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January 18, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Obama 2.0: Susan Rice as incoming "shadow President"
  • “Is This Really News” Dept
  • Biden's Coronavirus Relief Proposal
  • New Study Questions Mandatory Lockdowns
  • President Joe Biden
  • Advertisement: The Mediterranean Experience


Mike Huckabee

Obama 2.0: Susan Rice as incoming "shadow President"

By Mike Huckabee

During the 2020 campaign, we speculated that the main goal of the Democrats was to get the Obama machine back in power, to the extent that one of our researchers even predicted that Michelle Obama would be the last-minute Democrat nominee, as she seemed to have the best chance of fulfilling that goal.

As it turned out, the former First Lady gets to continue relaxing at the shore with her friends, sipping drinks with little umbrellas, since she didn’t have to give up the easy life after all and enter the political fray. This wasn’t because the goal had changed --- not at all --- but because the Obamas and their strategists had put together a plan for reaching it by other means. And in the end, that’s exactly what they did.

If former acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell is correct, the Obama/Biden “shadow President” will be none other than Obama’s former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

Biden was selected as a relatively moderate-seeming Presidential candidate, and California Sen. Kamala Harris was the Obama designee to be on the ticket with him, even though her own presidential campaign hadn’t gone anywhere and she had dropped out even before her home state’s primary, without receiving even one vote from any state. She was there to provide the requisite racial diversity and leftist credentials, and also to function as Obama’s anointed one and likely Biden’s quick successor.

Now that Biden is about to take office, we can see that the Executive Branch of government is going to look like “old home week,” with Obama’s people back in full force. First, as reported on PJ MEDIA by Robert Spencer of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Biden’s deputy secretary of state will be Wendy Sherman, whose main “accomplishment” was negotiating Obama’s Iran deal, which Obama still apparently views as the big star in his crown.

Next, Biden’s undersecretary for political affairs will be another Obama official whose name rings a bell: Victoria Nuland. Of these two, Biden said they “have secured some of the most defining national security and diplomatic achievements in recent memory. I am confident they will use their diplomatic experience and skill to restore America’s global and moral leadership. America is back.” being what? I suggest back to being the same chumps we were before President Trump assumed office. Read Spencer’s piece for details of what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said about the Iran deal two years ago. Iran was blatantly lying, he said, when they claimed to have no plans to construct nuclear weapons. The Iranians continued to work on expanding their nuclear weapons program, Project Amad, and to deny anything about this to US officials. So here we go again.

"We can now prove that Project Amad was a comprehensive program to design, build and test nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said then. “We can also prove that Iran is secretly storing Project Amad material to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons.”

Spencer writes that “now Joe Biden is rewarding the chief architect of this mess with a promotion for her incompetence.” (Question: is it “incompetence” when an employee does exactly what her boss instructs her to do? Maybe that’s HIS incompetence.) “Nor is it Wendy Sherman alone,” Spencer continues. “The entire foreign policy arm of the Biden administration is set to be staffed by these failures, phonies and frauds. But with the establishment media doing everything it can to put the best possible face on the coming fiasco, most Americans will have no idea what is going on, or why.”

Grenell appeared on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the incoming administration.

About Susan Rice being appointed to head Biden’s White House Domestic Policy Counsel, he noted that she has no background whatsoever in domestic policy. She’d been on Biden’s short list for running mate, but this way of bringing her in was much less risky and doesn’t even require senate confirmation. “She is...somebody who is going to be incredibly influential,” Grenell said. As a former national security advisor, he said, “she knows that entire apparatus.”

They’d been making moves in the Obama administration towards making her secretary of state, but backed off because “she didn’t have the votes,” for senate confirmation, Grenell said. “I think the reality is, she’s going to be running foreign policy [and] domestic policy. She’s probably extremely happy that Kamala Harris is going to be preoccupied with the Senate, trying to manage 50-50, being the 101st senator there, and won’t have a lot of time to get into policy issues.”

"I think you need to watch Susan Rice very closely,” Grenell said. “She will be the shadow President.”

He noted how far left Biden has drifted in even the past five years. “The progressives have clearly taken over him, and I think that that’s why he won. They wanted someone who had a name, that they could control, and Susan Rice being right there at the White House, to be the shadow President, is probably exactly where she wants to be --- behind the scenes, and unchecked.”

Again, here we have it: in effect, the third term of President Obama. Susan Rice will be in the White House, positioned to run essentially everything.

On the 10th of this month, David Marcus wrote an opinion piece for the NEW YORK POST that talked about her upcoming role.

