July 20, 2020

Late last week, we brought you some newly declassified documents showing the FBI was ridiculously well aware there was no evidence of the Trump campaign “colluding” with Russians. Yet they went right on accusing Carter Page of being a Russian agent and kept renewing the application to spy on him as a window into the campaign and the activities of Trump's associates. We know without a doubt that this happened, because we have it in their own words, not just in casual texts but even in official reports.

A couple of additional key documents are expected sometime this week. And we’re hearing the word “indictments” more frequently.

Mark Meadows, in his first interview with Maria Bartiromo on FOX NEWS’ SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES since becoming President Trump’s chief of staff, used that word. “I know I expect indictments from the evidence I’ve seen,” he said.

He referenced the “couple of other documents” that will be coming out and said, “It’s all starting to unravel and, I tell you, it’s time for people to go to jail and people [to be] indicted.”

Something else related to swap-draining will be revealed in a few weeks, and I’m not quite sure what to think about it, not having seen it yet. It’s an HBO documentary actually called THE SWAMP, featuring dedicated swamp-drainer Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz along with Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie and Colorado Rep. Ken Buck. The producers claim to have had “unfettered access” to them as they covered “a pivotal year in politics, demonstrating the breadth and grip of a system that rewards money-raising above all else, playing Congress on both sides of the aisle.”

The film focuses primarily on these three Republicans, but three Democrats are also interviewed: California Rep. Ro Khanna, Maryland Rep. John Sarbanes, and disgraced former California member of Congress Katie Hill.

It has promised to expose “how the prevalence of lobbyists and special interest groups in Washington can influence policy based on financial contributions and how Congressmembers’ ability to get key committee assignments depends on how much money they are able to bring in, reflecting both their rank and their ability to affect legislation.”

Ben Kew in BREITBART compares this effort to those of BREITBART NEWS senior contributer and president of the Government Accountability Institute Peter Schweizer, whose 2020 book ‘PROFILES IN CORRUPTION: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite’ takes a look at how Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and (oh, yes) Joe Biden “cashed in” through corruption and special interests.

Until THE SWAMP debuts on August 4, it’s impossible to know how good a job it does of exposing the corruption within the government. There’s just so much of it, they could turn it into a long-running documentary series without addressing it all. And considering “the swamp” has long been in cahoots with so many in the media, it’s easy to be skeptical about the objectivity of any such production. The directors, Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme, also produced the 2017 Netflix documentary GET ME ROGER STONE.

Pehme appeared with GET ME ROGER STONE director Dylan Bank on MSNBC following Trump’s pardon of Roger Stone. You’ll see from the trailer and from this interview that they aren’t exactly fans of Trump or Stone and certainly painted Stone as a personification of the corruption in Washington. That doesn’t mean their new romp through "the swamp" isn’t accurate –- I don’t want to prejudge that –- but it does give us an idea of what they might and, more importantly, might not be focusing on as they peer into its murky depths. We'll see.

Finally, Sara Carter has a hard-hitting commentary on the news we had last week about the FBI and the need to see justice done.

Carter asks the $64,000 Question: If “senior Obama and law enforcement officials didn’t believe there was evidence to prove a conspiracy, or that one even existed, then WHO IN POWER GAVE THE DIRECTIVE [emphasis mine] to target the Trump campaign and continue investigating beyond the election?”

These people knew it was a lie, yet they harmed America’s national security by feeding their lie to the media: newspapers, social media and cable news outlets around the world. “It was a disinformation campaign unlike anything ever seen in U.S. politics and it was cultivated by former senior intelligence officials with extraordinary power,” Carter rightly says.

I strongly agree with her concern over Barr’s recent statement that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation might not be completed until after the November election. It’s understandable that Barr doesn’t want to be seen as getting in the way of a political process, but holding information back from the public is ALSO a kind of interference, an arguably worse one. That's because in deciding whom to support, voters need and deserve as much information about the candidates and the political parties as they can possibly get. (That’s why I always urge waiting until Election Day to vote; if something comes out at the last minute to cause you to change your mind, it’s too late and your precious vote is wasted.)

So, if Durham has concluded that indictments are called for, Barr needs to move forward. And that report has got to come out, no matter what it reveals. We’ve had investigation after investigation for years now, and it’s time. Long past time, in fact.

Carter says she hasn’t “seen any real results since first publishing stories more than three years ago on the subject.” She says she’s “starting to feel, like most people involved in exposing what has happened, like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.” Judging from letters I receive from readers, she has a great deal of company.

On the bright side, look at what we do already know. Even if indictments aren’t handed down soon, we know there is PROOF that the FBI, with help with some in the DOJ, State Department, CIA and the media, and even some senators and members of Congress perpetrated a fraud to influence the 2016 election and sabotage Trump’s presidency. We even know that Obama and Biden were present at a meeting about at least one aspect of that sabotage, that of framing Michael Flynn.

