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June 20, 2023

A new Harvard/Harris poll found that 55% of Americans believe the indictment of Donald Trump is politically motivated, 56% consider it “election interference” and only 44% see it as a fair application of the law. The poll also found that 65% believe Biden mishandled classified information and 72% believe Hillary Clinton did. 

However, the election interference appears to be working, at least so far. A Quinnipiac poll taken after the indictment of former President Trump shows Biden leading him 48-44 percent. Considering the other poll, plus the A-B comparisons of their Administrations, it’s a little shocking to me that Biden would be leading Trump. But just the fact that it’s within the margin of error and not a Biden blowout absolutely shocked Jonathan Karl and his bubble-dwelling panelists on ABC’s “This Week.”

Former DNC head Donna Brazile, who is what ABC thinks of as an unbiased news commentator, claimed that Biden has a sterling record of achievements (he personally created 13 million jobs!), and said the poll shows that “the country is very divided.”

That’s funny, I’d say that it shows the country is very misled, by people like this who are supposed to be journalists. Maybe if they devoted even five minutes a week to informing their viewers of the relentless campaign of lies and sabotage against Trump of which this is the latest salvo; or how shocking and unprecedented it is for a President to weaponize the justice system against his leading political opponent; or about how Joe Biden has been such a lousy President that any random armadillo could have done a better job (including one run over by a semi), that poll would not be within the margin of error.

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