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April 19, 2023



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Corrected: The “Civil Rights Struggle" in 2023

An obese “social media influencer” is calling on the FAA to make airlines give obese passengers as many seats as they need for free to accommodate their wide rear ends. It gives a new meaning to "wide body jets."

As an almost constant flyer, let me say that the response to this isn’t as obvious as it might appear. First, people need to realize that “body positivity” doesn’t mean encouraging people to be unhealthy and shorten their lives. This became both dangerous and ridiculous during the pandemic when some doctors were afraid of being “canceled” if they told patients the truth, that obesity was one of the top factors in COVID deaths.

And while it’s also ridiculous to expect airlines to give away space they could sell to other passengers just because some are so wide, they take up three seats, there’s also the issue that airlines have been making seats smaller and smaller to cram more people in. It’s gotten to the point that even a medium-sized person can barely fit into one, and a slender person with long legs will have just as much discomfort as an obese person.

I think it’s reasonable that if you are so large you take up two seats that you should have to pay for two seats. But the airlines should be providing seats that are big enough to accommodate most people, so that everybody doesn’t require at least two seats to be comfortable.

And can we all agree that if we have to be crammed in like sardines, people should stop reclining their seats so that they’re crushing the laps of the people behind them?

Dr. Charles Stanley RIP

I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of one of my spiritual heroes, Dr. Charles Stanley, who pastored the influential First Baptist Church of Atlanta for over 50 years.

Dr. Stanley believed and preached the Bible as the infallible and inerrant Word of God, and was twice elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention and helped steer it to its roots as a Bible-centered denomination that challenged the culture to adhere to Scripture rather than try and twist Scripture to adhere to the culture. 

One of my favorite memories was a private dinner we enjoyed in New York several years ago.  He was a gracious and humble gentleman who cared deeply about people.  He has no replacement.  He was one of kind.  No doubt the first words he heard in Heaven were, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Sick of the lies about the border

Tuesday, our DHS Director-In-Name-Only, Alejandro Mayorkas, appeared before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security regarding President Biden’s proposed 2024 budget request for the DHS, and things got pretty heated.

Sen. Josh Hawley was rightly and righteously furious over a report by the New York Times that nearly 346,000 unaccompanied children had entered the US on Mayorkas’ and Biden’s watch. The story was titled, “Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the United States.” That’s a massive surge in numbers, and it doesn’t even address the horrific stories we’re seeing about child abuse and sex trafficking of minors.

Hawley tore into Majorkas, pointing out that their policies had done nothing but make these problems worse. Majorkas tried to claim that he was “misstating the facts so terribly,” but Hawley fired back that he was reading the facts that came directly from the government as reported in the New York Times. Majorkas then protested that “what we do is enforce the law,” but Hawley interrupted, “You’re not!” Majorkas then tried to blame the Trump Administration, which Hawley also didn’t let him get away with:

“So you’re not going to take any responsibility for the indentured servitude and exploitation of children that is happening on your watch? A moment ago, you were crowing about the fact that you treated children so well. And yet we find tens of thousands of children who are forced to work as slaves because of your policies, and you turn around and blame a prior Administration.”

Hawley concluded, “You do it every time you appear before Congress. I, for one, am sick and tired of it. And thousands of children are in physical danger — danger — because of what you are doing. You should have resigned long ago. And if you cannot change course, you should be removed from office.”

He’s 100% correct, but of course, Mayorkas won’t resign or be removed from office because (A.) open borders are the desired Democrat policy, and (B.) “accountability” is yet another word that Biden can’t even pronounce.

By the way, Majorkas is so willfully awful at his job that even Mitt Romney took him apart.

Personally, I agree with Sen. Hawley. I’m sick to death of all the lies, excuses and blame shifting. But I’m also sick of hearing Democrats cry crocodile tears about protecting the children when they’re fighting like badgers to let children be killed in the womb up to the moment of birth, they have more sympathy for a trans mass murderer than for the Christian children she murdered, and they don’t seem to care at all what happens to migrant children as long as open borders are politically expedient for them.


Related: The open borders aren’t just a danger to children, they are also a danger to all of us, and not only because of drugs, crime and terrorists. New York City’s health commissioner announced that the 50,000-plus migrants who arrived in New York in the past year are bringing in serious contagious diseases like tuberculosis and polio. There are diseases that were nearly eradicated in the US, back when we had a border (yet another reason why nations have secure borders.) And since New York gets only a fraction of the illegal immigrants, imagine what diseases are being brought into border states like Texas, Arizona and California.


