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February 4, 2021

Former NFL defensive end Marcellus Wiley is the father of three daughters and the husband of a former collegiate athlete, and he’s understandably alarmed by President Biden’s executive order that “trans” athletes (males who “identify” as female) must be allowed to compete in girls’ sports. With the natural physical advantages males (even those who claim to be “former males”) enjoy, if this assault on both women’s rights and reality is allowed to stand, it will spell the end of girls’ school sports. In fact, we’re already seeing that, with a handful of “trans” athletes scooping up dozens of trophies and scholarships that were intended for female students. But if you dare to state obvious biological facts these days, the “party of science” denounces you as a hateful transphobe.

Of course, “hate” has nothing to do with it. I don’t hate anyone, least of all confused teenagers with gender issues. It’s not hateful to point out that athletes with male bodies have unfair advantages over female athletes such as stamina, muscle mass and upper body strength, any more than it’s hateful to notice that female Eclectus parrots are red and males are green. It’s just a basic biological fact. Here’s a leading female athlete who also dares to speak the truth on this issue:

Obviously, Marcellus Wiley feels the same way, since he’s suggested a solution that would be much more fair to everyone: create a new category of competition for transgender athletes, so that every competitor would literally be on a level playing field. Naturally, he’s getting pushback for that, although it certainly sounds fairer than the current situation Biden is forcing on students.

And here’s a question I never hear anyone answer: if there’s no difference between a “trans” athlete and an athlete competing as the gender he or she was born, why are so many males who identify as women winning girls’ sports events, but there don’t seem to be any women who identify as men winning men’s sports events?

Incidentally, this Biden executive order is yet another radical change that voters didn’t know they were signing up for, due to biased media covering up the truth to help the Democrats. It’s hard to believe many parents of girls, especially black parents, would have voted for Biden had they known what was coming, since a 2019 poll found that only 29% of Americans favored letting “trans” male athletes compete in girls’ sports, and 57 percent of blacks were opposed.


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  • Shirley Ann Schindel

    02/07/2021 02:15 PM

    Seriously? They hadn't heard about Biden and his top priority of championing trans rights? We all know the mainstream news is an abomination spewing biased nonsense but what about doing a bit of research on a candidate and not relying on others with an agenda to keep you uninformed? Black voters for Biden have no one to blame but themselves.