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February 10, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Interesting development
  • A broken campaign promise
  • Add this to the bill
  • "The Woke Bowl"
  • Farewell To Three Famous Names of Music, Screen and Sports


Mike Huckabee



Interesting development

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s a twist I’ll bet you didn’t see coming: federal authorities accuse Thomas Caldwell of being a leader of a far-right extremist group called Oath Keepers and helping to organize the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. But in requesting that he be released from jail pending trial, his attorney not only denies that Caldwell was ever in the building, and claims he has physical limitations that would keep him from traveling or forcing his way into a building, but he also says that Caldwell worked as an FBI section chief from 2009-2010, had a company that did classified work for the FBI, and held multiple security clearances. Oh, and he denies all charges.

Some of that about not being at the Capitol or involved in the planning contradicts video evidence and intercepted communications that the FBI reportedly has. If nothing else, his defense hints that this could be one of the most interesting trials since the Chicago Seven.

A broken campaign promise

By Mike Huckabee

Nick Arama at points out that President Biden made a campaign promise that most schools would get back open in his first 100 days, but he’s now saying that 50% of schools will be open by April 30 “for at least one day a week.”

That backpedaling is bad enough, but here’s the kicker: two-thirds of schools are already open for at least two days a week! 39.7% of US students are already back in school every day, and over 25% are attending hybrids of in-person and virtual classes. Since most students are already getting more than one day of class per week, Biden is actually promising to deliver less than what we’re already getting now.

From what I’ve seen so far of this Administration, I’d take this as a lesson in lowering expectations and bracing yourself for getting less of just about everything that you had before he took office, from pay to national security to job opportunities to freedom of speech.

Add this to the bill

By Mike Huckabee

Add “funeral expenses for COVID-19 deaths of illegal aliens” to “abortions in other countries” and “other people’s college loans” on the list of things that AOC and other “progressive” Democrats think you should have to pay for.

"The Woke Bowl"

By Mike Huckabee

I called last Sunday’s Super Bowl “The Woke Bowl,” and it lived up to the slogan, “Get Woke, Go Broke.” Total viewership from broadcast and streaming was 96.4 million, which sounds massive until you realize that as recently as 2017, it was over 111 million. It was the lowest-rated Super Bowl since 2007, when Chicago vs. Indianapolis gave nobody outside of the upper Midwest anyone to root for.

Some reporters tried to blame the ratings slide not on all the divisive racial and political virtue-signaling but on the coronavirus, despite the fact that it’s part of a recent yearly trend, and the virus ensured most people would be stuck at home with little else to do but watch football. In fact, I suspect that without the virus, the ratings would’ve been even lower. I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve heard who used to get jazzed about every game say, “Oh, was there a football game yesterday?”

Meanwhile, Mark Cuban seems determined to do for the NBA’s popularity what Colin Kaepernick has done for the NFL by banning the National Anthem at Dallas Mavericks home games.

As usual, the satirical site The Babylon Bee offers more honesty in its jokes about the decline in viewership of pro sports (as well as movies and network TV) than the “real” news media do, with this story: “Conservatives sit down for a relaxing evening of being insulted by every major corporation in America.”

Sample quote: "’I love football,’ said local Christian conservative Brad Longaberger, ‘but I also love the humbling experience of sitting through hours of sermons from powerful corporations reminding me how rotten and terrible I am for not supporting progressive causes!’"

And what the heck, as long as we’re talking about sports-related issues that are more entertaining than sports are these days, here are a few more “too true to be journalism” fake stories from the Bee that you’ll get some laughs out of:

Farewell To Three Famous Names of Music, Screen and Sports

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

We are sad to have to report the deaths of three famous names from the worlds of show business and sports.

Mary Wilson has died at her home in Las Vegas at 76 of undisclosed causes.

As part of the groundbreaking trio The Supremes, Wilson was part of a string of genre-busting Motown hits that are as popular now as when they were first released, including “Stop! In the Name of Love,” “Baby Love,” and “Where Did Our Love Go?” Wilson continued with the Supremes for seven years after Diana Ross left, headlined in Vegas and made some albums, but sadly did not enjoy the solo success of Diana Ross. She lamented that the Supremes had a dozen #1 hits, and she would’ve loved to have had just one.

She also wrote books, appeared on “Dancing With the Stars” and went back to school to get her associate degree in 2001 because she felt she’d been taken advantage of as a girl by not understanding what she was signing away in her record contract (a great lesson for all young musicians!) She also lobbied for legal reforms of the music business and was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame with the Supremes in 1988.

