Hypocrisy in politics

May 16, 2018 |

Hypocrisy is so common in politics, it’s hardly worth mentioning anymore. But every so often, you see an example of it that’s so staggering, where the person exhibiting it is so blind to what he’s actually revealing about himself, that it should send even the most humorless person into hysterical laughter. We now have an example, courtesy of porn star mouthpiece and permanent CNN fixture, Michael Avenatti.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, who has been waging a crusade into exposing the private finances of President Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen, sent a blustery letter to the Daily Caller News Foundation, threatening to sue for defamation after their reporters dug into his own past. They found alleged instances of questionable lawsuits, bankruptcies and debts. Avenatti claims they printed “lies” and “defamatory statements” about him, although he didn’t specify what parts weren’t true, and reporters have no right to go digging into his personal past to try to expose him to public shame and harm his reputation.

Have you stopped laughing yet? Okay, I'll continue...

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At the link are more details, along with Avenatti’s explanation for why what he’s doing is totally, totally different from Cohen’s attempt to stop Daniels from making sleazy public accusations against his client, or his efforts to dig into and expose Cohen’s private financial dealings.

I seriously doubt that the Daily Caller is worried about that defamation suit ever actually being filed, although it would almost be worth it to see Avenatti’s groupies at CNN have to defend the First Amendment rights of conservative journalists (that is, if they actually would.) But it’s not likely the case will get that far. It’s hard to sue for defamation when you’re a public figure, and being on TV virtually ‘round the clock probably qualifies you as a public figure, even if it is on CNN.




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  • Ma Mearns

    05/20/2018 10:41 AM

    Hi Mike, I am a Canadian and I fully support your POTUS (I wish he was our President). I am so sad to see the "silent" civil war that is occurring in your great country. It is my prayer that the people will finally come together and get behind your POTUS. At this point in time I truly believe President Trump is being used of God Almighty to do His will. Jezebel Clinton would NEVER have done the things Trump has done. I say....Go Mr. President!!!!!