Reconsidering the Clintons

November 15, 2017

How can you tell that the Clintons’ time of running the Democratic Party as their personal syndicate is finally coming to an end? Donna Brazile made the first cracks in the wall, but Clinton minions still came swooping down to trash her and patch over the cracks with spin and excuses. But now, the big wrecking ball may be starting to swing. Liberal media commentators and outlets such as the New York Times are at long last admitting that the women who made accusations of sexual harassment and abuse against Bill Clinton perhaps deserved to be listened to. Especially Juanita Broaddrick, who has never wavered in her account of being the victim of violent rape, yet has been ignored and dismissed for years.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Hillary ran as a champion of women who claimed that all sex abuse accusers deserve to be believed. Yet on the rare occasions when anyone dared bring up her husband’s accusers and her part in smearing and discrediting them, she airily dismissed those accusations as ancient history that had been “litigated” long ago (I’m aware of only one that got as far as litigation, Paula Jones’; and despite partisans’ claims that she was lying, she received an $850,000 settlement.)

Now, the tide seems finally to be turning. Maybe it’s the recent tsunami of sexual abuse allegations that started with Clinton pal/donor Harvey Weinstein (many of them also dating back years), but liberal outlets that have long donned blinders for the Clintons are finally starting to face up to their double standard.

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As with the national debt and homeless people, the inconvenient Clinton accusers were ignored by most of the media as long as their favored politicians were in power. When the Republicans are back in power, the homeless and the national debt suddenly become of paramount importance. The shocking news that the New York Times just ran an “I believe Juanita” op-ed may simply mean they've been shamed out of their hypocrisy or it may signal that they sense the Clintons are finally out of power for good (or else they’re moving to prevent a comeback). Also, as Ms Broaddrick tweeted, it signals that “Hell has definitely frozen over.”

Granted, liberal commenters can’t simply admit their complicity over the past quarter century without adding more caveats than a used car sales contract. They spend as many pixels accusing Republicans of exploiting and politicizing the accusations as they do on their own mea culpas (in their world, a Democrat allegedly committing sexual abuse isn’t nearly as bad as a Republican pointing it out.)

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Frankly, I don’t want to hear any lectures on hypocrisy from these people. My own view on sexual abuse allegations is, and always has been, that accusers deserve to be heard respectfully, but not necessarily to be believed on face value. Sexual harassment and abuse are terrible things, but so is a false allegation against an innocent person. The accused has a right to defend him/herself (yes, some women are accused of sexual harassment, too), a basic due process right that the left has tried mightily to stamp out on college campuses. That holds regardless of party: I endorsed Roy Moore, and I think he has a right to defend himself. But I also said on day one that if the charges are true, he should have the integrity to admit it and step aside. I didn’t call for circling the wagons and attacking the accusers, which has been the MO of the Clinton machine since they were my predecessors in Arkansas.

The long-overdue admission that Juanita Brodderick deserves to be heard may mark more than a change in attitudes about allegations of sexual abuse by the powerful. It may finally signal the end of the media turning a blind eye to the Clintons’ disregard for the rules that govern the rest of us. If so, it may also be the beginning of the death knell of the Clinton era, not to mention a bad omen for Hillary if the Justice Department finally lives up to its name and conducts a real, kangaroo-free investigation of her term as Secretary of State.


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Comments 1-5 of 182

  • Jack macdonald

    11/26/2017 07:02 PM

    The people who read your newsletter seem to be an astute group with well stated comments. Nice to know there is still a part of the population that can actually form a cogent thought.

  • Nilza Stahlheber

    11/23/2017 09:53 PM

    Bravo and Amen. I am of the same reasoning that you Mr Huckabee, put down in writing that I just read. "Judge not lest you be judged". I go even further in my own opinion that, 'why has these accusations, from so long ago?' It appears to me that someone is agitating the "pot" again, to keep the real, true, logic accusations for matters of imperial facts of today, to, "Clean the swamp", "Free our Country", so that Our President is able to do so and so go on with "our Country's agenda.
    A forty year ago misappropriate conduct by any citizen, accept of of murder, is not valid a cause to disrupt today's agenda. Some of us take longer to mature and actions by slow thinking or e logical moral is between the perpetrator, his conscience, and His God. It brings to mind the words of Our Lord;" he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

  • Mary Diecidue

    11/20/2017 05:41 PM

    The Clintons should be prosecuted, as they have been guilty of many charges, but seem to get away with everything.......
    I really think that the democrats are responsible for the accusations against Moore and I believe that someone is paying them to say these horrible things.........May God intervene and prove Moore innocent!!!!!!

  • Edward Finley

    11/19/2017 10:49 PM

    In the accusations against Judge Moore, What was glaringly obvious to me,is the fact that the ink wasn't even dry on these unproven and truly unsubstantiated accusations,before Senator McConnell was insisting he (Judge Moore),should immediately step down. Then in a nano second several other Senators like Flake,McCain,Ted Cruz.Mike Lee and several others jumped on the band wagon. I am just amazed at the lack of intestinal fortitude and utter cowardice these folks display when it comes to an obvious ruse perpetrated by the Democrats and their Media allies,along with,I'm certain, the monetary backing and possible pay to play of George Soros & The Washington Post. I have a pretty good feeling that some monies changed hands here. I have no proof,but then again they have no proof of their accusations either.

  • Cleve Wilson

    11/19/2017 09:13 PM

    The Dems and their liberal media sidekicks are using the recent "sexual predator" stories to set the stage for the "coup d'etat", pinning this stinking turd on the Senate candidate from Alabama using false, recruited, liberal, accusers. They see a chance to steal a Senate seat, before thought impossible, by ginning up a fake story with several well sequenced accusers with no actual evidence. All of it is inuendo and perfect timing. By the time it takes to fully de-bunk the accusations and the constant media attention and with the help of the RINO's, the election will be over and the Senate majority will be secured as "inoperable" for the next year at least! THIS is the GRAND PLAN and if they can pull it off the trade off of the reputations of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Harvey Wienstein, Al Franken and several other politicos and Hollywood types are a small price to pay. Nothing will happen to the real creeps, just a slap on the wrist. Throwing them under the bus is small payment for a major accomplishment.