Rabbi Michael Barclay, writing for PJ Media, explains the real reason why so many Democrats and leftist media outlets are suddenly attacking Justice Clarence Thomas for his decades-long friendship with billionaire businessman Harlan Crow.

It’s not about tearing down successful black conservatives, or even an underhanded way to try to seize judicial power. As enjoyable as they find those things, they’re just bonuses. The real target isn’t even Thomas, whom they know has a lifetime appointment and they would never have the numbers to impeach him. No, the real target is Harlan Crow. That’s why you’re hearing him being ludicrously smeared as a “Hitler-lover” just because his vast collection of historic documents and artifacts encompasses World War II materials that include a small section of Nazi artifacts, just as any WWII museum would. I think when you have a rabbi assuring you that someone is not a Nazi fan, that’s a pretty good endorsement.

Barclay explains what Crow really is that Democrats hate and fear: he’s a wealthy, patriotic, conservative, Republican megadonor. He helps fund GOP candidates who stand between Democrat candidates and the levers of power. If they can smear him as a “Nazi lover,” a false charge amplified by their sycophantic media, that will scare Republican candidates into turning down his donations, which makes it easier to defeat them.

If that sounds far-fetched, Barclay gives an example of how Debbie Wasserman Schultz already used that exact tactic to try to discredit Marco Rubio. He notes that the DCCC also falsely accused the late GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson of prostitution and organized crime to scare Republicans away from accepting his donations, charges they later had to retract.

Read the entire thing, and when you’re done, remember this: for all the slanderous false allegations they level against Republican donors, when you consider who is funding today’s Democratic candidates, from AOC to Alvin Bragg, unless they have unaltered video footage of Satan himself holding a fundraiser for the Republican, there’s no way you’re going to get a cleaner or better candidate by voting for the Democrat.

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Congressional spending

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy vowed Monday to pass legislation to raise the national debt ceiling, but only on condition that future spending increases be limited to 1%.

I wish him luck, but there are two problems: a current Congress can’t bind future Congresses to spending agreements, and there’s no way these spendaholics could limit themselves to 1% spending increases, even if the US Marines were holding guns on them. Never mind that, as McCarthy correctly said, the $31 trillion plus debt is a “ticking time bomb” and Biden is “missing in action” on working with Republicans to do anything about it. Hardly surprising. This is an Administration that thinks adding only $10 trillion to the debt over 10 years is “deficit reduction.”

For proof, note that the Biden White House has already rejected any negotiations on spending cuts, claiming that a no-strings raise in the debt ceiling is the “responsible” choice. Only in Washington could someone claim with a straight face that going ANOTHER few trillion dollars into debt is the “responsible” choice. And of course, McCarthy and the Republicans will be under tremendous pressure from the media, who will claim that failing to raise the debt ceiling yet again would lead to economic catastrophe, as if a national debt climbing unchecked into the stratosphere won’t.

As much as I hate to say it, I expect that once again, the problem will be kicked down the road, just as it has been for decades, and as it will continue to be until that fast-approaching time when it will have grown too large to kick, and then what will we do? We can’t do the “responsible” thing because that would have been to deal it honestly 40 years ago. We’d better hope someone invents a time machine by then.

We’re already seeing the growing and worrisome results of decades of fiscal irresponsibility, from high inflation to banks going under to other nations dropping the dollar. Oh, and did you hear that Social Security is now projected to run out of money in 2034, a year earlier than predicted? If it has to rely solely on payroll tax revenues, benefits could be cut by as much as 20%.

Does anyone in DC really care about Social Security recipients, or is it that, to quote Stephen Sondheim, “what matters is the blame”?

Few politicians have the guts even to suggest doing something about it because they’ll be accused by opponents of wanting to make grandma eat cat food, and not Fancy Feast but the store brand kind. How will Social Security be saved if any suggestion for saving it is met with an accusation that you’re trying to kill it? Sadly, this is a cynical, self-serving political tactic that both sides engage in.

Maybe if there were more people in top positions of power in the Democrat Party in DC who were still going to be alive in 2034, they might take this more seriously.

