April 10, 2019

Despite dismissive mockery from the media, there is definitely a war on people of faith, and the most popular weapon wielded against Christians by the left is the bogus claim that if your faith forbids you to embrace their agenda, whether it be abortion, unisex bathrooms or same-sex marriage, it means you “hate” those who do.  This is a perversion of the most basic precepts of Christianity, which calls for believers to reject the sin but love the sinner. It’s also yet another example of how the left can’t win an argument using facts, so they have to redefine the terms to tar the other side as “haters” (supporting border security means you “hate immigrants;” not wanting to pay for abortion drugs means you “hate women,” declining to participate in same-sex weddings that violate your religious beliefs means you “hate gays,” etc.)

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This is scurrilous and phony, but sadly, it’s been effective enough that one of the Democratic Presidential candidates is trying it to separate himself from the pack.  Pete Buttigieg must have realized that being Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is not the kind of resume enhancer that screams, “I’m ready for the White House!” And while being openly gay sets him apart, it isn’t enough for today’s identity group/victim mentality Donkey Party. 


So Buttigieg is trying to wrap himself in the mantle of victimhood by attacking Vice President Mike Pence, a devout Christian, for allegedly hating and oppressing him somehow.  He pugnaciously declared, “If you got a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me – your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.” (by the way, lecturing Pence on theology is almost as presumptuous as thinking you deserve to be promoted from Mayor of South Bend to President of the United States.)


And what did Pence ever do to incur Buttigieg’s wrath or imply he has a “problem” with him?  You might assume that like 99.999999% of Americans, he never heard the name “Buttigieg” and probably doesn’t even know how to pronounce it.  But you’d be wrong.  As the linked article reports, when he was Governor of Indiana, Pence was asked to react to Buttigieg coming out as gay.  Here is his “hateful” response:


“I hold Mayor Buttigieg in the highest personal regard. We have a great working relationship. I see him as a dedicated public servant and a patriot.”


Wow, that just seethes with hatred and intolerance, doesn’t it?


Buttigieg’s real beef with Pence is that he signed a state law protecting religious business owners from being forced by law into doing things that violate their faith, which was not endorsing “hate” but affirming the First Amendment ban on government prohibiting the free exercise of religious beliefs. It didn’t take away any rights from gays, it just protected the rights of people of faith.


If leftists really believed in a diverse, multi-cultural society as they claim, they would be willing to make accommodations for various beliefs to help us all get along, and not try to impose their values by force on 100% of the population. Unfortunately, their definition of “diversity” is only skin-color deep: diversity of thought has no place in their view of America.  What they really want is a mono-culture, where everyone either thinks the way they do or is too afraid of government reprisals to admit they don’t.  But that is not America.


It’s also – dare I say it? – remarkably intolerant.  Some might even call it “hateful.”   

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  • Richard Roetling

    04/14/2019 11:43 PM

    Thanks for bringing up this subject. It drives me crazy that Democrats have this narrative that they are full of love and Republicans are full of hate. I attack it every time I see it. I often say there can be no serious discussion and debate when such childish nonsense is put out there. It is hard for them to defend this nonsense so I call it out and easily overcome their follow up remarks as well.

  • vanessa walters

    04/13/2019 11:40 AM

    when a Christian denomination goes 'left'..what are Conservatives supposed to do? In my case, after much prayer and scripture reading, I'm no longer going to this church. I have NO hatred of LGBT people. But, I feel I have a right, under the law, NOT to support their attacks on Christians, calling it 'hate'.

  • Leonard Lugo

    04/13/2019 10:22 AM

    The wicked twist words. VP Pence is a Godly,kind man,respects you,yet, stands against sin! Lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ! Pray for both President &VP

  • Rande Snyder

    04/13/2019 04:20 AM

    Heck, I'm not even a Christian, but because I am a very devout Bible believer, I still get all that flack all the time too! I'm afraid it's pretty much a losing battle with leftists.

  • Tom Williams

    04/12/2019 04:22 PM

    Gov. Huckabee:
    The scripture says that Christians will be known for their love, not for their criticism of others. I haven't seen Mike Pence criticize fellow Christians, but instead he has taken flak from numerous others, including those (a someone) who should be living by the same standard. It's not for me to judge, because that has been reserved for the Lord God. Too bad some people don't read the scriptures or, if they do, they really haven't imbibed enough of it.

    Speaking of "someone", I didn't see an opportunity to comment on Rep Omar's comments, which are really disgraceful. I lost a dear first cousin in 9-11, and the 2997 dead on 9-11 will never be forgotten. In fact I think that event will be one of very few indelible scenes I am not likely ever to forget. If you figure that 2997 people probably had at least 12,000 close family members who still grieve, well, you can gauge the general reaction most people will have to the frightfully insensitive "Someone did something" comment! Now I don't doubt that the 9-11 attack generated antipathy to Moslems, but compared with just about every other place on the globe, our society is incredibly tolerant. That's not something you can say about the Moslem-dominated countries. They are places where my "gay" friends can not safely travel. They are places in which my Christian friends are heavily persecuted, Churches destroyed, and teenage girls kidnapped. Maybe she'd like to do a comparison of their justice system versus ours.

  • Dennis Davis

    04/12/2019 11:44 AM

    Use to be your so gay meant happy full of life etc now it means you are a weirdo (Homo/Lesbian/queer/lover of same sex, etc). Hate it that gay is now means you are homo.. sickening.... I have nothing against the Homosexual person they need help I do not believe in homosexuality and it should not be forced upon the American people as the LGBT etc are trying to do. If the Islamic Muslims in congress had their way you LGBTer's would be stoned to death so be ware of what is going on. You want to be homosexuals fine but don't go pushing it down our and my throats. Live your lives as you wish but don't push it on our educational systems or any one else. I am a Christian -Pentecostal- but I do not go out and push it down no ones throats we do not believe in homosexuality but I don't condemn them for their belief and I don't expect them to tell me what I can and can not do in my personal life or business life. You don't like me fine but do not pick on me. Like I said I have nothing against the homosexual individual but I do have a right not to agree with homosexuality. It is wrong in my book.

  • william fuhrer

    04/11/2019 06:20 PM


  • Rosalie Gilliland

    04/11/2019 03:30 PM

    Don't you love it when liberals, who support everything the Bible calls sin, use God or Scripture to justify their positions?

  • Darrell Mordente

    04/11/2019 03:27 PM

    The Left is excellent at using language against their opponents. Anyone who does not accept their believes is a homophobe, or islamophobe, or you-name-it-phobic-hater. Conservatives must learn to play the game. We should refer to the left as Chistophobes for trying to take away our free speech. We should call them Christophobes when they try to put pro-LGBT and pro-Islam teaching material into our public schools while denying Christian material. We should also point out that the most radical of the LGBT-squad (which is just about all of them) hate Christians because we cannot accept their chosen lifestyle, and the same is true of Muslims. So why does the LGBT support the expansion of Islam in the US?

  • Bella Gray

    04/11/2019 12:06 PM

    You lie down with Democrat dogs you get up with fleas. This guy got up with fleas.

  • John cutsinger

    04/10/2019 08:22 PM

    He is not hating on pence, but in his limited view of God who loves all. Yes, even the gays.