that mustn't wait, and any chance to sign such important legislation should not be passed up.

According to the AZ MIRROR, the Republicans failed to pass the $12.4 billion budget bill they'd worked out with the governor. They have only a one-vote majority in both houses, and the Democrats didn’t like this budget, so Republicans would've had to vote unanimously to approve it. They don’t quite have the votes yet, so they’ve adjourned till June 10.

One senator and one representative have said they won’t support this budget. These two Republicans are stuck on one provision: a proposal to get rid of the graduated state income tax brackets and replace them with a 2.5 percent flat tax. It’s estimated this would cost the state $1.9 billion. And since a cut of the tax revenue goes to cities and towns, those also would take a hit. Both legislators want them compensated for lost revenue, and they say they have some other concerns as well.

The governor’s decision to veto all 22 of those bills apparently angered both Republicans and Democrats, depending on which of the bills we’re talking about. Democrat Sen. Tony Navarrete described Gov. Ducey’s refusal to sign one prison reform bill as “a public temper tantrum fit for a toddler.”

Other bills had been more important to Republicans. One big one was the anti-CRT Senate Bill 1074, banning training for government officials “that presents any form of blame or judgment on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex.” This was one of the last bills to be passed before they all ended up in quicksand because of the failed budget.

And one that absolutely did not deserve to be vetoed for ANY reason was House Bill 2792, which would have made it a Class 5 felony for an election official to send a ballot to someone who hadn’t requested one. This practice should never be allowed. As reported by the AZ MIRROR, the legislation outlawing this was “a response to Democratic election officials across the country, including former Maricopa County recorder Adrian Fontes, a Democrat, who sought to send early ballots to all voters last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. A Maricopa County judge barred Fontes from carrying out his plan for the Democratic presidential preference election in March.[2020].”

The judge’s ruling came after the Arizona attorney general issued a temporary restraining order to stop Fontes from sending out the ballots. Fontes had taken it upon himself to do this, tweeting at the time, “We are in uncharted territory here.” (Indeed. All the rule changes that were made across the country during 2020 put us into uncharted territory, all right. We’re still trying to find our way out.)

The AG’s restraining order said, “Sending out unauthorized ballots will create voter confusion on the eve of an election [it was just four days prior] and could result in voters attempting to vote ballots that are not fully authorized.” Gosh, really?

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs told Fontes she understood his concern but that he didn’t have the legal authority to mail ballots to people who had not requested them. The Maricopa Board of Supervisors had determined this as well. With all this, it still took a restraining order and a judge’s ruling to stop him. The guy even held a press conference to say his office DID have authority to do this “in time of crisis.”

“I believe it is permissible to send ballots to voters,” he said, “particularly in a type of emergency that we are having now, to ensure that those fundamental rights are maintained and upheld.”

You know, I think we’ve figured out why the county recorder at the recent Board of Supervisors is not the same person who was in charge in 2020. That person is gone. We did a little digging and found there had been a website called, but nothing is online now. He ran for re-election in Maricopa County on November 3, and he lost.

Of course, we saw at the recent Maricopa County Board of Supervisors “special” meeting that his successor, Stephen Richer, is no prize, either. He’s the one who wrote the letter, unanimously approved by the Board, refusing to cooperate with the audit that had been authorized by the State Senate.

In December of last year, there was a story in AZ CENTRAL referring to Fontes as “outgoing Maricopa County recorder” (leaving January 1) and saying he was taking a job as an interim chief deputy recorder in Pima County. Oh, goody.

Apparently, the newly-elected Pima County recorder was eager to work with Fontes because “he has been leading the way in so much of the revolution of voter registration and early voting for the state,” said Gabriella Cazares-Kelly. She described him as “innovative.”

Well, that’s for sure. We’d like to add that he’s a real “take-charge individual.”

Anyway, this background is offered to make the case that it’s very important for Arizona to “right the ship” after the crazy 2020 election year and pass voter integrity laws. The least they can do is make sure ballots aren’t being mailed out to everyone on their list, requested or not, just days before an election. And Gov. Ducey should have gone ahead and signed that bill, understanding that it's at the county level in key states that national elections are won or lost.

Here’s the story as reported by NEWSMAX.

Meanwhile in Arizona, the Maricopa County election audit continues, with, I assume, a break over the Memorial Day weekend. (Of course, the ballots will be secured 24/7.) There’s really no news out of there right now, at least not that we'd consider reliable, so as soon as we have an credible update, we’ll bring it.


Good News For Recovered COVID Patients

By Mike Huckabee

The latest study suggests that if you had even a mild case of COVID-19, your antibody levels may fall over time, but memory B cells will patrol your bloodstream for reinfection and plasma cells in your bone marrow will keep making antibodies for decades.

This would make sense, since most vaccines work by making your body think you had a particular disease, to try to mimic the immunity you get from really having it. But it brings up an important point: with so many people trying to divide Americans into two groups (vaccinated and unvaccinated), and prevent the unvaccinated from going without masks or getting on planes or even being able to afford to attend a concert, what about people who had COVID and are now naturally immune, maybe even more so than the vaccinated? Some doctors are advising them not to get the vaccine, out of concerns that it could cause complications. Should there be a third category: “Unvaccinated but immune because I had it already”?