Just two days before her death, she released a YouTube video in which she appeared happy and healthy, saying she was about to release some new music. So fans will have more to look forward to and remember her by. For more info, check out

Veteran actor Christopher Plummer also passed away peacefully last week at 91 at his home in Connecticut.

While his stage and screen career spanned over five decades and included such hit films as “Up,” “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” “A Beautiful Mind” and “The Insider” and a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 2012’s “Beginners,” he will always be most remembered as Captain Von Trapp in the beloved 1965 musical “The Sound of Music.” Ironically, he had such a hard time playing such a humorless character that for years, he referred to the film as “The Sound of Mucus.” But he later came around to embrace it.

Still, fans will always cherish the scene where Plummer sang the beautiful old Austrian folk song, “Edelweiss.” Although I hate to break it to you, but every part of that last sentence is a popular misconception. “Edelweiss” was written for the show by Rodgers & Hammerstein (it was the last lyric Oscar Hammerstein II wrote before he died), and while Plummer’s voice was heard on the beginning and end of the song, most of it was him lip-synching to a track by Bill Lee, a singer who often dubbed non-musical actors and was known as the male Marni Nixon.

Finally, Marty Schottenheimer, the eighth-winningest coach in NFL history, died Monday at 77 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s. He won 200 regular season games coaching the Browns, Chiefs and Chargers and was the inventor of the conservative play strategy that came to be known as “Martyball.”


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Comments 1-25 of 26

  • Stephen Russell

    02/11/2021 11:21 AM

    1-6 Riot Outcomes:
    Dems Staged day 1
    Pre planned
    Evidence for hidden , buried
    Mock Trump & allies
    For Biden win.
    & a Coup
    Dems Always LIE Lie Lie Lie Lie since 2016
    Cant trust em IF fixed Video seen for Impeachment trial

  • Stephen Russell

    02/11/2021 10:44 AM

    Use 1-6 riot probe to apply to other cities since May riots alone
    Had to have:
    Pre positioned bricks etc.
    Staging meetings held
    Sign ups
    Contacts in City, County Govt

  • Stephen Russell

    02/11/2021 10:41 AM

    1-6 riot probe more:
    Track U Haul truck orders from other states into DC for equipment
    Track contractor who rigged scaffold for Antifa local.
    Track Cap Hill police call logs
    Track calls into House & Senate offices with specifics on 1-6 riot planning.
    Track Cap Hill duty roster for 1-6
    Track equipment shipped into DC area pre riot
    Track social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, other for pre riot planning
    Yes Linkedin & Twitter.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/11/2021 10:27 AM

    1-6 riot probe:

    Who in House OR Senate OKd event?
    Did Antifa scout our area pre riot? Inside Cap Hill.
    Were any meetings held with House, Senate pre 1-6: Pelosi, Schumer etc??
    Where were Cap Hill Police pre riot?
    Why werent Cap Hill police In on any meetings pre 1-6.
    Any other video source to use aside security cams?

    Bottom line:
    Set up

    & maybe on Superbowl ad, Bruce Springsteen set up for Politics since NOT towing Leftist line?
    Just an idea

    Can one track phone/text logs from 1-3/1-5 dates
    Are videos from cameras secure or can they be tampered with?
    IE Impeachment trial 2.

  • William Fuhrer

    02/11/2021 10:25 AM

    democrats seem to not be able to focus when it comes to money distribution so why so why doesn't President Trumps defense team bring in head of family council...speaker on what marriage of THE DEVIL AND KARL MARK...the lady whoused to work for planneened parenthood before she found it disgusting....the Black woman police chief who resigned because her city was over run ...a ICE agent

  • Jerry

    02/11/2021 09:30 AM

    Biden says the Pipeline workers that he fired can work building solar panels did he give an address to where to apply? People that are receiving unemployment compensation today is a bridge to the next employment and Biden extends the time limits what do the unemployed do after the compensation runs out and where do they find employment that equals what Biden fired them from? it works for now what will it look like 8 months from now? Many groups have lived on welfare for generations and have never really experienced financial freedom or made a better way of life. is Biden going to extend that population to a larger group to becoming dependent on government enslavement an perhaps a larger voting base?

