December 7, 2018


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Today's Commentary --- Evidence of criminality within the Clinton Foundation -- Pearl Harbor Day -- Latest Dispatch from the Cutting Edge of PC Lunacy -- New low -- The Baltic Experience 2019 -- Drives me crazy -- Best gift book of Christmas -- Evening Edition - The Scroll -- Daily Verse


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nvestigative reporter and opinion writer for THE HILL John Solomon must have had himself cloned, as he’s simultaneously breaking big news on more than one front. In a week with so many developing stories, it’s hard to know what to start with, but let’s look first at the serious allegations concerning Bill and Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, because this news has been such a long coming.

When chants of “Lock her up! Lock her up!” were heard from the floor of the 2016 Republican National Convention, they were met with criticism from Democrats who claimed to be concerned about due process. (Of course, the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings later proved that they don't care about it one bit, but I digress.) It should be said that we as law-and-order conservatives would not abandon due process in Hillary’s case –- we just want to see the due process take place –- but “Lock-her-up-after-finding-her-guilty-in a-court- of-law!” just doesn’t carry the punch needed to work very well as a floor chant.


Mike Huckabee

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Pearl Harbor Day

By Mike Huckabee

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the 77th anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on the US Naval base in Hawaii that brought America into World War II.  Early on the morning of December 7, 1941, 2,403 soldiers and civilians were killed and another 1,000 people were wounded, making it the deadliest attack on America up until 9/11.  President Franklin Roosevelt called it “a date that will live in infamy.” 

With each passing year, the survivors become fewer and fewer. Last month, the oldest survivor, Ray Chavez, died in California at 106.  There are now only five survivors of the sinking of the USS Arizona.  All are in their 90s, and for the first time, due to their ages and frail health, none will travel to Hawaii for today’s memorial ceremony.  But the ceremony will go on, as will others all over America, this year and every year to come.  FDR was right: December 7th is a date that lives in infamy. But even all after the victims and survivors pass into the pages of history, the date will also be remembered forever for their incredible heroism and sacrifice.


VOTE NOW:  How would you grade the Administration's response to the immigration crisis on our southern border?  CAST YOUR VOTE HERE.  OVER 28,000 VOTES!


Latest Dispatch from the Cutting Edge of PC Lunacy

By Mike Huckabee

An elementary school principal in Elkhorn, Nebraska, in the name of being “inclusive and culturally-sensitive to all our students,” banned candy canes from class because their “J” shape might make people think of “Jesus.”  Funny, I’m suddenly thinking of “Judgmental Jerk.”  The only students who would feel excluded by allowing candy canes would be students with diabetes. 

Naturally, that wasn’t the extent of the insanity.  To make all students feel “included,” she also banned everything remotely connected to the most popular holiday of the majority of students, including Christmas trees, Santas, Christmas songs, Christmas movies, making ornaments as gifts, reindeer, things that are red and green, and “Elf on the Shelf.”  I guess elves are in the Bible now.  For the record, gingerbread people, polar bears, penguins, snowmen and yetis (abominable snowmen) were okay.  There's some abominable reasoning. 

I’d say, “Heaven help those students,” but she probably banned any mention of Heaven, too.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending: angry parents contacted Liberty Council for legal help.  Liberty Council threatened a lawsuit over this unconstitutional hostility against Christians.  The school responded that the ban was not sanctioned by them.  It was lifted, and the principal was put on administrative leave and apologized.  I’d like to think that her heart – or even better, her brain – grew three sizes that day.


New low

By Mike Huckabee

Congratulations to the students of Wheaton College in Illinois for setting a new low standard for snowflakery.  They felt so “unsafe” due to the words of guest speaker Ryan Bomberger that the student government sent an email condemning him to the entire student body. Bomberger had pointed out that Planned Parenthood targets minority communities to promote abortion (true), and that by partnering with pro-abortion groups, Black Lives Matter was proving that not all black lives, such as black lives in the womb, matter to them (obviously true.) 

The letter denounced Blomberger for his “offensive rhetoric” surrounding the topic of race that
“made many students, staff and faculty of color feel unheard, underrepresented and unsafe…” The student leaders promised to partner with other student organizations to “provide spaces for continued dialogue” and quoted the school’s Community Covenant to “seek to affirm the worth of all human beings as unique image-bearers of God” (Yes, Wheaton is a pro-life, Christian liberal arts college, but it sounds as if its student leaders might be leaning a little more toward the liberal side than the Christian side.)

Here’s what the letter didn’t mention: Bomberger is black.  He was conceived when his mother was raped, and is only on Earth today because his mother refused to abort him and he was adopted.  As for not allowing others to be heard, he finished with a 25-minute Q&A, then hung around for another half-hour talking to people, some of whom were hostile to him. He added, “I was primarily presenting a perspective of those who are never heard, always underrepresented, and are actually unsafe — the unborn.”  He asked if Wheaton students are being “taught to fear or taught to think?” I assume that like students at many colleges these days, they’re being taught to fear to think.