Or maybe we should just stop putting people in categories and denying them rights, keep allowing those who haven’t had COVID to get vaccinated if they want to until we reach herd immunity (if we haven’t already), and quit trying to force people to get the shot if they don’t want to. Because forcing them to take a shot is a practice that’s about to enter the court system, and there’s a good chance it won’t survive.


Excellent News For America

By Mike Huckabee

Excellent News For America! And it comes from such a dry source that most people would find it boring: “Parliamentary procedure.” You might have snoozed through the discussions of that in school, but parliamentary procedure might possibly save America from being “transformed” into a leftist dystopia.

Chuck Schumer had hoped to use “reconciliation,” the process of passing a budget bill with only 51 votes to avoid a Republican filibuster, to force the Democrats’ radical wishlist onto America. That includes the “For The People Act” that would legalize vote fraud, and the “PRO Act” that would destroy freelance and gig worker jobs. Schumer hoped to stuff them into the gargantuan “infrastructure” bill that would spend trillions of dollars on things that have nothing to do with infrastructure. But last week, the Senate Parliamentarian quietly issued a new ruling: “You can’t do that.” Reconciliation is for tax and budget issues only, and you can’t use it just to avoid a filibuster. So it’s back to the drawing board, or one hopes, the garbage heap, for these destructive radical bills.

At the risk of being called a nerd, I say, “Three cheers for parliamentary procedure!”

Now, let’s wait for the Democrats to declare it a form of white supremacy.


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  • Sandy Ekins

    06/07/2021 04:44 PM

    I already get your daily verse (very valuable) and I pass it on via text to a friend with no computer. I also get your daily letter -- so -- now I would like to add the Sunday "special". Many thanks.
    I really enjoyed the 'buyers remorse' article. Hasn't he made a mess of our beloved USA?
    Last Saturday night our local TV was having a problem - and did I miss your Saturday Night program. I am sure it was good as always. Hang in and keep your letters and notes coming.
    Sandy E.

  • Robert Douglass Miller

    06/07/2021 04:38 PM

    If the Democrats ignore voting laws and the constitution, what keeps them from ignoring (redefining) parliamentary procedure?

  • Lorene VanderVeen

    06/07/2021 02:02 PM

    Keep up the good work of reporting the important information all Americans need. Last evening we watched Trey Gowdy's new program and at the end he asked the question about those who have lost their lives defending America and those still doing the same. The answer is a definite YES as most Americans are loyal, law abiding citizens who care deeply about our freedoms and it's worth defending as we are the MAJORITY!!! It is a great program and we will watch it every Sunday

  • Stephen Russell

    06/07/2021 09:35 AM

    Buyers remorse: They knew his issues day 1 or were peer pressured to vote for Biden
    I dont feel for them unless Misled & lied & peer pressure to vote Biden
    Otherwise No.

  • Marcia Costello

    06/07/2021 08:21 AM

    And now Biden is offering a free beer if you get the vaccine. How stupid is that?????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/07/2021 01:00 AM

    Parliamentary Procedure. Whooohoo! Whatever one has to do, to push that, keep it in front of all nasty, cheating, under handed, democrats, that would be maaavalas!! From now, to forever!

  • Judy M Crosby

    06/07/2021 12:59 AM

    Thank you! I appreciate the real truth from a man I so admire. It is beyond difficult in this age when media is controlled by the far left to even have a clue as to what is REALLY happening. America needs to open its eyes to government manipulation instead of believing every bit of "created" news. Sadly many fail to pay attention only to regret that process at later dates when the impact finally affects them. Again THANK YOU!! May our Lord continue His blessings to you and your family.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/07/2021 12:55 AM

    WHO, during the hundred or so years the Flu has been around with plenty of deaths, WHO locked down? Who masked up? During swine, or Spanish, or bird flu…who did? How about H1N1!? Anyone???Democrats want& push for DIVISION, be it financially, color, gender,mask, dont mask, vaccine, don’t. Like ??democrats USE fear,doubt & confusion to herd sheep. Public Enemies, Biden, democrat administration, Cuomo,Newsom,Lightfoot,Fauci. When are they going to be brought to Justice?

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/07/2021 12:48 AM

    America! ????ANY Mayor, Governor Senator who objects to integrity MUST BE, by the people, Recalled, Fired, Voted OUT or Impeached! America! All hands on deck! This is not a spectator sport, this is OUR rights,liberties & freedoms at stake! This is fighting FOR life, liberty&the pursuit of happiness holding BACK ??democrat dictatorship, power&control!??. WE ARE the MASTERS of our Constitution! We voted them in, WE TAKE THEM OUT by voting them OUT! Impeach the traitors!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/07/2021 12:42 AM

    NY Post Story. Of course ??Biden KNEW! A body seriously would have to be a blind,deaf&dumb individual NOT to KNOW his filthy hands were involved on top of that, Hunters business partner was on FOX on video admitting who, what, where, when& how ALL to INCLUDE joe, his brother & his son. Come on man! Traitors! Like Dillinger, a public ENEMY continually getting away with Murder!