August 21, 2018

News breaks on Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort

Donald Trump’s horoscope for today:  There will be much breaking news about legal cases that may or may not affect you.  But the stars are saying they probably won’t.

On the same day that Trump’s personal attorney and noted “fixer” Michael Cohen reached a plea agreement with prosecutors in the Southern District of New York that could land him in prison for 3-5 years, the jury in the Paul Manafort trial taking place in Virginia reached a unanimous verdict of “guilty” on 8 out of 18 counts.  They said they couldn’t agree on the other 10 counts, and Judge T. S. Ellis III declared a mistrial on those.

But since the defendant is 69 years old, he could be spending the rest of his life in prison.

This trial is the first to result from Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election meddling and possible “collusion” with the Trump campaign.   Notice that none of the charges faced by Manafort, let alone the ones he’s been convicted of, have anything to do with the Trump campaign –- or with Donald Trump himself in any way, except for the unfortunate fact that Trump employed him for a few months. 

That's all for now.  Much more to say about this tomorrow.


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The attempted take down of Brett Kavanaugh

The Democrats’ and the media’s (pardon my redundancy) attempts to “Bork” Justice Bret Kavanaugh have been so transparently lame that they’re just making themselves the butt of jokes.  The desperate smear campaign against Kavanaugh, an incredibly well-qualified, straight-arrow, religious family man, is like trying to convince us that Mr. Rogers was “literally Hitler!!!”

They’ve had to get down in the mud and wallow around in public, trying to convince us that Kavanaugh lied to Congress (he didn’t); that his wife’s personal emails should be fair game; that the name “Bret” isn’t appropriate for a Supreme Court Justice; that his schooling was too elite (unlike the current SCOTUS Justices, who all attended Harvard or Yale); that the sports reporting he did for his college paper decades ago might hint that he believes in unlimited presidential power; and my favorite, that he spent too much on Washington Nationals tickets.  I guess you could make the case that that reflects poorly on his judgement of baseball teams. 

There’s a term that’s become popular recently in politics: to “beclown oneself.”  Although Kavanaugh’s pursuers have done a great job of putting the red noses and floppy shoes on themselves, a number of conservative commentators have had a field day helping to point out their hilarious antics.  But like the clowns in a low-rent, one-ring circus that’s about to go out of business, the laughter their pathetic, worn-out routine evokes isn’t intentional, it’s sarcastic.

Of course, Hollywood has also pulled on a costume, only in one case, it was a costume from (say it all together with me), “The Handmaid’s Tale.”  Liberal celebrities keep insisting that piece of ridiculous fiction is going to come true any day now because of Christians daring to vote.  News flash: there is a religion out there that does treat women like property, beat them if they get out of line and force them to cover themselves from head to toe.  It’s called “radical Islam,” and liberals rush to court to defend it every time Republicans challenge it.

If journalists and celebrities had to undergo the same kind of scrutiny as Kavanaugh before they were declared qualified for their jobs, most of these media outlets would be blank paper or dead air. 


Learning about limits

Here’s a hopeful development: A federal judge has realized that there are limits to the magic that can be concocted when you use your gavel as a magic wand.



Well there you go!

I was assured by all the smartest people in Washington that this was not going to work:



 Oh my CNN

From the same liberal media that last week brought you a coordinated, pious defense of the right to “free speech”: If you disagree with me, “GET OUT!!!”



 Congrats to "reporter" Brian Ross

Congratulations to “reporter” Brian Ross, who left ABC after tanking the stock market with a fake report tying President Trump to Russian collusion.  He had previously retailed such whoppers as falsely tying the Aurora, Colorado, movie shooter to the Tea Party and (full disclosure) tying me to prison clemencies I had nothing to do with when I was a presidential candidate.

Ross has proven that there’s no such thing as a “permanent record” in the "journalism" game by landing a new job at the Law & Crime Network.  I hope that as part of the interview process, the Law & Crime people taught him which was which.


