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February 18, 2021

Having spent their first month in office dismantling America's fuel industry and energy independence and eviscerating the First Amendment, the Biden Administration is now turning to the Second Amendment. But did you expect anything less from a man who said he would put Beto "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15" O'Rourke in charge of gun control? No wonder gun sales have gone through the roof since November (and they were already high, due to the riots and looting, another thing gun sellers can thank Democrats for.)

You can read about what Biden is planning to do here, but it's questionable whether it would make it past the Senate filibuster or the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS would also likely end up weighing in on any attempts to get around Congress and undermine the Second Amendment by executive order.

I've been writing about this issue for years now, so I know that anytime you question new gun laws, you're accused of wanting more people to DIE! So here are just a few of the problems with these laws, stripped of the overheated emotional rhetoric:

1. They violate the Second Amendment, and many, many Americans cherish that Amendment.

2. While gun control advocates constantly talk about banning "assault weapons" and "weapons of war," those are vague terms conjured up by people who know nothing about guns. An AR-15 isn't a "weapon of war," it's a hunting rifle with some features that make the unitiatied think it looks like it might be used by soldiers. An "assault weapon" is no more lethal than any other gun (in the wrong hands, isn't any gun an "assault weapon?"), it just has to have any of a list of traits that gun control activists find scary, even though some are purely cosmetic, or safety features (a barrel shield keeps you from burning your fingers on a hot barrel) or convenient (an adjustable stock allows people of different sizes, like a husband and wife, to share the same rifle at a target range without having to buy two of them.)

3. This is the most important, yet least mentioned fact of all: the left is constantly demanding more gun laws despite abundant evidence that the ones we already have either aren't working or aren't being enforced. They demand that authorities devote an incredible amount of time, hours and taxpayer money to tracking, checking and policing law-abiding gun owners who aren't the problem. But how many times have we seen a mass shooting and later learned that under current laws, the culprit already should never have been allowed to buy a weapon - but a form was misplaced, or a judge let them go, or the police never got around to investigating a complaint, etc. etc. etc.

In virtually every case, mass shootings stop when someone else with a gun, whether it's a cop or an armed citizen, arrives on the scene and starts shooting back.

Yet when it comes to gun laws, liberals have the same attitude that they have toward socialism: it's never, ever worked anywhere, ever...but maybe if we just try a little more of it, it will start working.


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