For those who have sort memories, Susan Rice participated not only in the repeated, blatant lying about what led to the Benghazi attack, but also in the “unmasking” of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in phone calls that were appropriate for him to make as part of Trump's transition team. Marcus calls her “a veritable poster child of Obama-era corruption.”

She lied about her knowledge of the spying on Trump's team as well. When asked by Judy Woodruff of PBS if she was aware of it, she said, “I know nothing about this. I was surprised to see the reports.” We now know that she knew perfectly well about this and helped lead the effort. (The same could be said of Biden, of course, who even brought up the Logan Act on January 5, 2017, as a way to go after Flynn.) The new White House team is just counting on enough of us to move on from this.

Grenell hopes that in the last few days of the Trump administration, we’ll see a “treasure trove” of declassified documents that offer more details about the knowledge career officials had from the start that the “Russia” story was all phony and politically motivated. “Those voices are in the documents,” he said. Until now, bureaucrats have “classified them away."

Regardless of what is revealed, we can be sure of one thing: what we’re about to get, as of Wednesday, is Obama Administration 2.0. Like Obama 1.0, it will be so concerned with its own agenda that honesty will be its last consideration.



New "Is This Really News Dept"

By Mike Huckabee

The New York Times compared President Trump’s claims of election fraud to the “big lies” of Hitler and Stalin.

I don’t take that too seriously because I know the Times doesn’t really believe that Trump is Joseph Stalin. If they did, they would have written positive stories about him.

Biden's Coronavirus Relief Proposal

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, Joe Biden released a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief proposal. It would include another $1400 a person stimulus check, which added to the recent $600 payments would be a total of $2000.

There are more details at the link, but as usual, there’s not much point in getting too bogged down in the details. By the time it gets through the Congressional meat grinder (if it does), it will likely bear scant resemblance to what Biden proposed.


New Study Questions Mandatory Lockdowns

A new international study of ten nations by a group of Stanford researchers found that the ruinous mandatory lockdowns early in the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus pandemic provided no clear, significant benefits over other voluntary measures, such as social distancing or travel reduction, in any country.

In a related story, with Joe Biden safely on his way to the White House (and although I’m sure it’s just a coincidence), Democrat Governors and Mayors are finally starting to question the wisdom of making their constituents continue suffering from endless business lockdowns.

I’m sure this also has nothing to do with the fact that Biden will be taking office amid a huge jump in unemployment benefit filings, due to the never-ending blue state business shutdowns.

President Joe Biden

By Mike Huckabee

In just a few days, Joe Biden will be sworn in as President after the most controversial, contested, and crooked election in our history. Just to make sure that none of the 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump forget how much they hate him and us, Democrats in Washington impeached the President for a historic 2nd time, using this time the phony excuse that he is responsible for the awful and inexcusable criminal assault on our Capitol by a group of anarchists who were a small number of the tens of thousands of people who attended a rally earlier in the day. Most were unaware that anything had even happened until they returned to their homes or hotels and saw it on the news. While President Trump could have and should have spoken sooner and more forcefully to denounce the riot, I’ve carefully read and listened to his entire speech that day. To say he caused is ludicrous. But don’t take MY word for it. The most distinguished constitutional scholars of our land who neither supported nor voted for Donald Trump have dismissed allegations of President Trump having incited a riot as nonsense. But Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the angry mob of Congressional Democrats decided that impeaching Donald Trump in the hours before he leaves office will be good for the country. These are the same Democrats who joined with the media all last summer in actually defending and supporting the rioting and looting of American cities and the deadly assaults on police officers across the land. 

Conservatives condemned the lawless anarchy in our streets then and equally and forcefully condemned it when it happened in DC on Jan 6. There should be no double standards. But the left in America has gone beyond a double standard-they have NO standards. Just emotional outrage, hate and blind bigotry toward everyone who won’t surrender to their iron-fist. The 2nd phony impeachment is being done without any evidence presented, hearing, witnesses, or due process. Serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer were given more due process than President Trump. And when a mob, whether it’s rioters or members of Congress and the media deny judicial process and rush straight to a verdict and sentencing, it’s not justice. This is one mob reacting to another mob and that is the logic of a lynching. I sure wish that members of Congress were as concerned about the destruction in the places of business owned by law-abiding citizens in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, New York, or Los Angeles as they were by the destruction of where THEY do business.

And while soon to be President Biden continues to claim he wants healing and unity, is that what he expects will result from the condescending rage directed toward the half of America who voted for President Trump? I’d love to see the country “come together” and act like America again, but I won’t march willingly behind those who truly believe voices like mine should be closed off from social media, or kept from employment and freely harassed in restaurants, shopping centers, or public places.

