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May 31, 2022


Blessings on you and your family and from all the Huckabee staff! Today's newsletter includes:

  • Thoughts while awaiting the Sussmann verdict
  • CBS reporter: Beto's response was orchestrated
  • Texas Congressman walks back claim
  • And much more...

I also want to highlight my most recent People's Podcast, where I reflect on the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX that took the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers so far. Then, I have a conversation with Israeli philosopher and Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation Yoram Hazony on his new book Conservatism: A Rediscovery, and how future generations might just save our beloved philosophy. 



Mike Huckabee


When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you;

and when you pass through the rivers,

they will not sweep over you.

When you walk through the fire,

you will not be burned;

the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2

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2. Thoughts while awaiting the Sussmann verdict

For the past two weeks --- the last one completely dominated by yet another horrific and senseless school shooting --- I’ve brought you the day-by-day report and detailed analysis of the Michael Sussmann trial, as unfolding in federal court by Special Counsel John Durham. Some might wonder why we’ve paid so much attention to a case that most major media aren’t bothering to cover at all.

Here's why:  I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that the Durham investigation could be the last thing standing between us and the total loss of our system of justice. It doesn’t stand or fall on this particular trial –- with this judge and jury, it’s almost certain to be an acquittal, even with incontrovertible evidence that he DID IT –- but on the investigation as a whole, and what it reveals about the big picture.

John L. Simon, writing for THE EPOCH TIMES, concurs, and has written a commentary called “Why We Are Praying for John Durham.” When it comes to Durham and the deep state he's exposing, Simon is reminded –- in a more secular way, of course –- of that old gospel song, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands.”

He’s dealing with something “extraordinarily significant,” Simon tells us. “He holds in his hands the future of democratic government under the law, republican (small ‘r’) or otherwise, as we know it –- if not forever, for the foreseeable future.”

It’s taken a long time to get here, mostly because of the COVID lockdowns that kept the special counsel from convening a grand jury and pushed him to the edge of the statue of limitations, but now, with the testimony of Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook, we know Hillary herself was aware of the plot and that even though she knew the Alfa Bank story was unverified, she personally gave the order to use it anyway. Incredibly, she had her campaign frame her political opponent for what could be considered a treasonous offense –- being a covert agent of the Russian government.

You know, Hillary has done some bad things in her time, and has always gotten away with them, but this takes the (Devil’s food) cake. Sure, she’s responsible for mishandling classified documents as Secretary of State with a “secret server” arrangement to keep her dealings out of reach, and then deleting the evidence –- even having it destroyed it with hammers –- but this hoax takes us to a whole new depth of Hillary-ness, at least that we know about so far. And it seems to us that if treason was committed, it was by HER and her allies. As Simon writes…

“While this all may not be treason in the legal/technical sense, it’s certainly as treasonous as any behavior that has come from the political class of either party in any of our lifetimes and, though completely ignored by the legacy media whose culpability in it was nearly total, vastly more serious than Watergate that they still obsess about.”

“Whether or not you believe in American Exceptionalism,” he says (and we’d like to think it still exists, or could), “the country that has been almost since its inception the envy of the world was busy stomping on its own institutions and itself to the edge of being unrecognizable. Could our enemies have asked for more?”

As for this trial, he reminds us that all Sussmann needs for an acquittal is ONE JUROR and notes the similarity to the O.J. jury, as we have. It’s likely that, in solid-blue Washington DC, every last one of the jurors voted for Hillary in 2016, probably even believing that Trump really was being helped in his campaign by Vladimir Putin. Some of them might still believe it. It’s not as if the mainstream media and the DOJ had come out and issued an apology or anything.

But this might not matter, because, as Simon writes, whether Sussmann is convicted or not, “the door has been opened to explore the ‘myriad accomplices’...”

“The question is, will the buck stop at Hillary or will she be thrown under the bus so the other denizens of our political class from the FBI to the White House can skate?” Simon is thinking beyond Hillary, we assume to Main Justice and even the Oval Office. Usually it’s Hillary throwing other people under the bus; this time, depending on who else might be implicated; she might be the one covered with tire tracks.

He says it’s in Durham’s hands “to steer our ship of state back to the rule of law. If not him, who?” And we’ll continue focusing on his effort. In Simon’s words, “It’s our job, every one of us, to disseminate it --- factually and with a minimum of rancor --- as widely as possible as the truth emerges.”

Law professor Jonathan Turley is doing the same, and he has a great opinion piece in THE HILL, “Friends with Benefits: Sussmann trial is a black eye for the FBI.”

