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November 1, 2023

It must be hard to stand out as the dumbest member of “The Squad,” but give Rep. Cori Bush credit for giving it the old, anti-Semitic Ivy League college try.

After Israel waited for weeks to give innocent Palestinians time to get out of Gaza before they came in to kill murderous Hamas terrorists, Bush sent out this tweet. Brace yourself, just reading it might make your IQ plummet:

"We can’t be silent about Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign. Babies, dead. Pregnant women, dead. Elderly, dead. Generations of families, dead. Millions of people in Gaza with nowhere to go being slaughtered. The U.S. must stop funding these atrocities against Palestinians."

Wow, where to start? First, since even Hamas is claiming that 8,000 Palestinians have died, I don’t think you can say “millions” are being slaughtered. And if they have “nowhere to go,” it’s because her pals in Hamas are blocking the escape routes and forcing them to go back and be human shields. She’s right that babies, pregnant women, the elderly and entire generations of families have been slaughtered in an ethnic cleansing atrocity, but those were Israeli Jews slaughtered by her Hamas buddies. Any non-terrorist Palestinian killed by Israel isn’t being “ethnically cleansed,” but is an inadvertent casualty of a war Hamas started because Hamas is using them as - one more time for the slow learners - HUMAN SHIELDS.

I almost feel sorry for the other members of the Squad for having to come up with something to say that’s even more braindead than that. But I have full faith that they are up to the challenge.

Related: Speaking of “Squad” members, is anyone really surprised by a report that Rep. Rashida Tlaib has extensive fundraising ties to pro-Hamas activists and that she hired the founder of a pro-terror Facebook page as the chairman of her campaign finance committee?

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    11/02/2023 10:16 AM

    She needs to hear what Mosab Hasan Yousef has to say about it.
    The son of Hamas founder and called the Green Prince he has been disowned by his own father for the pro Israeli views he holds.
    He says I love my father, but I do not respect him - he is duplicitous!

  • Dan Johnson

    11/01/2023 09:52 AM

    It has become evident with all happening in the world, we are divided like wolves on the left and sheep on the right. Tares and wheat divided. This world divide must be for a reason in our time and era but only God in heaven knows. I always enjoy reading Mike Huckabee comment's and wisdom he shares.