If Joe Biden wants to unify the country to respect the rule of law for all, stop Big Tech from crushing competitors and conservatives, and to move toward ending poverty, building roads, standing up to China, and taking care of our military, I’m all in. But if he keeps his pledge to push abortion even to the moment of birth, wants taxpayers to fund the folly of letting 7 year old kids surgically change their gender, opens the borders of our country with no controls, punishes work by taxing people who have jobs to redistribute their money to those who refuse to work, and forces churches and faith based colleges and organizations to surrender to views that violate the teachings of the Bible, then count me out. That’s not asking for my cooperation, but my surrender to an agenda that’s antithetical to my faith, my family, and my freedom. And that’s not a call for unity, but uniformity. It’s not asking me for tolerance, but obedience. And it’s not a call for healing, but more hurt and hate. And to that I’m pretty sure I speak for many of the 74 million Americans who will respectfully say, “No thanks.”

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See you on the ship,

Mike Huckabee




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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • Debbie Boulware

    01/19/2021 01:37 PM

    Thank you Mike for voicing my thoughts; I am truly thankful God has given you your voice, the voice of truth that speaks honestly, eloquently and convictingly for us. For those asking the question of where do we go from here, as Pastor Jason Shepperd taught this week, we need to "live for eternal things...time, money, talents...attach our life to Jesus...attach other people to Jesus". Step into the brokenness and lead the broken to the only source of Joy and Goodness. May God bless your boldness and courage.

  • George Murrey

    01/18/2021 05:33 PM

    In regards to Biden's (I didn't vote for him) picks in his cabinet, try saying the "band is back." Just about everybody in the "new" admin has been showing how good (incompetency is more like it) they really were. Stay tuned for more good fortunes in the future.

  • Barbara Blackburn

    01/18/2021 04:44 PM

    You're so right, Governor, and so is Ambassador Grenell: it's Obama's shadow government with lying Obama boot-licker Susan Rice. Our country is in more trouble than we could have imagined. Praying for our country, and for the few, honest leaders, and Congressmen and women that are left. You are one of them. Thankful for your integrity and for keeping us informed. Belated New Year's best wishes to you, and yours, esp. your daughter. Great gal!???????

  • Firewagon

    01/18/2021 04:21 PM

    ".... I think that that’s why he won." Grenell Uh, wrong assessment! Has anybody been paying attention lately? How about this little jewel:

    Would it not be hilarious if all that 'security' prep around the "inauguration" is actually designed for those who would 'assault' the inauguration of President Trump for his second term? Everything my wife has been watching reads like an up and coming episode of 'Star Wars,' but she is extremely excited as well as 'stressed!' lol Me, I just keep on "reloading!"

  • M. Bennett

    01/18/2021 04:01 PM

    Thought Hillary put Susan Rice out of contention for elected office as concerned she wouldn't be able to beat her. Much like Tulsi.

  • Paulette S Duffey

    01/18/2021 03:38 PM

    This may already went through I don’t know that’s why I’m sending it again but I wonder who like a lot of people are wondering who is the left going to attack with hatred when Trumps gone??? If it did go through this may be a little bit different? But means the same...

  • Shelley Ensinger

    01/18/2021 01:57 PM

    Loved you piece entitled President Joe Biden. You expressed my thoughts exactly. What do you think of the Convention of States? I am a relatively new subscriber to your newsletter, but I haven't seen you mention it. Personally, I believe this is our only hope to restore our country to the one envisioned by our founding fathers. It needs to be ratified by more states and quickly before we become China 2.0! Your thoughts?

  • Floyd A Unger

    01/18/2021 01:41 PM

    Amen and thank you Mike Huckabee


    01/18/2021 01:36 PM

    Susan Rice just like you said is the President in Charge, and Joe and Kalama
    are just there until they are no longer needed and is directed by Obama to have them taken out prior to Kalama thinking she will be president and by Nancy Pelosi, who in turn will nominate Crooked Hillary Clinton and upon acceptance will take command and this will compensate
    for the disaster they did to her in 2016.

  • Richard Edler

    01/18/2021 01:32 PM

    Governor Huckabee, in regard to your last expose, “President Biden” if he does the things you mentioned that are punishing to hard working Americans then what is your proposal to do next? How can we vote for good people to run if our votes are manipulated? How do we save our country anymore? Or do we move somewhere else because of the way the Dems plan to crush our economy via high taxes? Obama and the Dems admin.levied high taxes and destroyed higher education costs and healthcare costs and our economy and surely they will try again. What recourse do we have? Where are the Rep. to block this doom and gloom? All drinking at the same trough? What are the best states or other countries to move to? At our time of life we can’t afford higher taxes or higher energy costs. We don’t want to pay for people to stay at home and not work. We worked all of our lives and made many sacrifices. Where is our plan to save America?

