August 30, 2018

Do I sense another Chick-Fil-A Day on the horizon?  Some California Democrats, who routinely demonstrate their tolerance for diversity by trying to silence and destroy anyone who holds a different opinion, discovered that the In-N-Out burger chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party.  Well, they didn’t exactly “discover” it: a journalist found the records and performed the same function as a medieval peasant yelling, “She’s a witch!!”  And the chairman of the California Democratic Party, Eric Bauman, performed the role of the judge who declares, “BURN HER!” by calling for a boycott of delicious In-N-Out burgers. 

It’s not clear what the political philosophy of In-N-Out corporate is, although the late founder was a Republican and an Evangelical, and his daughter, the current President, is a devout Christian (explaining the Biblical quotes on the burger wrappers.)  Maybe they don’t like the open hostility of the far-left California Democrats to people of faith.  Or maybe they just don’t like the economic policies of the state’s liberal leadership, who don’t do much to help any businesses except moving van companies. That seems fairly likely, considering they’ve also donated to PACs that support moderate Democrats. 

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But whatever the chain’s motivation may be, it is enlightening to hear that Eric Bauman, chairman of the self-proclaimed guardians of tolerance and diversity in the most “progressive” of states, is urging Democrats to drive the chain into bankruptcy and cause all their employees to lose their jobs simply because they contributed a piddling amount (considering their cash flow) to insure that other voices are heard besides Eric Bauman’s and those lucky enough to share the only thoughts and opinions he thinks should be allowed.    

I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly feeling really hungry for a Double-Double Cheeseburger Animal-Style.


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  • Denise Jackson

    08/31/2018 10:33 AM

    It is all talk. The Dems are in a lose-lose situation on this one. I have no doubt that if a Californian were forced to choose between the Democratic Party or In-N-Out, 99.9% would choose In-N-Out.

  • Roxanne Ehrke

    08/30/2018 10:07 PM

    I too am especially hungry for “In ‘n Out burgers. May have to buy many and pass them around to hungry people.

  • Susan Einman

    08/30/2018 04:39 PM

    Fortunately, we still live in a democracy. We all have the right to decide what to spend our discretionary income on. I choose to boycott a few companies based on their public support of political candidates or causes to which I am opposed. I certainly hope you Republicans aren’t trying to deny us this right, but I wouldn’t put anything past you.