Make America's judicial system great again!

As the daily avalanche of information pours out on the tactics of the FBI and special counsel in their “Russia” investigation –- courtesy not of the Justice Department and mainstream news but of congressional oversight committees, watchdog groups and a few relentless reporters –- we’re learning more about the apparent set-up cooked up to protect Hillary’s candidacy and, later, to hobble and if possible remove Donald Trump.  But there’s something even beyond that travesty we must sadly take away:

There is something seriously wrong with the system of justice in our country.

Sure, we’ve always known our justice system wasn’t perfect, because it’s made up of human beings and nothing about human beings will ever be without its flaws, but we assumed the people at the top were doing their best to ride herd and maintain overall integrity.  We’ve always known there were SOME dirty cops who planted evidence, and SOME prosecutors who cut deals with sleazy witnesses, and SOME defense attorneys who prided themselves in getting the guiltiest and most vile defendants off (hey, it showed how skilled they were), and SOME judges who let personal associations and/or under-the-table money affect their decisions.  We’ve known that the system favored those who had money for bail and high-priced attorneys.  And we’ve had government scandals large and small, in every administration, that dismayed, distracted and sometimes wearied us.

But in my lifetime, we’ve never before discovered such a spectacular spider web of contamination.  We see it was the people we should be able to trust the most, the ones who had worked their way to the top, who abused their power and orchestrated what appears to have been an attempted coup.  This mess NEEDED to be exposed, and for that we should thank the election of President Trump.  But it’s sad, and as painful to those who love America as having teeth pulled without novocaine.

We’re watching the system grind people up.  Trump’s national security advisor and retired Gen. Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying when his questioners didn’t even think he had.  George Papadopoulos, age 30, a very minor player on the political stage likely used to help set up the investigation of candidate Trump, was induced to accept a plea deal for lying to investigators that would give him a recommended sentence of up to six months in prison.  His wife Simona has gone public, tweeting: “George wasn’t ‘cooperative enough’ in the Mueller’s recommendation.  He cooperated for 1 year and helped his country.  He has been loyal to the truth and not to anyone’s agenda.  His cooperation is considered pointless as it didn’t reveal any wrongdoing by the campaign.”

She says her husband didn’t even have a lawyer when they first talked to him and that he “could not lie, of course, to please Mueller’s agenda.”  She believes the case was “manufactured to justify...the Mueller investigation.”  Tuesday they will meet with lawyers to decide whether or not to withdraw his plea.

We should also be concerned with the rights of some, like Paul Manafort, who may have actually skirted the law sometime in the past because their journey through the system shows how disparate the treatment of lawbreakers can be.  He faces the real possibility of life in prison for not accepting a deal; he apparently had nothing to offer Mueller on Trump.  But Rick Gates got a “sweetheart” deal to testify against Manafort, the person he had also embezzled from, just because Mueller thought Manafort might have something on Trump.  It will be interesting to see what the jury does with this.

But for unequal treatment under the law, who’s been revealed as the poster child for that?  Um, that would be Hillary Clinton.  Thank you, Hillary, for showing us just how messed up our system of justice can get.  You are “Exhibit A,” corrupt but off the hook, the most obvious symptom of the disease.

Contrast her treatment --- kid-glove --- with that of President Trump.  The gloves  Remember when being President didn’t involve constant investigation, horrific accusations (ex-CIA chief John Brennan essentially accused him of treason, and it was said on MSNBC that he would probably like to round people up and murder them), legal hand-tying to prevent him from exercising his most basic constitutional authority as President, and vicious death wishes?   It’s all fine, because...TRUMP.  Justice, reason, and common decency are forgotten.

