President Trump reacts to the first debate

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June 27, 2019 | - June 28, 2019

Disappointingly, President Trump was traveling and didn’t live-tweet the debate.  But he did find time to send out two tweets that were more entertaining and enlightening than the entire two-hour “debate.”  One slammed NBC for its technical gaffes.  The other summed the whole evening up in one perfectly-chosen word.  You can read them both here:

Later on, Trump had even more fun mocking the proceedings:

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know what was said without having to suffer, I suggest scrolling through the hilarious live-blog written by PJ Media’s Stephen Green, particularly his brief summations of each candidate’s closing statements.  His final assessment was that it was “a high-speed multi-person press conference where the questions were asked by cheerleaders. That's the show the DNC wanted, and it's the show NBC delivered.”

I also love the comment someone left, which said it all about the Democrats’ promises of free everything:  The reader said when he was a kid, his family used to get the Sears Wishbook every Christmas.  But even when he was six, he was smart enough to know that he couldn’t have every toy in the catalog. 

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