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July 31, 2023

Here’s one of those bills you won’t hear about much, but if you fly, you can thank House Republicans for saving your life by blocking the Democrats from prioritizing their agenda over safety and common sense.

On Thursday, the House passed the $4 billion FAA reauthorization bill with an amendment rescinding the “biographical assessment” requirement inserted under Obama. What is that? Brace yourself: it replaced the skills-based test in hiring air traffic controllers with a biographical questionnaire. The idea was to attract more “diverse” applicants. As the Daily Signal reports, it also “gives more points to applicants who have not been employed for the last three years than to an applicant who answers that he has been a pilot or a veteran with an air traffic control-related military background.”

Rep. Jim Banks said this was risking passengers’ lives to advance a woke agenda, adding, “The FAA’s biographical assessment penalizes air traffic controller candidates who demonstrate a high aptitude in science. It’s insane.” He said when people get on a plane, “they should be confident that the best pilot is flying it, the best engineers built it, and the best air traffic controllers are managing flight traffic.”

True, but there is hope for incompetent, poorly-educated people who want to become air traffic controllers. California is leading the way by instituting new math standards that will boost “equity” and help minority students (whom I guess they assume can’t learn real math, the way racists would assume that) by replacing real math with Marxist, woke gobbledygook like “math identity rainbows.” Under the new standards, everyone in California will have the same shot at becoming an air traffic controller because everyone will be equally unqualified. Equity achieved!

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  • Terri Tuckness

    08/08/2023 03:09 AM

    Our whole family have not flown since 1999. And now we refuse to fly.