Turley writes that regardless of how quickly the verdict comes in for Sussmann, the verdict for the Department of Justice needs “little deliberation.” He calls Durham’s investigation “an indictment of a department and a bureau which, once again, appeared willfully blind as they were played by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

He points out the irony of it being Sussmann’s DEFENSE team that implicated Hillary as personally approving what he was doing. We would add that this was probably Durham’s strategy all along, though even he might have been surprised at how easily that testimony was elicited from defense witness Robby Mook.

Even on the stand, former general counsel at the FBI James Baker made it clear that he and Sussmann were friends –- as in, on the same side –- and that the real adversary was the special counsel. “This is not my investigation, it’s yours,” he said to prosecutors who were pressing him for information.

Joe Pientka told FBI agents that they were being ordered by the 7th Floor (Director James Comey) to investigate the Alfa Bank story, even though it had seemed preposterous to cyber analysts from Day 1. “It’s not an option,” Pientka emailed Special Agent Curtis Heide.

Of course, the FBI clung to the unverified “dossier” as well. As Turley writes, their eagerness “magnifies concern over the bureau’s alleged bias or predisposition on the Trump investigation.”

Jake Sullivan is implicated as well. He had to know the Alfa Bank story was unverified, yet he’s the one who created the sensationalistic bullet points to go along with Hillary’s tweet about it. This liar is currently working in the White House as Biden’s national security adviser. Remember this next time Sullivan comes to the podium to inform the nation about ANYTHING.

Will Durham even be allowed to write a final report on his findings? That’s hard to say, with Merrick Garland running the DOJ. Many in Washington no doubt hope there won’t be one, which is precisely why there MUST be one. Durham will find a way to get it out there.




by Laura Ainsworth, staff writer

The 1955 movie BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK, starring Spencer Tracy and a fine ensemble cast, ran last weekend on TCM, and I decided to see it, not realizing it was a morality play with obvious parallels to the Durham special counsel investigation.

It wasn’t intended to be allegorical at the time it was made; in fact, the director tried to minimize comparisons to the blacklisting of the ‘50s. But now –- as conservatives find themselves being the ones blacklisted (“canceled”) and called insurrectionists –- I see amazing similarities to Durham’s investigation of the Trump-Russia hoax.

The setting is a tiny, completely isolated Western town, Black Rock, which, to me, symbolizes the Washington bubble. The law has broken down there, as the sheriff is a figurehead, totally ineffectual. This town is run not by him at all but by a handful of corrupt men who put him there and have him and everybody else intimidated. About four years previously, they did a very bad thing that they’ve so far managed to keep under wraps. But a stranger arrives in town asking questions and sniffing around.  He encounters obstacles at every turn but remains quietly undeterred.

The heart of the film resides in the less powerful characters who individually have to decide if they’ll continue to be controlled by the corrupt leadership of the town or take a risk and help the stranger find out about what they did and escape to tell the tale.  This is also their only hope of cleaning up the town.

Does that sound like the Durham investigation or what?

3. CBS reporter: Beto's response was orchestrated

There appears to be a PR effort underway to excuse “Beto” O’Rourke’s shameless politicizing of the Texas Governor's Uvalde news conference as him being so inflamed with passion about gun violence that he couldn’t stop himself from speaking out. But (surprisingly) a CBS reporter has thrown cold water on that excuse.

Janet Shamlian was there, and she says she noticed that when “Beto” showed up, two alledged “seat holders” sitting across from her on the third row aisle immediately got up so that he could take their seats, which were unobtrusive but perfectly positioned for him to later storm to the front. She said, “So this seems something very clearly staged by ‘Beto’ O’Rourke and his campaign wanting to confront the Governor at this moment.”

I didn’t think it was possible to make that tasteless outburst seem any worse, but knowing that it wasn’t just his bad idea but that the people around him actually thought it up, discussed it, agreed that it sounded good, and planned it in advance without any second thoughts makes it even more imperative that they never be allowed without shouting distance of any levers of power.

4. Texas Congressman walks back claim

Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales walked back a claim he reportedly got from someone in the media that the Uvalde shooter was one of two “Columbine-infatuated” teenagers arrested in 2018 for threatening to shoot up the school. Their names hadn’t been released because they were minors. But Friday, police denied that either of them was the shooter.

5. A "Good Guy" with a gun

Those who get their policy information on firearms from hosts of late night “comedy” shows might be surprised to learn that the “good guy with a gun” is actually a thing. The Daily Signal reports that by sheer coincidence, on Monday, the FBI released statistics on active shooting incidents in 2021. There were 61, up from 40 the previous year.

