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March 29, 2022

Good evening!

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  • DeSantis signs Parental Rights in Education bill
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Mike Huckabee


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Proverbs 11:25

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High Gas Prices

If you read this newsletter, then I assume you are an intelligent person with excellent taste and a keen mind, so I shouldn’t have to debunk the really ludicrous claims from the left. For instance, I assume you would never buy that it’s Trump fault that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. Or that gas prices have been rising for 15 months because Putin invaded Ukraine four weeks ago.

But just in case you have some unfortunate friends or relatives who get their news from sources like CNN, here’s something that might help dispel one of those delusions above.

The Republican Study Committee put out a list of 81 separate actions that this Administration has taken over the past 15 months against the US oil and gas industries that have made it harder and more expensive for them to produce fuel, leading to shortages and higher prices. Accompanying these actions are the average prices of a gallon of gas each week, showing how it has steadily risen from $2.38 a gallon on Inauguration Day to $4.24 last week.

In other words, you’ll get more accurate news about gas prices from one of those Biden “I Did That” stickers on gas pumps than you will from the White House or liberal “news” outlets.

Of course, if Biden still wants to blame Russia for high gas prices, then we could invent a fictitious Russian conspiracy story and claim it was responsible for him becoming President. But who would be dumb enough to believe a tale like that?

DeSantis signs Parental Rights in Education bill

If there was any doubt about the veracity of that anonymous letter from Disney employees claiming that a small cabal of leftists were terrorizing any conservative or Christian employees who didn’t embrace their radical LGBTQ+++ agenda, this should settle it:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law. Falsely dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by leftwing activists, the law actually doesn’t say “gay” anywhere in it, nor does it bar parents of LGBTQ children from discussing it. It just bars schools from exposing children in kindergarten through third grade to graphic sexual content and gender politics without parental consent.

And the Disney Corporate leadership, which has been critical of the bill up until now, doubled down with a statement declaring that the bill should never have been passed or signed into law, and “Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the state and national organizations working to achieve that.”

So they’ve made it clear that when you spend money on Disney products, that’s how they’ll use it. Overturning this bill to protect children is their "goal as a company." Funny, I thought their goal as a company was to create wholesome entertainment for children and families, not to support indoctrinating small children with inappropriate sexual content without their parents’ consent. That buzzing sound you hear is Walt Disney spinning in his grave.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at these misplaced priorities, since Disney doesn’t exactly have a sterling track record on protecting children from sexual exploitation, as this story from 2018 reminds us:

More recently, a Florida crackdown on human traffickers and child predators resulted in the arrest of 108 people, including several Disney employees. Maybe it should be their goal to vet their work force a bit more carefully.

In addition, a Daily Wire poll found that 67% of Americans think Disney is wrong to oppose this law. Among Disney customers, 61% disagree with Disney’s stance.

And a survey last year found that 66% of Americans, including more than half of Democrats, think that corporations should not take political positions. In short, if Disney’s CEO thinks he’s on the right side of this issue, then he’s truly living in Fantasyland.

Revealed: Shocking collusion between the media and the government

This story about a former media figure revealing how the government intimidated and colluded with the media to enforce its COVID narratives and silence any dissent or questions is from Great Britain. So it doesn’t exactly reflect what happened in the US, but it’s close enough for government work.

You pay for it

While I agree that President Biden’s idea of lowering the deficit by taxing “billionaires” while raising spending is economically illiterate pandering that would harm the economy while not lowering the deficit in the long run, I must admit that blogger Don Surber has a good point:

He says that billionaires who expect conservatives to automatically rush to defend them from Biden tax increases should’ve thought of that before they gave so much money to elect Biden and other Democrats and to undermine every American value we care about (Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos, the Twitter and Google gang, etc. etc. etc.) Surber’s message to them:

“If the billionaires aren't with us in opposing abortion, pedophilia and CRT, then why should we be with them on taxes?” And “We are for limited government and therefore limited taxes. But if the rich are now for unlimited government, then I have four words to say to them:

You pay for it.”

Oscar Follow-up And Slapback

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

First, a couple of quick corrections to my hastily-written Oscar report: The co-host was Regina Hall, not Regina Bell (missed it by two letters!), and the underwhelming movie about Lucy and Desi was “Being the Ricardos.” I was thinking of “Lucy and Desi,” the excellent Amy Poehler-directed documentary I’ve seen since, and that I strongly recommend over the Aaron Sorkin dramatization.

Now, on to “The Big Story.” Judging from the wall-to-wall coverage, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was a more shocking and newsworthy assault than Russia bombing Ukraine (it actually knocked Ukraine out of the headlines.) I’m from Texas, where that wouldn’t even count as a punch. Chris is hardly a brawny guy, and he just shook it off and went on with the show. Some commentators are saying the notoriety could help revive the Oscars’ ratings. Only if next year’s show is like the WWE, with Kenneth Branaugh smashing a folding chair over Dame Judi Dench’s head.

Personally, I thought it was just disgustingly immature behavior of a type that sadly typifies our age. Try to imagine Cary Grant doing that to Spencer Tracy on “the most glamorous night of the year.” Not just the punch, but the cruel and tasteless joke that sparked it, and the very loud F-bomb afterward. It’s the type of classless, boorish behavior that’s been fostered by the Internet, described by Mike Tyson as the place where people say things to others that they only say when they know they won’t get punched in the face.

The latest developments are that the Academy is holding a meeting to discuss revoking Smith’s Oscar (prediction: they won’t. These are the same moral giants who gave an Oscar and a standing ovation to Roman Polanski. And they didn't even have the excuse of being surprised; they'd known what he did for years.) Also, Smith released a statement covered with the fingerprints of professional crisis management consultants, in which he finally remembered to apologize to the guy he hit.

