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June 11, 2024

Hunter Biden’s attorneys took our advice (kidding) and decided not to put him on the stand Monday, resting their case instead.  This “lying on a federal gun purchase form” case is already with the jury, who completed the rest of the day, only about one hour, in deliberations.  They’ll be back Tuesday at 9AM Eastern Time to continue.

Conviction on these charges carries a maximum of 25 years in prison.

Hunter’s defense, as presented in closing statements by his attorney Abbe Lowell, is that he did not “knowingly lie” in 2018 on the federal form, when he maintained that he was not addicted to drugs at the time he was buying a handgun.  But ample evidence was presented by the prosecution that he not only was an addict when he signed the form but also quite aware of his own addictive use of drugs.

Monday in court, the Biden family was there in a big show of unity, with First Lady Jill Biden and two of Hunter’s siblings present, along with other family members, totaling over a dozen Bidens.  President Biden has not been there, nor should he have been.  But the media took the opportunity to ascribe only the best motives to his not showing up for the criminal trial of his “child,” who is 53.  They apparently aren’t willing even to consider that he also has a selfish interest in distancing from Hunter’s legal woes.  (If this were Trump, they’d be ascribing only the worst motives to his showing up, or not showing up.)

Judge Jeanine Pirro, speaking Monday afternoon on THE FIVE, compared the judge in this case, Maryellen Noreika, most favorably against Judge Juan Merchan in the Trump “fraudulent business records” case, saying Merchan stretched his trial out for several long weeks and even sent the jury home for a week before deliberations (!!!), while Noreika moved things along.  “[Hunter’s guilt] has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” Pirro said.  “The question is, will there be jury nullification?...Do they want to convict?”  The Bidens are a powerful force in Wilmington, Delaware, and almost all of them were right there, in the room.  No pressure!

Their presence was so striking that the prosecutor addressed it in his closing statement, motioning to the area in the courtroom populated by Bidens and saying boldly to the jury, “THAT right there is not evidence.”

Jesse Watters pointed out that while Hunter’s financial benefactor Kevin Morris sat in court, he also had a film crew there shooting for his documentary about Hunter.  We still don’t know the exact nature of the connection between big DNC donor Morris and the Bidens, only that it was made very quickly and that the CIA has tried to keep it from being investigated.

Jonathan Turley said Monday evening that he was impressed by the prosecution after Hunter’s attorneys put forward several defenses that “collapsed within two days.”  Prosecutors “just methodically destroyed all of these claims,” he said, adding, “There’s no question that the government stuck the landing here.”  He thinks that in a “normal case,” the jury would’ve been back in about an hour with a conviction.

“But that’s not what the real defense is,” he said, echoing Pirro.  “The defense is playing to a Delaware jury; this is Biden Town.”  Jury nullification, and sympathy for the defendant, is what they’re counting on.

Can they get the jury to consider the evidence and “not just who the defendant is?” Turley wondered.  How interesting that when “who the defendant is” was a factor in Trump’s trial, it worked to the defendant’s clear DIS-advantage.  In Trump’s case, a defendant who hadn’t done anything illegal was convicted on 34 counts.  In Biden’s, a defendant who did what he’s charged with might walk.

By the way, Turley has another great column, this one asking the question, “Can the Constitution survive the self-appointed ‘defenders of democracy’?”  Turley is optimistic that it can, because it was designed to do that very thing.  It even withstood a war for secession.

Whenever your Democrat friends or family try to paint Trump and his supporters as “Nazis” or “threats to democracy,” advise them to read this before flapping their mouths again.

Alan Dershowitz pointed out that the best thing for Trump politically is if Hunter gets acquitted after being shown to be so obviously guilty.  There couldn’t be a starker illustration of the two-tier justice system than that.  “It will prove beyond any doubt that it’s about where the trial was conducted,” he said.  The outcomes were pre-ordained.  “Nobody would believe that the New York verdict was justified if there’s an acquittal in this case.”

It would be good for us as a nation as well, he said, because it would “uncover and disclose the horrible double standard that our criminal justice system is going through.”  He said that right now, “our criminal justice system is the laughing stock of the world.”  The system he worked in for 60 years “is gone.”

“The Trump case destroyed it,” he said.



RELATED NEWS:  There’s more from John Solomon about the politicization at the FBI.  According to an internal memo, while conducting a top-secret security clearance for a longtime employee, FBI officials “asked witnesses whether that employee was known to support former President Trump, if he had expressed concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine or had attended a Second Amendment rally.”  They apparently didn’t like the answers they got and revoked the employee’s security clearance.

The employee says he was put through the security clearance check after self-reporting having taken a vacation day to attend the January 6 rally.  Uh-oh.  And one agent thought he had “militant” views, such as that Trump really won the election.  And he listened to TALK SHOWS!

The full story is a must-read, though you might want to take your blood pressure meds first...



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