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October 26, 2019 |

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Now that Attorney General Bill Barr has opened a criminal investigation into the origins of the “Trump/Russia” probe, news outlets have been working feverishly trying to dismiss and discredit him while defending Adam Schiff. Spend ten minutes with your Democrat friends, and you’re bound to be subjected to the same talking points they’ve heard on CNN or MSNBC. At the moment, the Top Three would probably be: 1) Barr is just working for Trump to get him political payback; 2) “Due process” doesn’t kick in for Trump until impeachment goes to the Senate for trial; and 3) The Benghazi hearings were behind closed doors, so Schiff’s can be, too, just like a grand jury. One reader’s Democrat friends have been talking about 3), and he has asked me to comment. Here is his letter and my reply, followed by (yes) a limerick.

From Rick:

...A couple of my friends are comparing these hearings to the Benghazi hearings, that I didn't know about.

"Republicans held closed meetings re: Benghazi and thought it was perfectly fine. Now they don’t like it when the Democrats have that same policy for the impeachment hearings. This part of the investigation can be compared to a grand jury inquiry. What and who they present is not made public until the decision to move ahead or not." This [is] one quote.

Could you please address this publicly? I feel it is like comparing grapes to watermelons. I would really appreciate a response that I can share again on Facebook.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



Light Reading for your weekend

By Mike Huckabee

Okay, class, I have some light reading for your weekend: Now that the Barr-Durham investigation into the investigators is an official criminal investigation, the dams holding back information for three years are suddenly cracking fast…

…And a lot of once-brazen swamp critters are starting to either run for the tall weeds, plead for a deal or look awfully flop-sweaty.

The biggest news was that Sydney Powell, the powerhouse attorney for former Trump national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, has filed court papers requesting that his plea deal be rescinded and the case against him dropped, bolstered by bombshell internal documents she’s obtained that strongly suggest the FBI edited the records of his interview and framed him by charging him based on statements he never made.

Here’s a closer look at those actual documents…

John Hinderaker at the Powerline blog goes through them and explains what they mean, and it’s not pretty…

And here’s why another of the media’s most pompous Deep State Trump bashers, former Obama CIA Director John Brennan, might be clamming or lawyering up very soon:

The media are frantically trying to spin all this as just a distraction from that impeachment flea circus run by Adam Schiff; as nothing but “Trump’s vengeance.”  But they’re whistling past the graveyard.  They’ve tried to smear Attorney General Barr as Trump’s lackey just for trying to get to the truth, but they can’t make that mud stick to John Durham, as tough and straight-shooting a prosecutor as you’ll ever find, and one who’s proven he has zero sympathy for dirty cops. The quacking over the timing of it coming out during the impeachment sideshow is disingenuous: the media know and we know this investigation has been underway for months, and its findings are already past the original due date (presumably because they just kept uncovering more rot that needed to be dug out.) 

So after you’ve read through all those links, gotten up to speed and picked your jaw up off the floor, I have one more must-read for you that explains why, after such a long delay, all this is happening so quickly, and you’re certainly not going to hear it from most of the mainstream media.

Larry C. Johnson is a former CIA analyst and State Department counterterrorism expert who now does private consulting on security and criminal issues.  He knows what is legally required of federal officials and intelligence agents and the consequences for violating those responsibilities. Johnson just wrote a piece for The Gateway Pundit site, explaining, in a way you likely haven’t yet heard, the game-changing repercussions of the Barr-Durham investigation officially becoming a “criminal investigation.”

It’s not merely a matter of semantics.  For nearly three years, people inside government have been stonewalling requests for documents and giving feeble excuses for redactions, withholding evidence and claiming secrecy for documents that should be available to investigators, the public or defendants’ attorneys. 

Johnson explains that the second this became a “criminal investigation” with full subpoena power, those people blocking access had a stark choice: hand over what was demanded of them or potentially face criminal charges of obstruction of justice (and I mean real obstruction of justice, not the kind the Mueller Report suggested that Trump kinda, sorta, maybe thought about wanting to commit.)  

That’s why, virtually overnight, the dam broke on the long-suppressed flow of information.  Suddenly, Flynn’s attorney Sydney Powell was able to obtain documents that seem to indicate he was framed, after FBI agents allegedly edited the 302 form recounting his interview with the FBI to make it appear that he said things he didn’t say – things that resulted in criminal charges against him, and that cost him his job, his reputation, his home and his life savings, and nearly his freedom.  

To channel CNN, “if true,” then let’s hope some more very serious charges are still to come, but not against Flynn.  If, as these documents suggest, federal law enforcement agents knowingly and willfully set Flynn up for entrapment, then altered official documents to railroad him into prison, then they not only committed a grievous crime against Flynn but against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the people’s trust in their own government. They need to face the harshest penalty allowable by law. 




I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Join me tonight on TBN for another terrific new episode of “Huckabee!” Sen. Rand Paul will talk about his new book on the dangers of socialism.  Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was held for two years in a Turkish prison before President Trump got him home, and his wife Norine will share their firsthand account of what’s happening in Turkey.  We’ll visit with bestselling Christian author Max Lucado, and country legend Moe Bandy will share another of his favorite “Diner Dives.”  I’ll have serious news commentary, plus the lighter side of the news, “In Case You Missed It.”  And we’ll cap it all with a terrific country gospel song from singer/”Dukes of Hazzard” star, John Schneider. 

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Today’s Least Surprising News: An Obama-appointed federal judge on the DC Court of Appeals sees nothing wrong with letting Democrats who leak like a colander someone’s used for target practice see confidential Grand Jury testimony – oh, and just incidentally, sure, it’s perfectly constitutional to run a one-sided, closed-door, super-secret impeachment inquiry without a House vote and without letting the other side question witnesses, see the testimony or have an attorney present.  Sounds like a fantastic argument for Mitch McConnell fast-tracking the approval of more Trump-nominated judges who’ve read the Bill of Rights.



Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Grant thee according to thine own heart,
and fulfil all thy counsel."

- Psalm 20:4

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  • Elaine Knudsen

    10/27/2019 12:33 AM

    Wow! Just Wow!!! The truth is finally coming out and it looks like the people who did bad deeds are finally going to have to answer!!!!! So good to see!!!! Great job keeping up with everything! There is so much to keep up with! Just took a Trump questionnaire & let them know I get my information from you and Judicial Watch. Your links help a lot. So glad Flynn is being represented so well. Felt so bad for him!!!! Prayers always for our President and our country. There is hope. Now if Hillary could be made to answer!!!!

  • Michael G Langley

    10/26/2019 06:44 PM

    If the rules only apply to the Republicans, then it does not look good for us, at all! I found it hard to stomach, when a federal judge does not seem to care about the amendments that he is asking to be ignored. God help us get through this and get it cleaned up!

  • Gregory Weinman

    10/26/2019 01:10 PM

    I doubt the ruling by Judge Howell on release of grand jury testimony will stand on appeal. Grand Jury testimony is secret for the specific reason of shielding the witness from civil and political harassment because of their testimony.