Related: Here’s more of Elon Musk’s interview with Tucker Carlson, warning of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

And in that story and this one, we learn that many political office holders who are "responsible" for protecting us from AI are so tech illiterate, they have trouble even signing onto Facebook.

I wouldn’t be surprised if President Biden can’t figure out how to make his VCR stop blinking “12:00.”


The UN and pedophilia

Like too many Democrat politicians, “activists” and “progressive” school officials, the UN is trying to normalize pedophilia. Only the UN is trying to disguise it as a new set of Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.” It’s couched in a lot of the usual four-dollar words that boil down to suggesting that minors should have the legal right to consent to sex. Jeffrey Epstein would be proud.

Remind me again: WHY do we still allow the UN on American soil?

Report: HHS Director violated Hatch Act

Since you might not hear about this anywhere else, I guess it’s up to me to let you know that our supremely unqualified HHS Director, Xavier Becerra, was found by the Office of the Special Counsel to have violated the Hatch Act for using his official position to influence an election by making a political endorsement during an official government speech. I’ll let you know the minute AOC starts demanding that he resign or be impeached.


How will Chicago's politicians spin this?

Chicago’s current mayor Lori Lightfoot is upset with the media for calling last weekend’s rioting and violence “mayhem,” while the city’s mayor-elect cautioned us not to “demonize youth” who just lack “opportunities” for more constructive pursuits. Meanwhile, back in Reality Land, here’s an interview with a couple who were savagely assaulted and robbed, and who thought they were going to die. Wonder how the pols will put a positive spin on that.

Threats to our democracy

What is the latest “domestic terrorist” threat to “our democracy?” Why, it’s people who monitor elections to make sure there’s no cheating.

Funny how people who insist that our elections are totally fair, honest and transparent, and any suspicions of fraud are a “Big Lie,” are also so desperate to keep anyone from watching them. They’re like a magician who says, “Observe, nothing up my sleeve,” then punches you when you try to look.


Related: The 2022 Arizona attorney general’s race that the Democrat allegedly won by 280 votes might possibly be overturned due to election irregularities and 8,000 still uncounted provisional votes:


Also related: The Federalist has a report on the 2022 Harris County, Texas (Houston), elections which they say were marked by “widespread disenfranchisement” and suppression of voters in the third-most populous county in the US. The local county GOP chair said of the election, “I have never seen anything so egregiously, grossly mismanaged…:

But see? She admits she’s upset because she saw it. The Democrats can fix this problem by banning anyone from watching elections.

Fox News settles

Fox News settled the $1.6 billion lawsuit by the Dominion voting machine company. They paid a $787 million settlement and circumvented the trial that was to start this week.

While the amount seems huge, some legal analysts say they expected this, and it’s the way most such cases go. First Amendment attorney Martin Garbus told the New York Times“With the settlement, everybody wins. Fox goes its way. Dominion gets cash.”

Meanwhile, liberal media outlets that are so gleeful over this lawsuit because it involved Fox should think twice about cheering on the precedent that news outlets can be sued for reporting what other people say if it turns out to be wrong. That’s practically their business model.  

Well, let’s hope that the Babylon Bee is still allowed to make jokes without being sued, because this is a good one.

The push for EVs

I’ve written many times about the “not ready for prime time” nature of electric vehicles. They have been steadily improving and might be fine for a limited number of people, but despite the pipe dreams of this Administration that they’re trying to force on us at gunpoint, they are simply not capable of replacing gas-powered vehicles anytime in the near or even not-so-near future.

And the ramifications of this mindless all-electric push are far worse than having to spend hours every week waiting for your car to charge up or else having it turn into an expensive brick in a traffic jam. The EV fanatics are also targeting trucks, which transport everything we rely on to keep society running. And the trucking industry is starting to sound alarm bells about the dangers of this policy.

They say EPA regulations tend not to be practical when applied to the real world (there’s a shock!), and when your electric car dies, you’ll just be late getting somewhere. But if trucks that haul our food, fuel, medicines and other necessities have batteries go down, it stops the entire supply system. It also makes transportation of goods much slower, It makes everything more expensive, and it puts an unsustainable drain on the power grid.

There’s more, and none of it is positive. Read the article at the link and realize that the green fanatics in the Biden Administration are trying to force us to eat pie-in-the-sky, and they don’t even know how it’s going to get delivered.

