August 24, 2019

Late this week, China announced new tariffs on $75 billion worth of US goods, and President Trump angrily retaliated by announcing raises in the tariffs he’s already placed on many goods from China.

Trump also tweeted that he “hereby ordered” American companies to start looking for alternatives to China and bringing their jobs back to America.

That order brought on the usual mockery from the left (“delusions of thinking he has that power”) and fury from the right (“Presidents shouldn’t interfere with private sector business decisions.”) But I like to deal with reality, so just to be clear:

Yes, Presidents do have the power to do what Trump ordered (leftists have never acknowledged that Trump really is President, so they’re constantly accusing him of being delusional for thinking he has Presidential powers.) As law professor Glenn Reynolds of the Instapundit blog points out, this falls under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act or IEEPA. There have even been similar uses of it under Obama and Gerald Ford.

The question is not whether Trump has the power to issue that order, but is it a serious order or just a message to China that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stare them down?  It’s most likely the latter, since invoking the IEEPA would require him first to declare a national emergency based on economic threats, which he hasn’t done.

Bottom line: this is probably just a hardball negotiating tactic, which is good because we not only must renegotiate our terrible trade deals with China, but Beijing also has to learn that they need us more than we need them before they pull any more aggressive military moves anywhere from Greenland to Hong Kong. Businesses that have their manufacturing in China probably won’t consider it a binding order to immediately move their facilities elsewhere. Then again, whether Trump orders them to or not, it might be prudent to have a plan for that contingency in their back pockets anyway. 






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  • ?????

    09/05/2020 03:30 PM

    I am curious to find out what blog platform you're utilizing?
    I'm experiencing some minor security issues with my latest website and
    I'd like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Dr. Judy Ahring

    09/02/2019 07:04 AM

    I have commented to President Trump and emails that he could pick a few competing factories and subsidize big start-ups which would scare the Chicoms a lot, and stop some of the liberal, socialist, progressive, fake media rhetoric.

  • Tina Vogl

    08/31/2019 07:17 PM

    Tariffs on China is actually penalizing and costing the American tool and die makers to pay. The trade left when nafta happened putting us out of work and forcing us to find places to build molds. I believe this should have happened 30 years ago.

  • Terry Fitzgerald

    08/27/2019 07:32 PM

    About the time that both England and Russia were trying to Westernize China, Rudyard Kipling made the following observation, “That was unsatisfactory, because Asia is not going to be civilised after the methods of the West. There is too much Asia and she is too old. You cannot reform a lady of many lovers, and Asia has been insatiable in her flirtations aforetime.”

  • Jim Evers

    08/26/2019 12:02 PM

    Go, President Trump.

  • Tom Johns

    08/26/2019 01:04 AM

    First of all, what President Trump is doing is awesome.

    Secondly, it's disturbing to hear that the Republican politicians (and I'm a registered Republican) are still willing to give our economy away to other nations. For a long time I have felt like America is being run by a two party dictatorship: Democrats and Republicans. Can't something be done to create more parties nationally? I think if you started a Socialist party right now it would take 40% of the votes away from Democrats. If you started a party that believes more like President Trump, you could probably take 60% of the voters away from the Republican party (I will be one of them) and add a whole lot of Independents. Maybe through this new party the voice of the people who believe in traditional American values could be heard again. Is there anyone who could make this happen? Maybe right after the next election?

  • Terry Ptacek

    08/25/2019 06:36 PM

    Any chance of Fox giving President Trump a 30-60 minute slot for a speech to the nation about the importance of this trade war with China-that they have been stealing our ideas etc and making a fortune off trade with the US, which is making them stronger, allowing them to improve their military, which makes them braver in their plan destabilize that part of the world, grab control over land (islands), and how important it is that we stand up to them even if it does mean it costs more to buy their goods right now. This could flow into the best way the average American can help is not to buy Chinese goods, but instead buy American which helps save our industries while at the same time making it harder for the Chinese to push America around on trade, with an end result that it strenghtens our country. We know the Chinese people aren't going to rally their goverment to give in, so unless we can also stand strong, again we are weakening the US etc. Perhaps if the average American understood what was going on, rather than just what the liberal media feeds them about the cost to their family of President Trumps actions, they would support him.

  • Keely I Gerlach

    08/25/2019 04:53 PM

    I believe everything President Trump does has so far proven to be in the best interests of our country, playing "hardball with China" will be the same. He's doing a brilliant job of putting America first and I thank him for loving our country like he does. If he isn't reelected it will be devastating for the US, just a shame. I love his tweets, I think he is a passionate man, and he says what's on his mind how refreshing it is to have that brutal honesty coming out of the White House instead of the deception and treachery we've had in the past.

