April 10, 2017

Liberalism depends for its survival on euphemisms. I believe that one reason liberals are such sticklers for politically-correct language is that if everyone went around speaking plainly and bluntly, nobody would ever vote for liberals. For instance, how much support would “common sense gun control” have if it were instead called by the more accurate term, “disarming only law-abiding citizens”? Who would vote for a “proudly pro-choice” politician if he instead had to say, “I support dismembering and killing babies in the womb”? Would terms like “safe space” and “trigger words” be so popular if they were called “stamping out free speech”? And what are the chances some of our liberal officials who make such impassioned speeches about their “sanctuary cities” would get reelected if they had to tell their constituents what they were really doing, in plain English?

Hey, why don’t I do it for them, and let’s find out?!

Thanks to President Trump’s order that refusals to cooperate with federal immigration authorities be made public, the latest report for just one week in early February shows that 65 criminal illegal immigrants who should have been turned over to ICE for deportation were instead turned loose in “sanctuary cities.” The leader in criminal releases was New York (14), followed by New Mexico (12) and California (11). Some of the crimes that earned them deportation orders: “assault, battery, sexual assault, robbery, DUI, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, domestic violence, weapons charges and the sale or possession of drugs.” And that’s what being a “sanctuary city” really means, Charlie Brown: that people who do that type of stuff and were in police custody under deportation court orders were deliberately released back onto the streets of your town to target you and your family.

Oh, one other liberal policy euphemism: they oppose Trump’s order to release this information, claiming it “stigmatizes immigrants.” That is much smarter politically than saying, “We oppose telling the public the truth about our insane criminal release policies.”

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  • Maria Thompson

    04/22/2017 04:19 PM

    The left has uses social media well. Recently this was used to organize letter writing to O'Reilly advertisers, organize demonstrations at corporate headquarters, etc. We know money talks, with loss of advertisement the show was doomed. We need the right to utilized the same force to show our market strength and to stir up our groups to support a goal or cause. Get the information out showing how the Russian connection is false. How Obama care depresses our economy, why it will explode, why it could and will give government control of our economy, etc. Do unto the left as it does unto the right, who cares about the whole truth and nothing but the truth, one smidgen of truth with made up information, used by various sites, it would take great investigation to uncover who is really at the root of the sight, give the site a look of aestheticism. Fight back the their own tools.

  • Helen Feldman

    04/22/2017 04:27 AM

    Dear Gov.,
    I read and love every one of your letters. They speak common sense, and put a smile on my face.

  • Donald Nolte

    04/21/2017 09:06 AM

    Mike: I don't remember the last time a PC-Liberal actually discussed anything calmly and intelligently with me. What we get is angry, hateful attacks, or, "Where do you get your News?", or, silence as they walk away. They have no morals or ethics, just hateful speech (i.e. screaming) directed at us. They are ignorant, badly mistaken and self-deceived, incapable of honestly looking at themselves or at another viewpoint. They are angry with Almighty God, because "All men have a religion, that is, how they are going to square themselves with their Creator, whose existence they cannot deny, and whose Day of Reckoning they cannot escape!"