  • Jack macdonald

    02/11/2021 09:30 AM

    Just watched the Fox and friends crew and guest Karl Rove pile on Trump for his action before and after Jan 6. What a bunch of useful idiots. They are hyping the videos and narrative of how much mortal danger our VP and others were in. Why would Trumpers go after Pence who is one of the good guys? My takeaway from the videos was that these alleged Trump people looked amazingly like Antifa thugs right down to the black uniforms, batons to break windows and smash things. These thugs were trained professionals who had practiced skills at smashing things. Wearing Trump hat and carrying the flag did not make them Trump people. How easily were our gullible networks and too many supposedly intelligent people reeled in hook, line, and sinker! This nation is in far more trouble than I thought thanks to apathy, ignorance and the all out efforts of a thoroughly corrupt media. Mike, I hope you will help shine a light on what is going on. Today, I lost all respect for Karl Rove and Fox nitwits who helped to perpetuate this disgusting, but effective attack on our nation.

  • William Fuhrer

    02/11/2021 09:22 AM


  • Stephen Russell

    02/11/2021 09:00 AM

    1-6 issues more:
    Who in the city OKd permits for Antifa near Cap Hill pre 1-6
    When did Antifa arrive at Cap Hill
    Did anyone from House or Senate meet pre 1-6?
    Any other officials see Cap Hill pre 1-6 event
    Has anyone scanned phone logs?
    Text logs
    Scanned Entry exit points
    Who have CH Police orders to stand down?
    Was extortion, bribes used on Cap Hill Police?
    Who inside guided Mob since NOT all offices were HIT by Mob?
    Was inside pre rigged for Mob use
    & notice response from Media like they knew IT was coming.
    & are Videos for "trial" rigged , deleted by Dems?

  • Stephen Russell

    02/11/2021 08:53 AM

    Impeachment Videos:
    Were said Videos editted or deleted or added scenes for trial?
    Cant trust Dems these days to lie for power
    IE inside Capitol on 1-6
    Why no pics or videos of Antifa prior 1-6 event setting up
    Who gave command to charge.
    Wheres theyre Comms persons inside Capitol
    Why didnt CH Police respond sooner
    How could they not miss Antifa setting up pre 1-6 date.
    Who in the House or Senate organized the Insurrection?
    Yes from the Dem side
    Who OKd this
    Who ordered NG forces into City since Mayor no longer sees need for?
    Who gave plans to charge into select offices why bypass Schumer, McConnell, but hewad for Pelosi?
    Any RINOs & Never Trumpers Involved
    Scan phone logs alone or text messages pre 1-6 date
    Name names

  • JB

    02/11/2021 08:32 AM

    Why is Biden pictured on this letter it looks like a cat that just ate the canary because it did.

  • BG

    02/11/2021 08:22 AM

    If I were a 22 year old college student with college debt and had been schooled to hate america taught racism and socialism mostly just brainwashed by these colleges and universities and Biden said he would take care of your debt I would have voted for Biden myself however I am a older Senior on a fixed income Biden will tell me I have to pay for your debt. I went to war to defend America from Socialism and communism so all men could remain free in this country and this is what I get. A kick below the belt and stripped of my wallet and its assets No Thanks you miserable people.

  • William Fuhrer

    02/11/2021 08:02 AM

    OIL is California's CASH COW the way it is taxed so any California Democrat who thinks that axing the pipeline is abrilliant act by President Joseph Biden is wrong

  • Aleta Payne

    02/11/2021 06:34 AM

    Wondering where that new video tape came from of the "riot". Looked like professional quality. Hmmm..

  • Floyd Unger

    02/10/2021 10:41 PM

    Thank you

  • William Fuhrer

    02/10/2021 09:42 PM


  • Shelby Tuck

    02/10/2021 09:24 PM

    I pray God will soon intervene in this mess with all the democrats and oh yes the crooked republicans politicians .

  • Marcia Schaber

    02/10/2021 09:04 PM

    Since the Joe biden has been sworn in as occupant of the White House, all those executive orders have done is show the complete lack of a game plan that they sold to those 84 Million voters since 2019.

    This Scam show called a an impeachemnt is cover for the CRASH AND BURN
    problems that ard happening right now and if this continues comes 1 May 2021 and there are not results either in education and employment increases there will be nothing that Congress can do except watch and realize comes the elections due in 2021 and 2022 and 2024 there will be a bloodbath at the election booth

    Already comes 19 February 2021, Sidney Powell has a date with the U.S. Supreme Court and Dominion Software Engineers know that their system has caused the State of California to be indebt for over 32 Billion Dollars of Fraudulent unemployment claims and othe states thast also used that software is missing billions in unemployment Claims also.

    The Teachers union think they have the population backing them in this virus game they are playing, but other public school systems and private school systems have been in session and parents have wised up and are demanding that their children be allowed to attend those schools and want their share of the allocated money be given to them for their children.

    So in conclusion, be ready for almost anything comes and those people in Washington DC are about to find out the door swings both ways and they maybe looking at hitting them in the backside as it swings. .

