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March 28, 2022

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

Since I’m the resident showbiz historian, trivia expert and movie lover, it would normally fall to me to report on last night’s Oscarcast. But I didn’t watch it. And if I didn’t watch it, I can’t imagine who did.

Oh, I took a stab at it. But I only lasted until the end of the three-way monologue in which Regina Bell, Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer did lines about how sexist and racist Hollywood is (gee, it must be run by Republicans! Oh, wait...) and took a gratuitous swipe at Mitch McConnell (yeah, that’s who Americans are riled up at as they put their mortgage payments into their gas tanks – way to read the audience, ladies.) They ended by taunting viewers in Florida and chanting, “Gay, gay, gay,” proving that they not only didn’t understand what the NOT-“Don’t Say Gay” bill is, they also didn’t care if one of our most populous states immediately tuned out. Heck, I’m in Texas, and that’s the point where I switched to the “Hometown” marathon on HGTV.

By the way, were I writing their material, I wouldn’t be so eager to embrace the sexualizing of young children. Do you really want to remind the audience of what a hotbed of pedophilia Hollywood is? Or make us think about the former king of the Oscars, Harvey Weinstein, who’s currently doing a 23-year prison sentence for rape and facing additional charges? Since the holier-than-thou stars already seem to have forgotten about all that pesky MeToo business, here’s a reminder of it from Kyle Smith in 2018:

I caught up with the rest of the show later through reviews and clips, and it’s obvious that as with most of this year’s movies, I didn’t miss anything worth seeing. The only major nominees I saw were “Lucy and Desi” (I liked them; didn’t like the movie) and “Nightmare Alley,” because my wife Laura is a film noir fan. It was a remake of someone else’s original that was lavishly produced, only gorier, more lurid, not as well written and 40 minutes longer than the original. So pretty much the standard Hollywood product these days. That’s why most of the movies I saw in theaters in the past year were TCM revivals.

There were all the expected genuflections to current liberal political obsessions like trans people; plus the usual dumb production decisions, like replacing the tech awards with an idiotic Twitter poll, having “who the heck is that?” presenters instead of actual movie stars, and showing disrespect for the “In Memoriam” honorees by turning it into a production number. If they were going to set it to music, why not “Take Me When I’m Gone to Forest Lawn”?

But then the whole thing went permanently off the rails when Will Smith reacted to Chris Rock’s joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith by charging out of the audience and slapping Rock while twice yelling, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f---ing mouth!” That was bleeped on American TV, but went out over foreign broadcasts and is all over the Internet.

Instead of being arrested (and where was security, by the way?), Smith went back to his seat and was later rewarded with a Best Actor Oscar. He used his speech to cry, defend the assault as protecting his family, and apologize to the Academy (but not the guy he punched.) Several commentators noted that if it had been anyone else, he would have at least been removed if not arrested (and if he were white, charged with a hate crime), but certainly not rewarded and given an uninterrupted TV platform.

Incidentally, far funnier than Rock’s joke was a CNN commentator’s attempt to blame Smith’s assault on – you guessed it -- Donald Trump.

Now, you might argue that Rock’s joke was tasteless or cruel (and it was), and Smith was being gallant in defending his wife. But it’s hard to claim that this is the most glamorous, sophisticated night of the year when the most memorable moment was a star having a meltdown and assaulting a comedian for telling a joke he didn’t like while shouting the F-word twice. It made a WWE Smackdown look sophisticated. And these people dare lecture the rest of us on how we’re supposed to behave because WE’RE not tolerant enough?

FYI: Please don’t claim that Will Smith is the exception. Here’s a story about Sally “The Flying Nun” Field threatening to physically assault Govs. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott (who’s in a wheelchair, by the way) because she disagrees with their views on unfettered abortion and sexualizing kindergartens.

There’s a famous book called “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten.” Judging from this year’s Oscars, today’s celebrities act as if they’re still in kindergarten, and the only things they’ve learned there so far are sex lessons and gender politics.

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Comments 1-10 of 28

  • Marjorie Lynn Peterman

    04/05/2022 01:06 PM

    I really enjoyed your comments on the Oscars. Could not agree more on all of it. I especially like the song you mentioned, Take Me When I'm Gone to Forest Lawn, because John Denver sang it and I just love his music. Hollywood has gone down the drain.

  • Sandra David

    04/04/2022 01:47 PM

    The joke not cruel at all. I disagree with you totally. Comedians tell jokes about everything and everybody. She or he is no better then anyone else. Those hypocrites have no problem with laughing at jokes about others.

  • Jerry

    04/04/2022 11:57 AM

    Sanctions don’t mean that much Russia has been sanctioned for decades when the Dems. Fictional talking points say they are helping Ukraine no one sees it look at the death and destruction Russia is creating only an imbecile would buy in to what the WH is selling it called snake oil

  • Dawn Stonerock

    04/04/2022 10:42 AM

    I couldn't agree more! Thank you for everything you said. Many of us were thinking it!

  • Jason Wilkie

    04/04/2022 10:14 AM

    What if we looked at these events from the position of Heaven? Would we see something different? Sometimes God uses our embarrassment to bring us closer to him. Perhaps this is Gods way of getting Will Smiths attention. I saw last night that Denzel Washington appears to be a man who is living out the teaching of Jesus. The evening news stated he prayed for Smith as he came along side him. Maybe Denzel can speak truth into the Smith family’s life. What if we prayed for the Smith family to respond to Denzel’s discipleship? What if this were the seeds of revival in Hollywood? Would the commentary from the Christian community be different if we saw the Oscars through the eyes of Jesus?

  • Diana De

    04/04/2022 10:10 AM

    All these award shows mean Nothing!!!! They have become raunchy and discussing. Ego trips for these people who make way too much money. Why do they need a statue and an evening that cost millions. Use that money to help less fortunate people. I stopped watching along time ago. It's All Trash.

  • Jan Labbate

    04/04/2022 09:35 AM

    I’m so thankful that I don’t need Hollywood actors or athletes to make any of my decisions. Right on Pat!! Keep up the good work!

  • Bonnie Reynolds

    04/04/2022 07:53 AM

    I love your "take" on things. It is always presented with my kind of humor and truth ! God bless you and yours
    May the Lord help our country and all who uphold right from worng..

  • Tricia Danielsen

    04/04/2022 05:35 AM

    This was spot on. I didn’t watch the Oscars this year, like the last few, and only knew they took place because of the slap heard round the world. What has happened to decency? This use to be a night of glamour, touching speeches, great productions and jokes that made you blush. It has nothing to do with the movies anymore. It is just 3 hours of political speeches, bad jokes, and yet another outlet to try and explain to me about the numerous genders I should embrace. No thank you . Yes more TCM please!

  • Jai jacobs

    04/04/2022 03:45 AM

    Looked little pre-planned to me. All the right camera angles and Will Smith is getting old enough to be passed over for the most dramatic auditions and boy did he ever audition like crazy for Hollywood's best directors and producers all seated in that Oscar audience.
    His wife who was laughing and certainly not ashamed of her shaved head for which she previously expressed love and pride. Her actual bald shot was about 1/2 inch wide by 2 inches long and probably from too tight pony tails, a slight kink on the head or more likely AGE.
    She and Will have bragged about their "open marriage" to avoid their mid life age of past 50 and like Will, she too is past the audition age for youth seeking Hollywood.
    Could have been staged by the Smith's or by the Smith's and Rock or maybe just a stupid ego trip. Who know?
    And with Biden driving our country downhill, people dying in a fight for freefom and an untrustworthy media that reports Mr. Rock is no worse for wear, can we really care?