  • kathy mcmichael

    08/25/2019 03:32 PM

    God brought President Donald Trump to us and we love President Donald Trump!! We would love to have American made everything again, President Donald Trump!!!! If you want something made right, make sure its made in America!!! President Trump was put in by American voters, he was brought to our attention and our vote by God Almighty. President Trump loves people.

  • kathy mcmichael

    08/25/2019 03:13 PM

    God bless President Donald Trump!!! President Trump, we are with you all the way, allllll the way. Americans, we have the awesome right to be living during this time, where we can select a godly person, who loves God, loves America and Americans, loves Israel and their people. President Trump has respect from all countries that we deal with, even those countries who don't wanna deal with honest President Trump.

  • Dot Whitley

    08/25/2019 01:39 PM

    We have to trust President Trump. What else could be done?
    Dot whitley

  • John A Schaeffner

    08/25/2019 09:59 AM

    I'm glad someone has the fortitude to face the giant that is taking so many American jobs.

  • Harriet Arrasmith

    08/25/2019 09:56 AM

    God is the only answer. We appreciate the truth that you provide for us on a daily basis. However, if we spent as much time on out knees as we do complaining complaining we would be in better shape as a country. God save us.

  • William Schlumpf

    08/25/2019 08:30 AM

    China has been at war with us economically for decades. They have flooded our universities, enterprises, and government research facilities with spies. They strong arm businesses trying to do business in China to give up their intellectual property and processes to their government partners who then use it without compensating the developer. They have friends in government such as HRC and WJC who have suspiciously turned a blind eye (while getting rich) to espionage in which they gained access to the miniaturization of nuclear warheads and missile telemetry data permitting them to build MIRVs and the missiles to deliver them as well as successfully launching satellites into space. This technology which cost the American taxpayers over $50 billon
    To develop - in the case of the telemetry data - was just given to them by clinton buddy, Bernie Schwartz, a brooklyn parking meter magnate who took over defense contractor Loral thereby gaining the info he later passed on to the Chinese. Over twenty years ago (during the clinton years) an engineer working for the US Army confided to me that research departments within the Army were being flooded with ethnic Chinese who were first being appointed department heads who then then filled the department with mandarin speaking engineers. My friend did not speak mandarin and was suspicious but afraid to speak up and be called a racist or nationalist or whatever fallback countermeasures spies use to crush their opponents. China has also, since clinton, of course, been expanding its territories into phillipine and vietnamese territories by claiming the south china sea as its own.
    Socialism is a failed system which can survive only by leaching parasitically off of free enterprise.
    Kinda like the clinton flunkies becoming rich by selling this country out to overseas tyrants.
    And how come we hear nothing from the lame brain media about china's concentration/reeducation camps and human organ harvesting ?

    As for Donald Trump's hard line reigning in of this tyrannical country, it's about time.

  • Sandra Conklin

    08/25/2019 07:57 AM

    China is playing the long game and we better do that too. As our factories/manufacturing and jobs for working people were siphoned away to cheap (slave) labor in China, along with proprietary methods and intellectual property we took a huge hit for those cheap made in China goods that didn't stand up to the quality of American made. China broke its promise to open up trade to allow American goods to compete and give their people the choice to buy them. It's important to realize that this is a war between titans. We must be in it to win it. China can be a winner too if they set aside their ambitions to conquer the world economically and militarily. They pose such a threat under the banner of world communist dictatorship. The threats to our Republic from communist ideology are real and advancing. They are more deadly when backed by a government so dedicated to their advancement that they are willing to impoverish and enslave their own people to advance that global agenda. China has such a government. The citizens of Hong Kong know that terrible threat and are vociferously signaling to the world how real it is.

  • Michelle Dostie

    08/24/2019 11:28 PM

    We would do well to consider whether we are prepared for a trade war with China. The US is vulnerable in that China now produces all the raw materials for prescription drugs for the world. The raw materials are then sold to us to “manufacture” drugs, adding fillets and binders, and encapsulating and packaging. Our real pharmaceutical plants are a thing of the past. We need to retool and restaff (with engineers, chemists, etc.) at least one plant so that we are ready for economic or other warfare. China has this ace up its sleeve. It would be disastrous if they used it. Read “China Rx” by Rosemary Gibson.