Of those, 14 active shooters were killed by law enforcement, 30 were arrested, 11 committed suicide, one died in a car crash, one was still at large, and six were stopped by armed citizens (i.e., “good guys with guns.”)

Incidentally, when you hear any House Democrats claim that armed guards wouldn’t make schools safer for kids and teachers, remember this photo of what they put around the Capitol for six months to protect themselves from the nonexistent threat of waves of “insurrectionist” Trump voters.

6. Big Tech tries to shutdown Libs of TikTok

Libs of TikTok, the social media account that was recently suspended by Twitter and doxxed by a twit at the Washington Post, has now been suspended for 30 days by Instagram. They claim it violated their Community Guidelines, but as usual, didn’t explain how.

For those unfamiliar, Libs of TikTok doesn’t even write comments. All it does is repost absurd posts created by leftists, or sometimes posts two together to illustrate how laughably inconsistent their thinking is.

Think about that: the original creators of the crazy leftist posts are NOT suspended for “disinformation” or violating Community Standards…but the conservative account that simply reposts them without comment IS suspended.

Why? Probably because the leftist trolls who work in the social media companies know that it does no harm to let their side preach their nonsense to their own choir, but Libs of TikTok exposes them to thinking people who perceive the ridiculousness, and that’s very detrimental to the leftist cause. I assume that’s the “community” they’re trying desperately to protect.

7. AOC v Musk

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been attacking Elon Musk on Twitter for not being the kind of billionaire she likes - a free speech-hating socialist billionaire. She even claimed she’s considering selling her Tesla (which is the only electric car with a long enough single charge range to reliably get her from New York to Congress, so I’m in favor of her selling it, too.) Musk is having fun poking back at her, and the results remind me of that old joke about having a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Musk’s latest jape was to respond to her attacks on billionaires by hosting a Twitter poll to ask Americans which one they trusted the least: Politicians or billionaires. At last check, “Politicians” was in the lead by about 76-24%, or roughly 3-1.

8. Quote of the Day

From James Madison:

"It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood."

9. New Podcast Episode

I also want to highlight my most recent People's Podcast, where I reflect on the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX that took the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers so far. Then, I have a conversation with Israeli philosopher and Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation Yoram Hazony on his new book Conservatism: A Rediscovery, and how future generations might just save our beloved philosophy. 


10.  Friday news drop

Here’s the kind of story that somehow tends to get released on late Fridays of holiday weekends when nobody will notice it: an internal State Department document proves that, just as many of us suspected and said so at the time, John Kerry and other former Obama officials were secretly meeting in 2018 with Iranian officials, continuing to conduct their own US foreign policy.

Some of the topics they discussed included “nuclear weapons, potential prisoner swaps, [the] Afghanistan withdrawal and negotiations with the Taliban.” While President Trump was deciding on sanctions and trying to extricate us from their bad Iranian nuclear deal, they were acting as if they were still in office, trying to preserve it by conducting their own US foreign policy and signaling that Iran should stand firm against America and the policies of the actual elected President.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the former Obama officials “working against their own nation’s policies alongside such a brutal regime” was “bad stuff, dangerous stuff, un-American stuff,” and that they “should be ashamed of themselves.”

Actually, it's far worse. They were illegally conducting US foreign policy with a hostile nation in an attempt to undermine the official foreign policy of the elected President. To accurately use terms that Democrats love to throw at their political opponents, it was sedition and insurrection, possibly treason, and at the very least, a clear violation of the Logan Act that they’re always trying to pin on other people.  

Between current National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s alleged role in launching the groundless Russian Collusion investigation and “climate czar” Kerry’s illegal attempts to conduct secret negotiations with Iran, exactly how many treasonous individuals are currently on the Biden Administration payroll?

Over the weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi was charged with DUI in Napa, California, after he reportedly crashed his Porsche into a Jeep while driving home from a party. Nobody was injured, and his attorney denied a report that it was a second offense, claiming the earlier DUI was someone else with the same name.

A spokesman for Nancy Pelosi said, "The Speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast."

Nice job of distancing herself from her husband by a continent. I have a feeling their house will be as frosty as her two luxury refrigerators when she returns home. 

