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May 31, 2024

Thursday, in a major win for free speech over government coercion and “debanking,” the Supreme Court unanimously overturned a lower court ruling, finding that the New York State Department of Financial Services violated the National Rifle Association’s First Amendment rights by blacklisting the group and forcing banks and insurers not to do business with them.

In a ruling written by Justice Sonya Sotomayor (!), the SCOTUS said that DFS supervisor Maria Vullo had the right to forcefully advocate for her particular view of the NRA, but “government officials cannot attempt to coerce private parties in order to punish or suppress views that the government disfavors." The Court established six decades ago “that a government entity’s ‘threat of invoking legal sanctions and other means of coercion’ against a third party ‘to achieve the suppression' of disfavored speech violates the First Amendment."

(I wonder if this will be yet another Supreme Court ruling that Biden simply ignores?)

So now it’s official: The First Amendment still applies, even in New York and for the NRA. Now, let’s see the SCOTUS reaffirm that the Second Amendment also applies in New York, no matter what certain New York judges say.

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