  • Dawn Stephenson

    01/18/2021 01:32 PM

    The American People did not vote for Joe Biden & China....VOTER FRAUD! Draining & Revealing the Swamp, I pray they all Reap what they have Sowed. May God bless & protect President Trump & his family as well all of us who live in this world.

  • Rebecca Carlson

    01/18/2021 12:52 PM

    I love the USA!

  • John Laird

    01/18/2021 12:48 PM

    Illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for anything- except jail time for invading our country!!

  • Dallas V.

    01/18/2021 12:40 PM

    “That’s not asking for my cooperation, but my surrender to an agenda that’s antithetical to my faith, my family, and my freedom. And that’s not a call for unity, but uniformity. It’s not asking me for tolerance, but obedience. And it’s not a call for healing, but more hurt and hate. And to that I’m pretty sure I speak for many of the 74 million Americans who will respectfully say, “No thanks.”“
    Very, very well said, sir!...

  • Robert Ernest Templeton

    01/18/2021 12:36 PM

    Governor; I subscribe to your newsletter and I read your newsletters frequently. In my humble opinion, your voice is the ONLY real truth being shared today and I am concerned with the "new administration" and their reliance on censorship of conservative opinions, you too will soon be silenced! I read your article from January 18 entitled President Joe Biden and it is not an understatement that I concur with everything you document in this piece, Having made that statement, I want to pose a question that is on the minds of the 74 million who were silenced and disenfranchised with the election. It is apparent that this election has been subjected to FAR MORE fraud and irregularities than EVER before by the election process and election officials. Most conservatives do not and will not except violence, destruction, looting, etc to express failure to right a wrong. However, we can't just watch the steal continue. What recourse do we have? Again in my opinion, faith in our election process has been shattered and MUST be restored in order to re-establish the democracy of our republic. This circumstance will destroy America if not cleared up with TRUE transparency in our election process. Any amount of fraud in an election significantly diminishes the our rights as legal citizens of America.

  • Anne Turner

    01/18/2021 12:32 PM

    We all know there is evil in the world. Since time began people have been guilty of succumbing to their own appetites. The assault on the .Capitol was evil. The free ransacking of cities was evil. No Democrat leader cares about the small business owners. They after all are the little people who actually work to put food on the table and to provide goods and services. The .Democrat leadership is evil, period. Most people, even the little people Democrats want to return to living in reasonable peace. No way does Democrat leadership want anything but vengeance. The mob has been led astray. When Kamala is president, the media will worship her just like they did Obama. And why? Because of the color of her skin. That, my friends is racism.

  • Bonnie Corning

    01/18/2021 11:55 AM

    How can you say my email address is invalid when you have been sending me your columns at that address for several years?

  • Charles Simmons

    01/18/2021 11:28 AM

    Biden’s ascension to potus easily will complete Obama’s plot to convulse USA into a 3rd-world vassal state of China ...

  • William Fuhrer

    01/18/2021 11:09 AM

    A nice touch to the pro Trump rally would be the two socialist countries flags with a WE DON'T WANT NO STICKIN SOCIALISM flag at the demonstration ......At least the petitions to recall Newsome is going better than the distribution of shot and openings of food places in California

  • Stephen Russell

    01/18/2021 10:52 AM

    Biden mask mandate: For ALL Fed facilities & Interstate travel.
    Not now since seen that lockdown was Political day 1
    Seen no massive drive to open nationwide.
    More politics
    Seeds for riots
    IE 25K NG forces in DC?
    Hey Dems Reap what U sow

    Everything here on out Ill Blame Dems for Now from 1-20 on for issues

  • Stephen Russell

    01/18/2021 10:43 AM

    Combating Big Tech/ Digital/Silicon Curtain:

    o Devalue stocks
    o Sell stocks.
    o Close accounts.
    o Law suits
    o Class action suit
    o Join Intl Comm to combat Big tech.
    o Protest at Hqs
    o Low morale among employees
    o Sponsors leave Big Tech
    Since Big Tech is for Profit
    Attack Profits Big Tech fails
    No $$$ No Big Tech.
    & quit naming Biden President Biden its Biden.
    & Google employees want to Unionize.
    No clicks= No $$$ for Big Tech.
    Add LinkedIn into mix too