The Mt. Everest of Hypocrisy

June 9, 2020 |

I’ve already written about the attempts by so-called “health professionals” to explain why it’s fine for masses of people to gather for anti-racism protests, but it’s a deadly coronavirus superspreader event when people protest endless lockdowns.

That Mt. Everest of hypocrisy is getting so much furious blowback that some of them are trying to rationalize it by claiming that the racism protests have aspects that mitigate the spread, such as being outdoors with more space between people.

Like this protest in London, supported by the mayor and hilariously juxtaposed with his warnings to stay home and keep two meters apart from others if you go out. I’ve seen canned sardines that weren’t packed as tight as the people in that protest photo.

But here’s the stunning quote that really gave away the game, and no, it’s not from the Babylon Bee. It’s real:

Apparently, “health professionals” have decided that if they strongly approve of an issue, it’s okay to rally for it, but if they disapprove, then it’s too dangerous to allow because it might spread the coronavirus. Did the virus post a “Black Lives Matter” logo on its Facebook page and agree not to infect anyone at an anti-racism rally?

Or is this just, as I’ve written previously, irrefutable proof that the only “science” the alleged “party of science” really cares about is political science? Since they believe that life begins when the mother and the abortionist decide to let a baby live that’s already been born, or that climate science is “settled” no matter how many times the computer models are wrong, then I’d say they have no more inkling of what “science” is than they do of what common sense is.

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  • Donna Henn

    06/10/2020 07:58 PM

    Yes I agree, as you know Mayor Cooper invited protest to Nashville by the thousands but yet CMA, 4th of July is cancelled and I still can't sit in your studio to watch you live yet. Local news says our new cases are not from the protest and riots because everyone was wearing masks. Says it was because we opened up to phase 2. So now phase 3 is on hold. Probably longer now to see you live. I am so tired of the Dems and the media.

  • Joanne Sgrignoli

    06/09/2020 12:52 PM

    Common sense and intelligence seem to be lacking on the far left. I added intelligence, because their followers seem not to be able to think for themselves. Wherever the Democrats lead they follow.

    Black Lives Matter has been hijacked for something else altogether and no one seems to know, yet it's all spelled out on their webpage. The ignorance of having white people take a knee and those that do it is a stupid, sheep mentality that feeds a narrative that's wrong.

    Murdering babies is not moral. The only thing they know about climate science is what they're told. They have zero critical thinking skills or they'd see that they are being manipulated at every turn. This is why Nancy Pelosi gets away with going to Chinatown and encouraging others to do the same, or talking about and eating gourmet ice cream while she talks to people who are homeless and/or unemployed. These evil people have become used to people who are malleable and know they can do or say anything, as these people don't think for themselves.

    Most important is that they seem to have no relationship with the Lord, which is only a prayer away. That's where real truth is found.