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November 28, 2022

By the time you read this, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors may have gone ahead and certified their results for the 2022 midterm elections, regardless of the serious questions raised. They were originally scheduled to convene on Monday and certify the election at 9:30AM (Mountain Time). However, they’ve craftily moved the certification up to 8AM so they can get it done an hour before they’re supposed to produce subpoenaed election records, we assume the ones responsive to Kari Lake’s lawsuit.
Here’s the link to watch live (or perhaps the playback, if it's already happened). Or, if you plan to be in the neighborhood, the address is 205 West Jefferson Street in Phoenix.  This could get interesting.

Arizona counties face a deadline of Monday for certification. But we found a local story that says, “Not so fast.”

As 12NEWS, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, reports, two GOP candidates for statewide office have filed suit, and one of them --- the one who isn't Kari Lake --- gets a hearing on Monday afternoon.

As for Maricopa County, by far the largest county in Arizona, the election was an unholy mess, and the board, along with county recorder Stephen Richer, is once again on the defensive against major and well-deserved criticism. Richer even enjoys demonstrating his defensiveness on MSNBC and also trashing former President Trump, which doesn’t do much for his credibility. As we’ve reported, he also appears to have exploited a technicality to skirt a new state law and accept “Zuckerbucks.”

On November 19, Jennifer Wright, head of Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s Election Integrity Unit, wrote to the Maricopa County board suggesting that their response to printer problems at some voting centers on Election Day might have broken some laws. She asked for a “full report” on Election Day issues before today’s certification.

Board chairman Bill Gates sent back a five-page letter on Sunday to say that “Maricopa County followed state and federal laws to ensure every voter was provided the opportunity to cast a ballot.” They’re planning to go ahead with the certification.

Well, maybe they did provide an “opportunity” to vote –- IF the voter could manage to wait in line for several hours due to printers and/or tabulators being down, notably in heavily Republican areas. If we were talking about, say, Georgia, and horrendous lines and ballot issues had plagued, say, predominantly Democrat areas of Atlanta, would such a conclusion be good enough for, say, Stacey Abrams? Or any other Democrat? They’d be screaming that voters had been disenfranchised.

Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is one of the two statewide GOP candidates who have filed lawsuits. On Wednesday, Lake demanded that a stack of documents and information from Maricopa County be delivered to her by today. She has said she has more issues to bring up, including a “smoking gun.” As of this writing, very early Monday morning, a hearing for her case hasn’t yet been scheduled. According to the current vote count, Lake lost the race by 17,000 votes, which is six-tenths of one percent.

Also, the Republican candidate for attorney general, Abe Hamadeh, has filed suit to contest the results in his race and has a hearing set for 2PM in Maricopa County. According to the current vote count, he lost that race by a mere 510 votes. Moral: don’t ever think your vote doesn’t matter! Even if you’re discouraged by the likelihood of election fraud, remember that the wider the margin, the harder it is for cheating to change the outcome.

Two other Arizona counties, both heavily Republican, also have issues and are delaying certification as long as they can. Details here.

With more analysis of the Maricopa County debacle, Jordan Conradson at THE GATEWAY PUNDIT wrote Sunday evening that since Republicans made up an estimated 72 percent of the turnout on Election Day in Maricopa County, he believes this was a deliberate attempt to quash their vote.

As you know, tabulators were malfunctioning in “red” areas and printers ran out of ink (!!!), with these problems affecting 60 out of 230 locations. It had been claimed that machines were checked and found to be working the night before the election, but just a few hours later on Election Day, 25-30 percent of them were down. Voters whose ballots couldn’t be tabulated were instructed to put them into “Box 3” to be counted later. Uncounted ballots were reportedly placed in duffle bags with already-counted ballots, leaving no way to determine which had already been counted.

Assistant Attorney General Wright had told the board that her Election Integrity Office had received hundreds of complaints from concerned citizens, including firsthand eyewitness accounts. She expected a comprehensive list of all the equipment failure and answers to specific questions, here…

“Maricopa County did not take responsibility for any of these issues in its new letter,” according to Conradson. In other words, the county board essentially blew off the concerns of the assistant AG.