But that makes it even more frustrating when Durham says his report might not be out before the election. At this point, months of additional delay would be absurd. Those who directed and led the soft coup against the Trump administration must be exposed and indicted, or our legal system is a joke. Or, as Carter put it, “We will no longer be the nation based on the principles of justice and liberty we believe ourselves to be but something altogether different.”

As we near the election, we see leftists trying to MAKE us into something altogether different. Indictments of those who perpetrated this fraud are the appropriate way to push back and show that’s not going to happen.

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Comments 1-12 of 12

  • Mike Gorman

    07/25/2020 02:01 AM

    It seems there is just so much corruption and political hostility toward the Trump administration, from within the bureaucracy and agencies, the only solution is scour them all and re-build the lot!

  • Wilma F Doss

    07/22/2020 02:51 PM

    I truly think this is wrong. If they have something STOP COVERING for the DEMOCRATS and if they have nothing let the people of the USA know they have virtually wasted three years of our time and millions of dollars of our money. We need some answers one way or the other. Not to say you haven't worked your hearts out trying , However we ALL KNOW there is a lot of evidence there.

  • David Wrightson

    07/21/2020 04:08 PM

    We demand indictments now and perp walks.

  • Jim Sprouse

    07/21/2020 03:27 PM

    What can I do to get him to go ahead and get it out?

  • Dan Kirby

    07/21/2020 09:04 AM

    Our support for Israel and prayers for the peace of Jerusalem is the main reason America is still a blessed nation. Otherwise God's blessings would have already expired.

  • francis mcanarney

    07/21/2020 06:33 AM

    First of all one must control five things to exercise totalitarian rule over a country' 1. Media-controlled by progressives. 2. Military-controlled by conservatives. 3. Education-controlled by progressives. 4. Arms-controlled by citizens. 5. Money-the current fight between progressives and conservatives.
    Second-I believe that not only are a lot of liberal congresspersons compromised by the corrupt money, and sex scandals, there are also a lot of conservatives compromised as well. Indictments will hit both camps hard. There is perhaps reluctance in the administration to upset the country to that extent.

  • Richard Langner

    07/20/2020 05:48 PM

    I am tired of leftists backing BLM when they know they do not support black people!

  • Janet Underwood

    07/20/2020 04:33 PM

    So much wrong with what's going on, it's hard to know where to start, isn't it? I'll start with something positive. I saw your interview with Sky News Australia, Mike. It was great! I've become a Sky News fan because its reporting is so much more honest than what we hear from most of America's MSM. Turns out, lots of people are turning to overseas news agencies to get their news about what's going on in the U.S.A. For example, a fellow wrote a comment to a story about Maxine Waters stopping her car when she saw (her words) "a brother" had been stopped by the police. The story written by a U.S.A reporter said the police had threatened her for stopping, making it sound like she was being threatened with a ticket for no reason. The reader who commented reported that the Daily Mail in U.K. filled in the blank. Yes, the police did threatened to give her a ticket BECAUSE SHE STOPPED HER CAR IN TRAFFIC AND WAS BLOCKING TRAFFIC. What a sad day it is when Americans have to rely on reporters in other countries to learn what's really going on.

    MSM obviously no longer attempts to disguise their unethical reporting. They are nothing more than a part of a propaganda machine with no morality or integrity. It's unbelievable how stupid they think the public is in this day of everybody whipping out their camera phones and recording. I'm constantly being reminded of the tired old joke about the woman who catches her husband in bed with another woman and the man says, "Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?"

    In the 60s, there was a saying: "If you aren't a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem." If Durham's findings aren't made public before the election, and Biden wins, we all know what will happen--whatever has been found at considerable expense will be quietly swept under the rug, never to be mentioned again. If Durham doesn't release his findings, he will become a part of the conspiracy to destroy our country, plain and simple.

  • Jackie Harding

    07/20/2020 02:01 PM

    Indictments need to be made now. We THE PEOPLE have waited long enough. At least get it started now.

  • Deborah Baccari

    07/20/2020 01:51 PM

    It definitely looks like they are all guilty including Durham and Barr. I mean the public knows what happened but as usual nothing ever happens to the leaders in politics who are corrupt. They never have to answer for their wrongs. It's a joke. They just dangle the carrot and say they're investigating and that maybe indictments are coming. So are you just waiting to see who wins that way if the Dems win you never have to charge them. It will stay covered up like it has so far. Very upset. They have already eliminated our system of justice.

  • John F Cooney

    07/20/2020 01:22 PM

    How is it that the AG & DOJ have not arrested people in Congress for openly advocating the over throw of our Gov't? There are several membera that are obvious TRAITORS to America & our laws have been broken repeatedly! What/who is the hold up???

  • dave allen

    07/20/2020 09:50 AM

    perhaps they are holding off as long as possible to root out as much corruption as possible. the information is still coming in, and they would like to see how far and wide it leads, and not just confirm what we already know about *some*. and perhaps they're thinking a bit closer to the election might have more impact for the good of the country, what with many people's (and media's) intensely short attention spans.....