I could do an essay about how Nancy holds her political opponents to the strictest standards and wants to send them to jail for any offense, real or imagined. But since there could be personal issues at play here with her husband, I’m not going to pile on, at least not yet. However, I will turn the floor over to one of my writers, Pat Reeder, for a rebuttal of her brief statement:

“The reason I never knew my grandfather, and why my late father was never able to attend college, is that a drunk driver killed my grandfather when my dad was in high school. He had to immediately go into the Army, then to work to support his mother and younger brother. Because of that drunk driver, I was the first person in our family to be able to attend college. So please don’t tell me that DUI is a ‘private matter.’ It’s a matter of public safety that can have massive repercussions for innocent people. A car with a drunk at the wheel is just as deadly a weapon as a gun. I’d like to see you pretend to be just as concerned about the former as the latter.:”

I Just Wanted to Say

Thank you for reading my newsletter. 

For more news, visit my website here.

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  • Jerry

    06/01/2022 09:21 AM

    Self inflicted injury to American life is due to the the election of biden and harris to the most influential office on the planet the Oval Office. The time for remorse is over I would assume 80 % of population recognize the mistake that has been made. The 6 trillion dollar question is how does 320 million people fix the terrible situation we are in. The facts are these the beginning of the end is here now. To prepare our fields for produce is happening now to maintain the fields is next and to harvest the fields will be before the midterm elections to transport the harvest and process the produce will take place after the elections and to get the products to market will be in 2023 So what does one think the price of table goods are going to cost if this headless marvel biden does not get the oil out of our American ground at a rate that is double at what we are doing now? people on Govt. aid may be ok the wealthy will be ok the Middle of the population is going to get scorched and that is the plan bankrupt the middle kill the heart of America and kill America that is your biden today destruction in chief the headless marvel.

  • JC Holland

    06/01/2022 08:34 AM

    Durham investigation and farce trial was a joke from the start. Why file and go to trial in DC? Any idiot would know already they would lose.
    It was a total waste of money and time. Soros knew this, Durham knew this, we all knew this. What a joke. Soros and his cronies allowed it to go forward already knowing the outcome.
    We have no justice anymore.

  • Gary Stilwell

    05/31/2022 10:09 PM

    re: "good guy with a gun"--the Daily Signal's take that the fbi release is a coincidence is certainly telling. They didn't read the fine print in the fbi's release tho' cause the fbi just 'reclassified' what "active shooter" means and what a 'mass' killing means---so the data just released has no relevance to the prior data--they changed the 'definitions'. While we are at it, the new data says 14 shooters were eliminated from society by law enforcement, and 6 were stopped by 'armed citizens"(it doesn't say if the perps were killed, only that they were stopped)--there is no info as to the law enforcement intervention--whether they took the shooter out BEFORE further mayhem, or after the deed was done-- We can eliminate the data for the suicides, and the "arrests--the suicides are gone, and the arrested folks are already back on the streets(or soon to be)--
    So 14 'stopped' by law enforcement,(of which the fbi IS) and 6 stopped by citizens-- that's 43% stop rate by citizens, compared to 57% by our law enforcement--by the fbi's data--we are paying the wrong people to protect us

  • Peggy F. Reed

    05/31/2022 07:33 PM

    I haven't been getting your e-mails. Thanks for sending them. I enjoy them very much.

  • Judy Barr

    05/31/2022 05:59 PM

    Do you have any comment on the report on the investigation of the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention released last week?

  • Reta Bring

    05/31/2022 03:43 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I just want to thank you for keeping us informed about what is going on in the world today. I don't have to watch hours of news or sort through hundreds of emails; I only need to read your newsletters, which are so well written (and backed with actual facts) and so pertinent. I pray that more people will see the light and realize how the American public is being duped by so many politicians, corrupt government, complicit media, and uninformed, gullible people, and those with no common sense. Thank you to you and your staff for your work in digging through the mess! May God Bless You! Sincerely, Reta Bring (P.S. Please keep my name anonymous. Thanks!)

  • Kent Camp

    05/31/2022 03:12 PM

    Enlarge that last article, it's well worth reading.


    05/31/2022 03:05 PM

    John Kerry and any other Obama officials secretly dealing with Iran or any hostel nation for that matter should be tried for treason. Period.


    05/31/2022 02:58 PM

    The jury has spoken and nothing is surprising. Jury make up: three clinton donors, one AOC donor and the mother ( birthing person) of a daughter that played ball with sussman's daughter. NONE liked Trump in the least! Oh BTW the judge is an obama appointee. The corruption is overwhelming and continues. And then there is always beto to brighten your day!

  • Michael W Boffo

    05/31/2022 02:20 PM

    I subscribe to your newsletters but the stories within do not appear when I open the email. How do I correct this? Thanks