Struck down

Say, you know how the Democrats are absolutely NOT, seriously, pinky-swear, NOT trying to take away your gas stoves? Well, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just struck down Berkeley’s ban on putting natural gas piping into new buildings, which the plaintiffs called a round-about way to ban gas stoves.

The court reversed a federal judge’s dismissal of a lawsuit by the California Restaurant Association, ruling that Berkeley violated the Energy Policy and Conservation Act by trying to manipulate state and local building codes to regulate something that’s already regulated by the federal government. So they can't do it on the local level. But watch them like hawks on the federal level.

Gone viral

With summer fast approaching, a Florida swimming instructor has gone viral with a safety warning to parents not to buy blue swimsuits for children. Click the link and you’ll see that it makes sense.

A Hollywood strike

The Hollywood script writers’ union has voted to go on strike if they can’t reach a new contract agreement by May 1st.

I know what you’re thinking: “The movies and TV shows we’ve been getting lately actually had SCRIPTS? And someone PAID for that writing?!”

Personally, I’d like to see some movies and TV shows written by the writers for the Babylon Bee. It would certainly be an improvement over Disney’s recent products.

Leaky labs and targeted microwaves: getting to the truth behind illnesses

Let’s start with a disclaimer:  Talking about the phenomenon called “Havana Syndrome” and the physics behind the targeted microwaves theoretically implicated in causing it is not to advance some crazy conspiracy theory, any more than talking about a probable lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is.  Today, we’re going to discuss both of those things.

Starting in 2016, the medical mystery called Havana Syndrome has been seen not just in Havana but in a variety of places around the world, even in our own country, including at our own Department of Defense.  Tuesday night on FOX NEWS, Bret Baier presented an in-depth report on the latest developments concerning the illness.  This was sparked by a recently-released National Intelligence Council assessment that concluded that it is “very unlikely” a foreign adversary is responsible for what they call AHIs {Anomalous Health Incidents), leaving unsatisfied experts and victims saying the evidence definitely contradicts the government’s response.

The report says, “IC [Intelligence Community] agencies assess that symptoms reported by U.S. personnel were probably the result of factors that did not involve a foreign adversary, such as pre-existing conditions, conventional illnesses, and environmental factors.”  It also suggests “an environment in which spies and diplomats perceived that they were under mysterious attack.”  Translation:  psychological causes.

Since this is a report released by intelligence officials, and considering we just brought you an update on the infamous “laptop” letter signed by 51 of them, we’re having to try very hard right now not to make a joke about classic earmarks.

Here’s how the IC’s conclusion is being reported in the mainstream press…

Anyway, the hundreds of victims including U.S. diplomats and foreign officials --- we would add some private sector corporate executives with offices abroad --- have suffered sometimes incapacitating headaches, vertigo, brain fog and other serious sensory disturbances, sometimes very long-lasting or even apparently permanent, as other forms of traumatic brain injury might be.  Many health officials and scientists have theorized that radio frequency energy, as in microwave technology, is the cause, but the source has remained elusive.

Baier spoke with Adam, known as “Patient Zero” because he’s the first known American diplomat to experience this, starting in 2016 while he was working at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba.  (Thus the name, “Havana Syndrome.”)  Adam’s last name was withheld over concerns for his safety.  He felt, he said, “a significant amount of head pressure, a lot of ear pain --- stabbing ear pain, to the point that I started blacking out.”  He had recurrent “gushing” nosebleeds as well.  He says he’s still ill and has seen over a hundred doctors, who now tell him, “You’re as good as you’re gonna get.”

Unbelievably, “Patient Zero” was not interviewed for the IC report.  He called that “kind of a travesty,” saying that “if it was that comprehensive, you’d think you’d want to go back to Patient Zero and ask questions.”  

Ph.D. physicist James Benford, an expert in high-powered microwaves --- “both the devices and effects of such radiation” --- told Baier that the symptoms described by the majority of those he’s talked to “who do know the field” are consistent with attack by a microwave beam, and that the victims are justified in suspecting that.  “First of all, it’s clear they were attacked,” he said.  “And secondly, the explanations from the government seem to be planned to obscure the origins and deny any foreign capability.  That is simply not the case.”