  • Amelia Little

    08/24/2019 11:17 PM

    I am one of the heavens-knows how many people have been saying--we need a businessman leading our country. We finally have one, and I think he's been doing fine. Could be doing a heck of a lot better if so many in Congress weren't obstructing him. Whenever I see anything about things made in China, I think back to some years ago when there were products coming from China that had unacceptable amounts of lead in them. Like children's toys. Why do we want stuff from there anyway? Do the companies with production facilities in China and other places actually monitor the processes, the materials used in the products they then sell in the US?

  • John. Jones

    08/24/2019 10:51 PM

    For years I have witnesses our government signing away our American jobs ,.time and time again factories have moved over seas and brought their product back to USA.
    We use to buy shirts , shoes , pants , tools , you name it , it was made in America . But our congress sold us out , they kept raising their taxes and hiking the epa requirements , not to mention the pesky osha people . Hard telling what that last one has cost business over the years . What a joke . You can hardly get a part ti fix your vehicle anymore , that it doesn’t come from China . Their parts are inferior , they don’t last , their bearings are the poorest quality . Whatever happened to moog. And some of the other companies who made top quality replacement parts. If it says China on it and it breaks down , good luck on getting parts to fix it , and if you do , you are extremely lucky and it took a month of Sunday’s to get them .
    Hang in ther Mr. Trump I am with you , let’s put America back to work doing something other than selling telephones , tv service , insurance . Let’s make some hard core products again like we use to . And oh yes , they finally shut down the only lead mine in the country , let’s open that back up again . LETS MAKE AMERICA NOT ONLY GREAT , BUT PROUD AGAIN TOO

  • Mike

    08/24/2019 09:06 PM

    I think the President, a savvy businessman knows what he is doing. He is trying to undo the damage of trade with China that so many past Presidents would not even address. President Trump knows and sees the reality of decades of decisions and trade that has hurt our economy. I think a lot of people really would like to see our businesses overseas return to America in order to Make America Great and to satisfy our own economy and nation. It is way over due that America starts looking out for America.
    And yes, the mainstream media and the Democrats are hyping it up everyday that Trump is going to be the cause of our country heading into a recession and that his trade war with China will be the trigger. Non-sense!! The economy and all economies have cycles and sometimes recessions, but I still believe that the President knows what he is doing. Sadly, at least on the local news the new stations are finding farmers who are so critical of this president and the trade war with China. I believe, the farmers, just like too many others can't see the big picture and how unfair it has been for forty plus years that too many of our jobs and manufacturers chose China, Japan and other countries over the U.S.A. It is time to make ourselves not only great again, but number one is every area we can. And yes, I am also speaking of America exceptionalism, not apologizing for it, like Obama and the Democrats!!!!

  • sean flanagan

    08/24/2019 08:53 PM

    Dear President Trump,
    As a Business Owner/operator myself, I admire your unequivocal leadership leadership. We need you - the Nation needs you. My wife and I pray for you and your family each day in our Rosary. Your unapologetic leadership is what we've badly needed to address the utter failure of Obama and his total inability to get anything done. Thanks. Sean and Marjorie Flanagan

  • Ronald Cok

    08/24/2019 08:18 PM

    China has been weighing all options: crush Hong Kong’s serious call for freedom, run the risk of the Hong Kong desire for freedom becoming an wide spread infection in it’s homeland, or changing the subject and diverting attention from Hong Kong by making a move to impose tariffs against the USA. They are hoping their new tariffs will win the day. Sorry, Hong Kong is not going away. We have a real President.

  • Maria Victoria Clemente

    08/24/2019 06:23 PM

    Yes, please Mr President, I’m a US citizen now who waited 14 years to legally migrate here from the Philippines and I would love for you to bring down China with what China is doing now in the Philippines in cahoot with our evil President and with the other poor countries whom China has conquered using their debt trap. US will be saving us and other poor countries if China loses its trades with US and other powerful nations.

  • Lloyd McKain

    08/24/2019 06:04 PM

    Whatever President Trump does is alright with me. For the last 50 years, I've thought that what we needed as a Republic is a businessman for our President. Lawyers are a dime a dozen and a scourge on business in general and especially in politics. They seek and find the loopholes that are necessary to cheat at everything. Their first thought is to take the money and run. Of themselves, for themselves and by themselves. Like you said, Governor, "What do you call 200 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?'' "A good start."

  • Richard Paul

    08/24/2019 05:58 PM

    I agree with President Trumps plans & actions. The demon Democrats say & do all they want to whether it is legal or illegal. They have said they will do ANYTHING they have to in order to keep President Trump from succeeding.

  • william fuhrer

    08/24/2019 05:43 PM

    China's new vigorous effort to purge religion religion from China show that the United States and FREEDOM can not coexsist with atheistic China