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April 7, 2021

Major League Baseball did its virtue-signaling by pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta (costing that Democrat stronghold $100 million in tourist revenue) and will reportedly announce today that it will be played in Denver, Colorado. Colorado has one of the few mail-in ballot programs, and the Democrat Governor brags that it’s the “gold standard” of voting systems. But it’s not without critics, and Republicans in the legislature have introduced bills to tighten election security.

But it wasn’t as if MLB had a lot of states to choose from. They had to find another state with less restrictive voting laws than Georgia or else they’d look like giant hypocrites. And guess what? Most states have voting laws as strict or stricter than Georgia, even Biden’s home state of Delaware.

They also had to find a state willing to put up with an arrogant leftist sports league that expects local taxpayers to build them stadiums then takes their balls and goes home if they don’t like the laws passed by the representatives of those same taxpayers. And some states are getting fed up with that.

Sen. Marco Rubio thinks if you’re going to virtue-signal, then you’d better go all the way. So he’s calling on the MLB Commissioner to give up his membership in the Augusta National Golf Club.

Finally, leave it to the satirical site The Babylon Bee to come up with the perfect place for MLB to hold their All-Star Game, a place that must really share their values: communist China…

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