Obviously, Mueller isn’t through with Trump, and won’t be unless somebody ends this.  White House attorney Don McGahn has already testified for 30 hours about anything they wanted to know, but they need the big fish.  (Read Andrew McCarthy's piece at the link below about why Mueller should go whistle up a rope.)  We now know how “perjury traps” work –- in a nutshell, the prosecutor gets to decide what’s “true” and what’s not –- and Mueller’s goal is no doubt to catch Trump in one.  Otherwise, he’s got nothing.  But what we have going on now has nothing to do with guilt or innocence.  It’s what Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has called “the criminalization of political differences.”

That’s what Russian dictator Josef Stalin’s chief of police was referring to when he famously said, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”  Folks, this is one reference to “Russia” that we should heed.  Maybe then we can make America’s judicial system great again.


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 Make Engineering Great Again!

I recently mentioned that I hoped never to fly in a plane that was worked on by someone who got a degree in the new field of math that places more emphasis on a lot of social justice hogwash than on numbers that actually add up.  Well, that goes double for the engineers 

A Michigan State University engineering professor probably just made himself a target of all sorts of venom and reprisals (I'll do him a favor and not mention his name) by daring to speak up against social justice warriors corrupting and ruining engineering.  He writes that “instead of calculating engine horsepower or microchip power/size ratios or aerodynamic lift and drag, the engineering educationists focus on group representation, hurt feelings, and ‘microaggressions’ in the profession.”  He says they are increasingly obsessing on feminism, racism, post-colonialism, and “empowering” students and “reimagining” engineering as a more “socially connected” field of study.

While it’s nice that someone is finally helping engineering students get “socially connected,” the professor says that engineering is based on truth – what provably works and what doesn’t – and that engineers “empower” themselves and others by inventing things.  Engineering is already totally egalitarian: anyone who is good enough at understanding hard truths can enter the field.  I guess that’s why the social justice types want to change it.

Personally, when I step on my car’s brake pedal, I want to know that it was engineered by someone well versed in hydraulics, not histrionics.


"Manhattan Madam" spills the beans

Kristin Davis, the former "Manhattan Madam" who's friends with Trump ally Roger Stone spilled the beans to Fox News about what she was asked and how she answered when she was questioned in front of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury in the Russia investigation.

You can read the details at the link, but in short, she said she told them she knew of no wrongdoing between the Trump campaign and Russia.  As for claims that a Stone tweet suggested he knew in advance that Wikileaks was going to release the DNC’s emails, Davis said that was misconstrued.  He was guessing they were going to release something about the Uranium One deal, which a lot of people thought at the time.  Davis also said she was concerned by all the cozy camaraderie and joking among the Mueller prosecutors and grand jurors, who’ve spent months together with nobody to present another set of facts.    

I think it shows how far down the rabbit hole this investigation has been allowed to go when the former “Manhattan Madam” is questioning the special counsel’s ethics.







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  • Michael Galloway

    08/22/2018 06:55 PM

    Governor Huckabee: As always, thanks for reporting the up-to-date facts. Once again, of course and expected, you report on the media and their roll in pushing the anti-Trump, lets get rid of Trump agenda. Interesting the comments from Kristin Davis. Robert Mueller isn't going to end any investigation into Russian collusion until he thinks he can help take Trump down. Mueller and his entire team are all working together to accomplish such a goal. So sick and tired of the Russian investigation and Russian collusion. As I have said before, not a bit concerned about Russian collusion, but am concerned about the phony DNC and the phony lying mainstream media. Besides you and FOX news, is anyone trying to take up the challenge of discrediting the mainstream media and all these others with facts and truth, instead of the constant sickening hype of their real agenda ?

  • Bernard J Fleury

    08/22/2018 12:54 PM

    I have been reading your news letter for several weeks. I hope to contribute something of my own to you shortly. Keep up the "good news"!

  • Lloyd Richardson

    08/22/2018 12:30 PM

    I had not focused until today on th fact that Lanny Davis is Cohen's attorney? If this is true, I guess Cohen's judgement is as bad as they say--why would you want a Clintonite representing you if you had been Trump's personal attorney for many years?