Dr. Kelli Ward, state GOP chairperson in Arizona, called the Maricopa Board of Supervisors a “disgrace.” (Aside: recall that Ward recently had her cellphone records subpoenaed by Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee for a fishing expedition that has, shockingly, been green-lighted by the Supreme Court. I digress. “Will the Election Integrity Unit sit back and take this?” Ward asks. “Or will they demand more than excuses?”

Also, the letter from the board contradicts what they said on Election Day. In the letter, it says voters had to “check out” before they left a voting center to go vote at another location. On Election Day, video instructions from Gates and Richer were that voters could leave and go to another center, with nothing about “checking out.” They didn’t reconcile the number of ballots cast with the number of “check-ins.”

The letter even admits they didn’t follow some laws that they consider antiquated now that voters can go to whatever “voting center” they prefer, rather than the old way of precinct voting. It is alleged that the way they chose to do things this time broke the chain of custody.

It bears repeating that if the vote is certified and Kari Lake loses her challenge, Arizona’s new governor will be current secretary of state Katie Hobbs, who was responsible for overseeing the elections statewide, declined to recuse herself even though she was a candidate, and presided over this year’s unverifiable mess, the very one that led to her own election win.

Obviously, this is a developing story; we hope to have an update later today.

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  • Robert Nolan

    12/05/2022 11:00 AM

    One Solution:

    Demand a NEW ELECTION.

    The existing results are tainted - inseparable ballots - counted and non - potential voters not being allowed to vote by sending them to another vote center after a failed attempt to vote.

  • Paul Kern

    11/29/2022 06:45 PM

    "Those who forget the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them" Are we seeing the downfall of the Union since the 2020 election was proven to be fraudulent early on by reliable sources with video evidence. Also the massive amounts Soros and the head of Apple contributed to buy and/ or create votes out of thin air! Now the Senate has passed the Disrespect for Marriage Act I see the destruction of the 1st Amendment. If it passes the third vote we will likely see a complete shutdown and massive lawsuits by the DOJ against all who believe in religious liberty and free speech in less than a year. Following the Marxist playbook. Keep the sheeple- in fear and shame all who differ.
    Now the feds are going after the IDF. Openly defying God! What next? Now we have a king Ahab and his witch wife Jezebel in control either false prophets - legacy media. Any ideas. I pray but see the Republican Party is a bunch of talking heads!

  • Shelley Hoelz

    11/28/2022 03:01 PM

    As an Arizona voter, the election should never be certified and should be run again! There has to be consequences for this.
    In my own case, I checked the "track my ballot" on the official website. Before the election I was listed and able to see my history. A few days after the election I couldn't even get passed the log in screen, it just kept coming up as if nothing was entered. A week after the election I wasn't able to log in at all - it said I was not a registered voter! After over 30 years of being registered in Arizona I am suddenly no longer registered.
    I filed a complaint with the county - which went no where. They are supposed to contact you, but of course they didn't. I did file a complaint with the AG's office. Jennifer Wright is very familiar with vote issues and fraud and her questions should not be ignored.
    With outstanding legal challenges, this election should NEVER be certified. Hobbs should not be in charge of the election, in which she would benefit from any fraud or disenfranchisement of voters. I guess recalls should be started immediately to recall all of the democrats and force another election.
    This should not happen in the US! Arizona used to have secure elections, but not since the democrats have taken over. These people need to be prosecuted!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    11/28/2022 11:41 AM

    Important though the abortion issue is the main issue facing all Patriots over the next few years is going to be the election issue. We should fight like Bearcats in order to get a constitutional amendment ( because it's now left up to the states) to call for voter IDs for American citizens born or naturalized, paper ballots and hand Counting otherwise we are going to continue to see this kind of crap where the will of the American people and their vote is meaningless. You know during Reconstruction 500,000 Blacks voted in every election. When the federal troops were removed it went down to less than 50,000 in every election. Why? Because the Democrats would tear their ballots up right in their face. Why wear out your shoe leather when your vote was not counted and you could get visited by the Klan later that night?
    Americans will stop voting similarly if we don't deal with it right now.