Now, how about an apology from the Academy for not having adequate security, or from all the celebrities who keep preaching to us that “words are violence” and we peasants are intolerant examples of toxic masculinity, but who not only applauded a man whom they’d just watched assault someone, but who frequently make it clear that they believe violence is perfectly acceptable if you disagree with what someone says? That ranges from Kathy Griffin holding up the severed Trump head to Sally Field threatening to assault the Governors of Florida and Texas, the latter of whom is in a wheelchair (“Stupid is as stupid does.”) And that violent intolerance is hardly limited to celebrities.

Finally, how about explaining why they think Will Smith shouldn’t be charged with a crime, but some granny who walked through an open Capitol door and took a selfie on January 6th should spend the rest of her life in prison? Never mind: judging from the scripts of last year’s movies, that would take far more creativity than currently exists in Hollywood.

I Just Wanted to Say:

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Comments 1-10 of 16

  • Johanna Rhymer

    04/01/2022 11:21 AM

    Love everything yo stand for. Please have Captain Deplorable on your show he is amazing

  • judith jakub

    03/30/2022 08:32 PM

    FOR PAT REEDER: B R A V O. Very well stated and I applaud your incite and superb reporting on this deplorable situation and possible "rejuvenation" for next year's broadcast. Haven't watched the "oscars" for more than 8 years or so, due to the decline in the quality of material that supposedly passes for "entertainment".

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/30/2022 03:52 PM

    Thank you.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/30/2022 02:21 PM

    More hearings at the Capital more waste of time and money more time not to work on the problems biden has created one might as well to hold the hearing at a wax museum one would get better answers and questions there turn the thermostat down in the capital to heat or cool the building it is a waste of tax dollars with the members of Congress and the heads of our agencies reading scripts that some one else wrote nothing ever gets done so stop the hearings and just go to the wax museum and talk to those occupants the results will be the same or take biden with ya he won't remember what was said 30 minutes later the whole democratic organization would be an asset if they were put in a wax museum and turn up the heat. This the democratic party is a piece of history that needs to be destroyed.

  • Jack Dappen

    03/30/2022 02:12 PM

    Dear Mike,

    I am glad to see a politician standing up for the Christian Truth. From what I understand, the politicians/elected representatives in our Gov't would pray and have a study of the word BEFORE they commenced the day with deciding the issues that needed dealt with.

  • Paul Reed

    03/30/2022 12:24 PM

    re: Oscars
    This smacks of drama .... attention .... free publicity. After all, in the promotion game, isn't all news good news?

    I was browsing thru FaceBook ( I know ....) but on a thread of someone who has been very adept at finding and exposing a lot of hiden information that eventually DOES come to light, much like yourself, I noticed a comment that indicated the person was understanding that one of the MAJOR supporters of the Oscars was PFIZER, and that they were about to announce a new drug for alopecia or hair loss. If BOTH of these things are true, then this would lend itself to the theory that this was ALL a hoax and show. Lets draw attention to alopecia in women so we can then promote a cure or treatment for it that will cost a lot of money. We can do this cheaply by getting a lot of mileage from Will and Chris big blow up.

    Will is a big guy. He SLAPPED? Chris? Really? If you wanted to be serious, a punch sounds more likely. Still, if someone of Wills size did a full open hand slap, I would go down or at least be rocked severely, and then shook to the point I would have been stunned and not really my best for quite awhile. I think it was good acting on both their parts. also, Will was not escorted out by security. Anyone else punch someone they would have been, even on the back row the corridor or bath room, let alone on national tv. Let him still get up and receive an award and give a speech? Really? Again, all staged, with permission and collusion from the Academy.


    Like most things. Follow the money.

  • Jerry

    03/30/2022 12:14 PM

    Sometimes I wonder if God is sending a message thru a Democratic Run Regime a Plague of sorts as in Biblical times God had sent some devastating events having biden as the Nation's leader I believe this condition our Nation is in is the beginning stage of colossal devastation in the near future. The Plague of course are the current policies biden has put in place the direct opposite of the Trump policies WE had in 2019. Evil had been at America's door for a long time the door weaken during Obama and biden time Trump put in a strong door against the evil doers however biden blew the door up and evil has replaced the Blessed society Trump built in less than two years. So the world has survived Plagues before can the USA survive this one for 3 more years?? Or will Divine Intervention need to take place before time is up. Tic tok tic tok

  • Ruben Simon

    03/30/2022 11:11 AM

    Thank you for maintaining your free morning and evening emailed messages for those of us who don't (for whatever reason) pay for an ad-free edition.

  • Jerry

    03/30/2022 10:24 AM

    Mike this country had over 80 million people that believes in Russian collusions while China at this moment are building energy plants using coal does climate change ignore China and that entire part of the planet from carbon deposits from fossil fuels the entire planet is begging for fossil fuel so shove the climate change theory up the WH exhaust system because no one is buying it and what are the Ukrainian soldiers doing in Poland they are suppose to be fighting in Ukraine; does the USA think a change in the democratic leadership in the 3 branches of government is needed I say that should have happened 15 months ago

  • JC Holland

    03/30/2022 07:38 AM

    Why hasn't the Republican committee made a TV ad about the 81 things Biden/Soros did to raise gas prices? They should be running this ad everywhere until November. They should also be running an ad with all the reasons Biden/Soros have caused inflation to soar.

    They haven't and probably won't, which is why Republican messaging is so bad.

    Also, what is wrong with the 30% of Disney customers who support Disney and are against this new law. These people are not fit to be parents.