  • Lance E Brown

    08/22/2018 10:55 AM

    Guess I'm just Stupid
    The left is proclaiming the recent convictions and plea deals as a victory against the Russian Collusion. yet everyone across the board, has proclaimed loudly that non of the court proceedings have anything to do with Russians or Trump?


    08/22/2018 09:34 AM

    It's not the Russians that we have to worry about. It is the Democrat party that is meddling in our elections and trying to take down the President. How can so much evidence of collusion and conspiracy by Hillary and the DNC be ignored by our justice department and the FBI, and no evidence of collusion or conspiracy by the Trump campaign always become the story of the day? It boggles the mind.

  • Fiorella Weaver

    08/22/2018 07:34 AM

    Thank you for your informative comments. Question: Why don't "the conservatives" ever mention the the globalist and socialist influence of the CFR? And why are some of our past and present "Christian" leaders members of this subversive organization?

  • Jerry Holland

    08/22/2018 06:21 AM

    Why is Franklin Graham silent on getting out the mid term vote. Have they gotten to him too?

  • Firewagon

    08/22/2018 04:10 AM

    “The Ides of March” are upon us!

  • Renee Brown

    08/22/2018 02:23 AM

    Thank you so much Mike Huckabee for being a Lighthouse in this political storm.

  • Anne Lofranco/Channon

    08/21/2018 11:58 PM

    Why is this person and their e-mail address showing up on my "leave a comment" section on my computer.
    [email protected]


  • Margot Plummer

    08/21/2018 11:45 PM

    Hi Governor!
    I must say, things are so topsy turvy anymore it all makes me nervous.

    I love how President Trump keeps things wound up. The libs just don't know what to do with him. I pray he'll get through this speed bump, too. He always seems to land in his feet.

    I haven't miss one of your great programs.

    Margot Plummer
    Golden, Colorado

  • Donna Clayton

    08/21/2018 10:15 PM

    Thank you for keeping Americans in the know about what is (truthfully) happening in the DC world. I look forward to reading your evening edition every day.

  • Anita Mae Barker

    08/21/2018 09:49 PM

    From the bottom of the rabbit hole I salute you. My brain is tired, I'm going to bed. Thanks for all your hard work sorting this mess out.

  • Kathleen Rasmussen

    08/21/2018 09:42 PM

    Thank you for writing the truth relentlessly. Keep up the good work please. We need the truth, not twisted news. We love Sarah and pray for her every day as she faces journalists daily. She is doing a tremendous job. God's blessings to you are your family.

  • Donna Holman

    08/21/2018 09:31 PM

    I'm thankful for people like you and Sarah. You both fight for the truth while wading knee high in the sheep dip.

  • Paul Kern

    08/21/2018 09:27 PM

    I am not surprised but saddened at all that is coming out. I live near Portland, Oregon and see the results of the crazy thinking that has erupted on all levels. I do respond sometimes but always point people to Christ. I remind myself and others that there is a judgement day coming. It seems there is a concerted effort to destroy this nation from within. Like in Mao's time I think there is a "Gang of Five." Maybe more. I am reminded that we are commanded to pray for those in authority. In the Navy I learned this. I may not like the person over me but I have to respect the office. It seems the art of civil discourse has gone the way of the now vanished Dodo bird.

  • susan rakay

    08/21/2018 08:38 PM

    Could you PLEASE promote this GoFundMe account set up by a private citizen for the American Citizens Memorial Wall for all those murdered/killed, raped or injured by an illegal. Since a private citizen is doing this it is legal (had my Congressman Paul Gosar) check it out to make sure. WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of Congress doing nothing about this and we want it done now. Please help. No more murders

  • Laura Hoffman

    08/21/2018 08:37 PM

    The news reported Manafort was given a guilty verdict, why are you behind or is this more fake media reporting?

  • Louis Salvador

    08/21/2018 08:04 PM

    Sir, thank you for all you do. I appreciate your candor, and love your daughter and the job she does also. Enjoyed you on Levin TV as well. God Bless you and yours.