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August 10, 2023

Polls show that once again, indictments against President Trump have been followed by a boost in his poll numbers.

One poll in New Hampshire found that 62% of the state’s Republicans would support him even if he’s convicted, and 57% would support him even if he were sent to prison.

There’s also a lot of chatter recently about voters feeling “indictment fatigue.” Democrats hope this means that they are turning away from Trump because they don’t want to have to deal with all these legal issues. There may be some of that, but I believe more and more Americans are starting to wake up to the obvious partisan motivations of the prosecutors and the flimsiness of their charges and are fatigued with partisan prosecutors abusing their power to "get Trump." Studies have shown that social media posts about the indictments have been dropping with each new charge as people realize what a joke it is and are shrugging it off (not to say it doesn’t represent genuine peril for Trump, especially with the legal systems and jury pools so stacked against him.)

The Dems have been railing about what a monster and criminal Trump was from the moment he came down that escalator, and we’ve since learned what a crock most of their accusations were, with the “evidence” manufactured by his political opponents. Now, they seem to be indicting him for everything he does: Make a phone call? Indict him! Possess his own presidential papers? Indict him! Speak out about what he thinks was a rigged election? Indict him! Defend himself against being repeatedly indicted? Indict him! All while they completely ignore real criminals committing real crimes. No wonder people are fatigued with this charade.

Long before Trump came on the political scene, I was writing about how we have way too many laws, so many that every citizen breaks ten before breakfast without even knowing it. The Democrats are determined to prosecute Trump for every one of them. But the only thing that makes our society livable is that we don’t prosecute every piddling infraction of some arcane law, or worse yet, one of the millions upon millions of regulations with the force of law.

In the United States of America, there should never be such a thing as a “regulation with the force of law,” a de facto law made by a bureaucrat who was elected by nobody.

With their mindless fury against Trump and their ever-more-obvious partisan abuse of the legal system on full display, Democrats are showing Americans that we have too many laws and that the people in charge of prosecuting them have too much power and not enough impartiality or judgement. That’s something they shouldn’t be demonstrating if they want to stay in power because nobody who wants less of that kind of abuse of government power is going to vote for a Democrat.

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Comments 1-10 of 12


    08/11/2023 11:53 AM

    So you think tRump is innocent and these indictments are a charade?

    I'll bet that you will be part of the next coup that Malignant Narcissist tries.

    Keep yapping, effin hypocrite.

  • Mary K

    08/11/2023 09:48 AM

    Astonied at the blatant degradation of law in all its formats and the flaunting of lawlessness by beaurocrats and elected government officials. What is making American people so tolerant of this?

  • Joan D. Barnes

    08/10/2023 10:16 PM

    I had been seriously thinking of votong for DeSantis, as he can serve 8 years vs Trump's 4. However, after all of the outrageous treatment of president Trump, after he still was the best President we have had since Reagan, I must help him get his earned 4 more years to "Make America Great Again"! I believe he still has what it takes to salvage our badly damaged Country, even in 4 years. This time at lest he won't have to fight against all of the lies and phoney charges that the Dems threw at him while he was trying to save America.

  • James Smith

    08/10/2023 09:18 PM

    Maybe some are getting fatigued with the persecution, but many will still support him. I have determined that I will vote for him, even if I have to write him in. No more RINOs and no more Dems.

  • Lewis W. gregory

    08/10/2023 08:39 PM

    They have wasted billions of dollars in tax payer money, and do not have 1 conviction. Why are we allowing this to go on. If he wins in 2024 my concern is that they will keep right on interfering so he can't accomplish anything.

  • Edward F Gehringer

    08/10/2023 08:33 PM

    What I am concerned about is that Trump might become too vengeful after all of the abuse directed at him, and if he does get re-elected, overplay his hand and then lose big in the court of public opinion. He hasn't exactly shown restraint in brandishing classified papers or stating his opinion of the prosecutors. The country would be better off with DeSantis as President.

  • Patrick J Green

    08/10/2023 07:20 PM

    I have long felt that the ABC agency's we have should not be making any kind of l aw or regulation that hold the force of law. That is our congress people job that's what we pay them for. If they don't or can't they need to be fired and hire someone who will

  • Alyse Pettit

    08/10/2023 06:10 PM

    MR. Huckabee, I do not especially trust these numbers now at all. I am convinced there is more going on with these numbers than we can believe.

  • Joseph Abraham

    08/10/2023 04:21 PM

    I will support Donald Trump if convicted or if he goes to jail. This is all about election interference by Joe Biden and the democrat party.

  • Roy Lee Seay

    08/10/2023 03:59 PM

    Where’s Superman when you need him most?