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April 27, 2023

There’s a story that needs to be told about why the classified documents issue was treated so differently for President Trump than it was for President Biden.  Biden, who, unlike Trump, had no authority to declassify documents, was allowed to move scores of boxes to a variety of locations in different cities (really --- a storage space in Chinatown??), let his lawyers go through them (at $1,000 an hour or whatever they charge), and supervise how they were to be turned over to the National Archives.

Trump, on the other hand, had kept White House documents locked in one secure place and insisted he had already declassified them under his presidential authority, yet he still had his residence invaded by 30-plus armed FBI agents approaching by land, sea and air.  His lawyers were made to stand at the far end of the driveway.  The difference is breathtaking.

On Wednesday, Trump’s attorneys, led by Timothy Parlatore, wrote a strong letter to House Intel Committee Chairman Mike Turner and the “Gang Of Eight” in Congress and the Senate, asking legislators to intervene in the dispute with the National Archives, alleging the DOJ has misled the courts and the public about how potentially “sensitive” memos ended up at Mar-A-Lago.  They want a legislative solution, they said, which “is required to prevent the DOJ from continuing to conduct ham-handed criminal investigations of matters that are inherently not criminal.”  Amen to that --- the ‘Justice’ Department is spending way too much time pursuing non-criminals these days, while actual criminals walk free.

Trump’s attorneys make it clear in the letter that it had never been the President’s intent to mishandle classified material.  When the First Family was moving out, they say, General Services Administration (GSA) staffers had simply swept the documents from the President’s office and put them into boxes; the order of materials later found in the boxes is consistent with that.

“The boxes contain all manner of documents from the White House,” the letter explains, “are loosely grouped by date, and include newspapers, magazine, notes, letters and daily schedules.  Following its review of the materials, NARA inserted placeholder pages where it had removed documents with classification markings.”  The locations of the placeholder pages are also consistent with the staff just boxing it as they found it.

Astoundingly, despite attorneys’ requests, the DOJ has refused to tell them whether or not, in its judgment, any of the documents even remain classified!  And even though one of Trump’s attorneys has the clearance required to go through whatever might be in those boxes, “DOJ has refused to allow for inspection of the documents at any time during the last eight months.”  Unbelievable.

Furthermore, Trump’s attorneys say the President hadn’t intended to take those boxes to Mar-A-Lago in the first place.  Their destination had to do with the fact that this was a contested election, which led to a “compressed timeline” for moving out.  NARA had departed from “routine packing procedures,” it says, and “did not take custody of the documents and this made necessary the transfer of boxes of documents to President Trump’s heavily secured home at Mar-A-Lago.  To be clear, had NARA offered the President the same assistance that it had provided to all previous Presidents, he would have accepted the offer and there would have been no reason to transfer the documents to Mar-A-Lago.”

Trump had offered to let the FBI conduct a search at Mar-A-Lago --- no raid necessary --- but the DOJ misled the courts and took a stance of “aggressive combativeness,” according to the letter.  “In doing so, it compromised the evidence, constitutional rights, and, in many instances, the professional ethics of its prosecutors.”

In breaking news, the letter says the DOJ “likely concealed from the Judge” that Trump had offered to cooperate, “or that the DOJ team could have pursued a consensual search, as President Trump had essentially invited them to do.”  Biden got that option, but Trump did not.  Instead of jumping into a criminal investigation, it says, they should have directed the House Intel Committee or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to look into it.

The attorneys allege DOJ bureaucrats are trying to cover up their own mistakes by trying to bring a criminal prosecution against President Trump.

The letter goes on to ask for specific, very sensible legislative changes to address this problem and bring procedures in line with those used by intel agencies and the military.  You can read the full letter here...

I strongly recommend that you read the whole thing; you’ll learn a lot about how this investigation has been conducted.  One look at this letter should cause any serious prosecutor who ISN’T a political hack to go to Trump with hat in hand and say, “We’re deeply sorry, Mr. President, for any inconvenience this has caused you,” and then to drop the whole thing.

Here’s John Solomon’s report...





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In more attorney/DOJ news, lead attorney Chris Clark and several other members of Hunter Biden’s legal team met with Tax Division investigators at the ‘Justice’ Department on Wednesday.  Recall that Clark is a partner at the big-wheel Democrat law firm Latham & Watkins, and his former partner there, Nick McQuaid, was appointed by President Biden on Inauguration Day to head the DOJ’s Criminal Division.  Just thought we’d toss that in.

McQuaid has since returned to Latham & Watkins.  You can see from his bio how enmeshed this firm is with the DOJ and White House.

Anyway, this meeting was reportedly called because Hunter’s legal team had requested an update.  According to FOX NEWS Digital, it wasn’t clear if U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who’s leading the investigation, was present, but others from his office were.

As for the IRS whistleblower who said Hunter had been receiving special treatment for political reasons, FOX NEWS was told this meeting had nothing to do with that.  The fact that they’re meeting doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any closer to indicting Hunter, though sources told FOX NEWS that investigators believe they have sufficient evidence to charge him.

We mentioned recently that this is the sort of meeting prosecutors typically hold when they want to present what they have, negotiate a plea and dispense with the case.  And the case, not surprisingly, is narrow in scope, as Hunter is being investigated for two misdemeanor tax filing charges, one felony tax evasion charge, and a false statement charge over his gun purchase.  Small potatoes, really, when you look at the major influence he was peddling and the fact that there were numerous small companies, or LLCs, set up apparently to hide money transfers to various Bidens.

Solomon, knowing there were other allegations from 2014 that aren’t being looked at, wants to know if AG Merrick Garland allowed the statute of limitations to expire?  Did this money happen to be Burisma-related?  China-related?  If so, was this dropped to protect the President?  Congress deserves to know, and so do we.   

Hunter reportedly is staying at the White House, perhaps to dodge process servers in the Arkansas child support case of his shamefully unacknowledged 4-year-old daughter, Navy.  But he just might have to move out soon, to spend at least a little time in a federal prison for the tax crimes.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but that’s where the story sits right now.

The U.S. attorney’s office has supposedly been investigating Hunter since 2018.  Sean Hannity asked his studio audience Wednesday night, “If the last name was ‘Trump,’ do you think they would’ve acted faster, or would they go slow like this?  Why has it taken so long to charge Hunter Biden?”  Of course, that’s rhetorical; we all know the answer.

It occurs to me, though, that they might be happy to put Hunter behind bars if that makes it easier or somehow more “fair” to put Trump there.  That’s still the goal, you know.

Sara Carter and legal analyst Gregg Jarrett made some great points as well.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said Wednesday that he’s concerned about Jack Smith, the special counsel.  “If they indict President Trump on the classified documents issue and nothing happens to the Biden family, that is mind-boggling to me.  But I think that may be where it goes; I hope it’s not.”


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