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March 4, 2021

It wasn’t so long ago that New York City was the great comeback story of the 20th century. Rudy Giuliani performed a miracle in turning a filthy, crime-ridden, rat-infested city into a glittering success story, where revitalized Broadway theaters, restaurants and Disney Stores sprouted in areas that used to be blighted with porn theaters and open drug dealing. Republican Gov. George Pataki also helped turn around New York on the state level.

Apparently, too many New Yorkers took that miracle for granted. Maybe they decided that successful cities just run themselves, or maybe they let the biased media convince them that Republicans are icky racists who needed to be replaced with compassionate leftists who can’t run anything except their mouths. For whatever reason, they elected yet another Cuomo as Governor and a mayor of NYC who was actually the protégé of David Dinkins, whose term was so bad, it finally convinced New Yorkers to elect Republican Giuliani to try to repair the damage.

Flash forward just a few short years, and here are today’s headlines:

Gov. Cuomo is facing calls for investigations, impeachment or his resignation over scandals on two fronts: his inexplicable policy of forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients and his alleged lying and bullying to cover up the actual number of deaths it caused…and a rising number of sexual harassment claims. It’s so bad that even fellow Democrats are finally turning on him. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issued statements supporting his accusers, and Democrats in the state legislature reached a deal to strip him of his emergency pandemic powers…

Those in the media are furiously backtracking to try to explain why they covered for him for so long…

Even the lapdog late night “comedy” hosts are turning against Cuomo

“The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah now admits that his fawning joke about being a “Cuomo-sexual” didn’t age well…

And Vice President Kamala Harris is under scrutiny for allegedly being a “role model of female empowerment,” but not saying a word about sexual allegations against a powerful male Democrat politician. Then again, considering who her boss is, that would be a tad awkward…

Meanwhile, how is New York City doing? Well, the endless lockdowns are only the latest nail in the coffin, since Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s toxic leftist policies had already returned most of the terrible problems Giuliani dealt with, from epidemic homelessness to rising crime to rats swarming over the uncollected garbage. With the city's shutdown dragging on forever, DeBlasio’s priorities are things such as painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on the street in front of a Trump building; canceling the Trump Organization’s contract to run the Wollman Ice Rink, even though it meant having to close it over a month early for no reason; and of course, punishing people for being successful.

Here’s just one of the results: the once booming NYC real estate market is crashing. I would say that the people who pay the taxes to support DeBlasio’s wasteful spending are fleeing like rats, but the rats are staying and multiplying. Only the taxpayers are fleeing. Before DeBlasio, Manhattan luxury condos were hard to find and prices were skyrocketing. Now people are selling them at a loss of millions of dollars, just to get out.

Note to media: this is one of many reasons why so many Americans find it hard to believe that the 2020 election was on the up and up. They can’t imagine how anyone could look at anyplace run by far-left Democrats – New York, California, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. etc. – and actually think, “They’re doing such a great job, we should let them run the entire country!”

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