Benford said he’s looked “extensively” at the microwave capabilities of our own country and foreign countries.  He explained that high-powered microwave beams were invented about 50 years ago and first developed by the U.S. and the Soviet Union, “and these days by the U.S., the Russians and the Chinese,” adding that “the Russians and the Chinese exchange a lot of technology and information.”

He said they’ve developed the technology to the point where it can be put into “very compact forms,” as in “completely deployable,” easily carried around in vans, trucks and aircraft.

He told Baier the claim that there’s no credible evidence that a foreign actor did this was “laughable.”  Their statement to that effect is “false,” he said.  Verifiably false.  “Definitely disinformation.”

“The Russians in particular have specialized in compact systems,” Benford said.  “They have published in the open literature reports of the effects of microwaves on laboratory animals such as mice, and they have shown that these effects are parallel to those that we see in the Havana Syndrome.”

They conducted experiments in which they zapped mice with “repetitive, very short pulses,” and obtained “measurable and permanent” effects on them.  This capability could be used by the Russians themselves or by some other power that simply has access to the open literature.

Baier went on to report that in December 2020, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine reviewed the reported cases of Havana Syndrome at the request of the State Department, and they concluded, “Pulsed radio frequency energy appears to be the most plausible mechanism in explaining these cases.”  Benford is certainly not alone in his conclusion, and others who share it were included in the FOX NEWS report.  One of them pointed to the former Soviet Union’s development of the technology needed to inflict “repetitively pulsed power” and said he’d even met with scientists there in the early 2000s to acquire an accelerator that can create that type of energy.

The IC report seems to be way behind on this when it says there “continues to be a scientific debate on whether this could result in a weapon that could produce the symptoms seen in some of the reported AHI [Anomalous Health Incidents] cases.”  The experts Baier talked with seem sure it could.  Apparently, there are even U.S. patents for these devices.  Dr. Benford says it “sure looks like” the government is involved in a cover-up, speculating one reason might be because attacks on U.S. Embassy personnel would be “essentially an act of war.”

Baier said the administration had responded that the report is a reflection of the best information they had at the time and that “the book is never fully closed.”  They sure seem to be trying to close it.

In light of that story, here’s a recap on the hearings held Tuesday by the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic about the origins of COVID-19.  It should be noted that there was a time not long ago when even speculating that this coronavirus was created in a lab and somehow leaked was heresy, a wild (and even racist) conspiracy theory that was typically censored.

But former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the argument is “overwhelming” that COVID-19 originated in a Wuhan lab.  He said that’s the “only plausible assessment.”  He concludes this, he said, as “a person with as much or more access than anyone to our government’s intelligence during the initial year of the virus outbreak and pandemic onset.”

It was almost strange to hear both Republicans and Democrats on the same page, but criticism of China was bipartisan.  The WASHINGTON EXAMINER has important details…

Also, after more than two years of research, Republican Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas has come out with a stunning 300-page report that says, “The preponderance of information supports the plausibility of an unintentional research-related incident that likely resulted from failures of biosafety containment during SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-related research.”  His report, which was released on Monday and which we’ve not yet seen, actually details evidence for two separate lab leaks from the Wuhan lab, the first one probably in September 2019, prompting the Chinese’ quest for a vaccine.  During that research, he believes, it’s likely that “some type of aerosol” was accidentally leaked.

He also says the “too perfect” structure of the virus suggests that it’s the result of gain-of-function research.

China, predictably, has not responded well to any of this.  They released a statement saying, “We call on the U.S. side to respect science and facts, refrain from targeting China in holding the above-mentioned hearings, and put a stop to the intelligence-led, politics-driven origins-tracing.”

On the contrary, in this rare show of bipartisanship, our legislators deserve credit for their fact-finding on COVID, whether or not China or WHO or Dr. Fauci or anybody else likes where it leads.  And I hope they’ll take the same attitude with Havana Syndrome.  We still don’t have the full story there.


Related: Monday, the DOJ charged 34 Chinese National Police officers with perpetrating a transnational repression scheme targeting US residents. This elite CCP task force operated as a “troll farm,” using thousands of fake American social media accounts to attack Chinese dissidents and spread disinformation, negative comments and leftwing propaganda to undermine America before the world, exacerbate internal political differences, and exploit the George Floyd story to sow racial divisions. In short, to do what many Americans were doing on social media anyway.



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