  • Marla

    02/10/2021 08:41 PM

    I’ll be considering a move to Arkansas if Sarah Huckabee Sanders is elected Governor! Please note this important information about supporting conservative campaigns. I want to contribute financially (I’m not a big donor but every little bit helps), but I haven’t donated to any campaigns for fear of the left and their “lists” and fear of “banks” who are undoubtedly tracking and in some cases, closing accounts. I’d prefer to donate via cash so that I don’t have fear of being on a list and becoming not hire able because of my party affiliation or fear of my spouse not being able to maintain his security clearance. This is a real concern! I’m sure I’m not alone in my fear of the lefts attacks and cancel culture.
    If there were 75 million who supported Trump, then its time we stop playing defense and start playing offense.

  • Candida Rodriguez

    02/10/2021 08:34 PM

    Great bible verse ! But after all we've witnessed this last decade we're getting weary ! Obama's callous attitude to America's greatness , his plan to stir up old racial wounds and use that's to divide our nation, the endless political crimes committed by those in Obama White House totally ignored and brushed under the rug . Commey , Strock , Brennan , Hillary the list is endless ! Then what they did to Flynn , Page , stone and others is unforgivable and disgusting . And they're still happily destroying America and everyone is in on their plan ! Where's Durham , the FBI , DOJ , SCOTUS ? Everyone covers their tracks ! Nothing to see here . I'm hoping and praying something happens real soon to bring some much needed relief and justice to the American people .

  • Erika Eimicke

    02/10/2021 08:20 PM

    Under the Obama administration, and I expect the same from the Biden administration, our family income was decreased to amounts seen in the 1990s!!! And on top of that, health insurance deductibles that were previously and generously shouldered by our employer was no longer due to ACA. We were not eligible for our state WIC program that feeds women and children at a certain income level, and not eligible for anything else. My husband would have had to give up his career and go stock shelves in order to make less in order to get more from the government. He went to grad school to further his career there, which he did. Go figure. We had a savings so that I could stay home with the kids, and several years after ACA, it was drained due to doctor bills and rising gasoline costs, etc. More government programs equates to government intrusion on your life. And so, yes, I am not looking forward to "less of everything" with this administration. God bless.

  • James Drury Jr

    02/10/2021 07:40 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Giovanni Catanese

    02/10/2021 07:35 PM

    After watching today's impeachment trial and seeing the "selective" tweets and newspaper articles that supposedly "prove" that President Trump incited violence (typical Left rhetoric that excuse or support violence when perpetrated by their supporters); however, what's appalling to me is that the DOJ, FBI, and D.C. police KNEW of the threat way in advance of January 6, but purposefully did NOTHING to prevent or stop the eventual violence BECAUSE allowing the mob to occur BECAME the excuse to once more impeach the president. Why let an opportunity go to waste has always been the Dems's modus operandi. It's disgraceful that the Dems, and the RINOs, are not only blaming the president while during the past year more violence occurred across the country they and the MSM ignored and even bailed out the thugs. What hypocrites! Now that they have the majority in the Executive and Legislative, the Dems are focusing to "cancel and destroy" all Trump's supporter and implementing gestapo & state police tactics. Are they forcing a showdown with half of the American people where another civil war is the only way out? BTW The GOP is doing a great job at self-destruction, thanks to RINOs and their supporters ...

  • AJ

    02/10/2021 07:17 PM

    Well there goes a person of color out of history. The woman on the syrup bottle gone, young kids will never know that a woman of color could possibly be good enough to be great. I never looked at the woman as a person with out the ability to be loved by other humans, cancel culture, nice going I never thought of her as being subhuman that they had to stripe her of her name. Take that white guy off the Quaker Oats can also you cancel culture morons. Do the country a favor cancel yourself. Some people love culture just because U have none stop bothering us.

  • Jerry

    02/10/2021 06:57 PM

    what does the Alamo and Donald Trump have in common? Both were were overrun by almost unbeatable odds. The defenders at the Alamo were fierce fighting men Trump is the Alamo and the Americans that made a stand are the Real American people. How many members of Congress would one guess fought like Real Americans maybe 10? against an army like Santa Anna had. Most Congress members would have taken a uniform from a dead Anna force and put it on and say it was with Santa Anna and run. Those were the type of People Trump had on his team and Trump fought with these traitors for 4 years. It is absolutely Amazing what Donald got done with this misfitted group. They were leakers, sabotours, backstabbers, ambushers not a cast of weenies I want to be with; Remember the Alamo slogan the country better Remember Donald J. Trump I always will.