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The Kangaroo Court

This is my June 11th "Huckabee" show monologue.

June 17, 2022

Nancy Pelosi has been conducting a kangaroo-court sham hearing about the January 6 riots, and it’s so theatrical that her committee hired a former “Good Morning, America” TV producer to stage it so it would be good TV. But it’s been very bad government. And the person who ought to be most ashamed of herself isn’t even Pelosi. It’s a pretend Republican from Wyoming, Liz Cheney.

According to the rules of the committee, there was supposed to be bipartisan participation, with the Republicans appointed by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The names he submitted were real Republicans who were determined to make sure the committee acted in good faith. Well, Nancy couldn’t have that, so she arbitrarily rejected the Republican appointees and appointed her own lapdog pet Republicans who would run to the feeding dish when she rang the bell. The only two she could find who would disgrace themselves by being her tightly leashed love-pups were Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who at least had the dignity of not running again for his Congressional seat after he’s made a fool of himself by selling out to the likes of AOC and the radical Squad.

But Liz Cheney has no dignity left. Her personal animosity toward Donald Trump has eclipsed every last ounce of integrity she might have ever possessed, and she joyfully joined the most partisan and vicious Trump-haters in DC to try and blame Donald Trump for a breakdown in security at the Capitol, despite the irrefutable fact that he urged Pelosi, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, and others to allow him to supply up to 20,000 troops for security that day. They all turned him down, and then they had the audacity to blame him for a rally that turned into the riot.

The reason I hold Liz Cheney in such contempt is because she is pretending to be such the law-and-order stickler. But every conservative I know has clearly spoken out against those who did damage to property at the Capitol, or who threatened or challenged a police officer that day. But what Liz Cheney has NOT done is to demand an accounting for the unjustified shooting of the only person who died in the Capitol building that day—an unarmed woman and Air Force veteran named Ashli Babbitt who was shot dead by a Capitol Hill police officer –- but about which the details of the investigation have never been made completely public.

Liz Cheney has not demanded an accounting for Ashli Babbitt’s death. Nor has she said a word about the disgusting and humiliating treatment of Peter Navarro, who was arrested as he boarded a plane last Friday to come to Nashville to be on my show. The FBI office is literally next door to his apartment—next door! He offered in writing and on the phone to voluntarily come in should they wish to talk to him. Instead, they followed him to the airport and waited until he was boarding the flight to Nashville, when they arrested him, handcuffed him, and hauled him away in unnecessary humiliation. They then put him in leg shackles and strip-searched the 72-year-old Harvard scholar who had never been arrested.

Will Liz Cheney demand answers as to why he was treated this way but former Attorney General Eric Holder wasn’t? Holder was charged with criminal contempt of Congress, and even 17 Democrats voted for it because he refused to answer questions about the disastrous Fast-and-Furious operation that resulted in the death of border agent Brian Terry. And Adam Kinzinger, who cried about January 6, didn’t shed a tear about Ashli Babbitt or the treatment of Peter Navarro.

Here's what some of us want to see: Send Liz Cheney and other swamp creatures home and replace them with liberty-loving, courageous constitutionalists who will demand accountability for the corrupt officials at the FBI and DOJ and in the Biden White House who have persecuted their political opponents with the power of the government and hidden the crimes of the connected. As for Republican candidates or incumbents who won’t do that, vote them out and replace them with those who will fight for us and our country. And I mean fight like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s Ark when it starts to rain!

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  • Michael Brannick

    06/20/2022 09:50 PM

    Governor. I think you slipped a bit with the statement " they had the audacity to blame him for a rally that turned into the riot." The riot started before the rally ended, but the riot wasn't in the same opart of town, so the rally didn't turn into a riot, they just happened at the same time.

  • Lottie Pack

    06/20/2022 01:30 PM

    Thank you, Governor, for all you do for true democracy!

    My comment is to beg to differ with you on two counts of vernacular usage. 1. The word “riot”. I respectfully disagree with using this word to describe January 6 behavior. While inappropriate and very raucous for sure, people received minor injuries and minor damage was done. As you pointed out the only one guilty of taking an innocent life was Lt. Michael Byrd who has gotten off scott free! The word “riot” doesn’t compare to what we saw from BLM! And 2. Who has proven that these were all “Trump” supporters just b/c they were wearing MAGA hats? The left is very capable of hiring and planting moles to be part of these mobs so as to have fuel for the fire to blame the Constitutionalist right! Love what you stand for Governor and if I lived in Arkansas, Sarah would get my vote…if it got counted.

  • Cathy Bilyeu

    06/20/2022 12:05 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you for your newsletters. I’m a conservative believer and appreciate your many insightful clarifications about media reports as I try to increase my own understanding of the many events plaguing our nation. Although I voted for Trump, believe there was most likely voters fraud in our last election, and that there is an deliberate left liberal political, public assault poisoning our nation through the media, television etc., I hope Trump doesn’t run again. I understand that he made the tough calls when needed as president and value his efforts to secure our borders. However, it bothers me that he lacks personal self control at times, is not more mature in the way he chooses his words when speaking publicly, and stirs up so much controversy. Thus, I believe his resumed leadership would only be more detrimental to our country. I’m praying for a new and truly wise Christian man to be our next Republican candidate for president.
    Thanks for listening,
    Retired teacher and Nana to four little ones.

  • Lon Foreman

    06/20/2022 01:33 AM

    I adore your sentiments governor. You’ve a large platform and thankfully speak well for us who do not. “Third monkey” is hilarious ??

  • Linda Mihovich

    06/19/2022 09:15 PM

    Something is very wrong in this country when a person like Peter Nevarro, a trade advisor, is arrested for not agreeing with another in power, or not doing something he has no authority to do, and not one statesman, congressman, senator. lawyer, legislature, judge, newspaper, or whatever in our leadership, does anything about it. Unbelievable. This is not America.

  • Larry Fry

    06/19/2022 07:14 PM

    I have had it with all but two democrats and at least half of the republicans that are in DC. They do not serve their constituents. They are only concerned about their ‘special’ interests, power and being/staying rich.
    I find these people despicable.

  • Rebecca Wheeler

    06/19/2022 07:00 PM

    God told me to pray for President Trump daily from the beginning of his Presidency. I am so glad that I have and have many family members that also do. There is great power in prayer. The Holy Spirit tells me daily I AM IN CONTROL! It really helps when so much evil is going around. I have so appreciated all your verses and I think what they did to Peter Navarro was awful. They will be held accountable but luckily God sees everything and they cannot hide. Thank you so much for how much you help others with your programs. I love to watch!!

  • Ruth Vogdes

    06/19/2022 04:51 PM

    Every law abiding citizen who clearly would like to see the mass media, Nancy Pelosi, and other extreme left democrats put to silence needs to get out to vote first in the primaries, and then in November and vote these kinds of people OUT of office. CDC has gotten way too powerful and someone needs to stand up to that group too.

  • Fred Sayin

    06/19/2022 02:19 PM

    Republicans that become arrested by those in power today. Follow the example of the Disciple Paul who praised God at Midnight while in prison. People who know the Bible remembers what occurred. Could you imagine what would happen if past Presidents from President Washington to President Reagan started appearing to people in Washington DC on a regular basis. If the preceding were to occur and people ran, including the politicians, it might turn our nation's capitol to a ghost town, no pun attended

  • robinsong01

    06/19/2022 01:57 PM

    At the risk of sounding unchristian like, this is an abomination. This Kabuki theater should not even be happening. Pelosi and her band of thieves need to get fired.