The student leaders who wrote the letter also failed to quote the Covenant verbatim: “Uphold the God-given worth of human beings, from conception to death, as the unique image-bearers of God.”  Not only do all lives matter, including those in the womb, but all the words of the Covenant matter, including “from conception.” 

But even without that phrase to make it crystal clear, how can anyone truly “seek to affirm the worth of all human beings as unique image-bearers of God,” and then be pro-abortion?


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The Baltic Experience 2019

By Mike Huckabee

I am thrilled to announce an unforgettable trip to the Baltics for the summer of 2019! After many years of the Israel Experiences and our most recent trip the Mediterranean Experience cruise, we are bringing you another phenomenal cruise, the Baltic Experience! This all-inclusive cruise will feature some of the most beautiful places in the Baltic Sea and we will get to travel to and absorb these destinations aboard a luxury cruise ship from the Azamara Cruise line. If you have traveled with us before, you already know that all-inclusive means exactly that and there are no surprises along the way. The Baltic Experience will be no different. And when the weather is often unbearably hot throughout most of the US in August, we will be enjoying the cool and delightful weather that makes travel in the Baltic region perfect. Once again we have the entire ship and will fill our time on board with spectacular entertainment and special guests. In addition to the cruise we have multiple pre and post cruise offerings you can choose from to extend your trip. Our last cruise sold out in record time so we encourage you to get your cabin secured soon. We look forward to traveling with you soon and as always we will work tirelessly and do everything in our control to bring you The Greatest Trip.

To learn more about this exciting trip, visit my website here.

See you on the boat,

Mike Huckabee


Drives me crazy

By Laura Ainsworth

Now that we’ve all had some time to go through the special counsel’s “sentencing memo” for Gen. Michael Flynn, something really jumped out at me.  In between all the glowing tributes to this “exemplary” man whose career they had destroyed, they included this as one of the reasons for why he had been helpful to them...

“Additionally, the defendant’s decision to plead guilty and cooperate likely affected the decisions of related firsthand witnesses to be forthcoming with the SCO [Special Counsel Office] and cooperate.”

Well, isn’t that special.  How convenient for them that they got him to plead guilty for something he apparently didn’t even do, giving up the fight (which legal experts are saying he would have won) just to avoid sliding further into bankruptcy trying to defend himself and possibly protect other members of his family from the same nightmare.  They’re rewarding him now because his decision got other witnesses to be more forthcoming with them.  He was a useful pawn.  Thanks, Gen. Flynn!

I am really too overwhelmed with disgust right now to say any more about this.


Best gift book of Christmas

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s a scary sign for the health of the publishing industry, and for literacy in general: Barnes and Noble released its annual list of the 20 best holiday gift ideas.  It includes mittens, a Buddha board, Mickey Mouse speakers, several kinds of socks…and only one book.

Even worse, it suggests that the people at Barnes & Noble don’t even know what the best gift book of Christmas 2018 really is:


Evening Edition - December 6

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


The Scroll

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Daily Verse

"Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?"

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Comments 1-3 of 3

  • Beth H

    12/07/2018 04:05 PM

    Regarding the article about the Best Gift Book for Christmas, I have to differ with you, Mike. The best Book to give at Christmas or anytime is the Holy Bible (KJV). Get'em while they're hot and before they are banned.

  • Thomas Wenndt

    12/07/2018 02:27 PM

    Alright- I've already made one comment on one issue. But you are batting a shockingly poor percentage today, considering I virtually never disagree with your comments (and by the way, I absolutely LOVE your ... unique ... sense of humor). But your final comment in the article on the principal from Nebraska cannot stand without comment. You said: "Iā€™d like to think that her heart ā€“ or even better, her brain ā€“ grew three sizes that day." Mike - do you REALLY think this affected her in the least - aside from being upset she got caught? Am I to believe this will get her to put aside her PC garbage and embrace the true meaning of Christmas like Charlie Brown did the only time Linus ever dropped his blanket?

    Her kind, in her world, is never wrong. She just chose the wrong moment to do what to her is the right thing, and the wrong way of doing it. She will just wait, re-think how to do her liberalism better, and try something different down the road.

    OK, even a grinch can change - but I am yet to see someone like her who actually does.

  • Thomas Wenndt

    12/07/2018 02:18 PM

    I LOVE your newsletter, and am now a regular devotee to your TV show. And hardly ever do I take issue with your positions. But I find myself not agreeing with your comments on World War II veterans, particularly this: "Even all after the victims and survivors pass into the pages of history, the date will also be remembered forever for their incredible heroism and sacrifice." Who is going to remember it? The modern generation who has never learned history, unless it deals with PC issues? The AOC crowd, who are anxious to build an America with no recollection of war except for our guilt in what we caused (from slavery to Hiroshima...)? Who will host such services? Who will, with any credibility, be able to talk about such sacrifices? Good grief, who will pass funding to upkeep and preserve our national cemeteries? Certainly none of the people who are either in ANTIFA or wink at those who are (which is most of the media and Democrat party)?

    I don't want to be a pessimist, but those that forget history will repeat its mistakes - and with no one teaching it, it will be forgotten - and with stunning speed. Please - tell me SOMETHING that will prove me wrong - esp. in 20 years; certainly in 50 years.