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September 8, 2017 |


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Today's Commentary:  Dealmaking at the White House -- Sex not science -- Texas churches sue -- Bernie Sanders' pony -- More on DACA  -- News Bits 

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In a surprise turn yesterday, President Trump met with his vociferous critics Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and agreed to a deal to provide immediate Hurricane Harvey relief funding in exchange for a three-month extension of the debt limit increase, putting off that pending fiscal crisis to December. Mitch McConnell wanted to tie it to a longer debt limit extension while other GOP Senators had called a tie-in deal “ridiculous” and “unworkable.” After news broke that Trump had agreed with Democrats to do it anyway, some Republicans reacted with shock and anger. Former Majority Leader Trent Lott said that Trump shouldn’t have done it, that “it is embarrassing to Republican leadership and it shows a split.”

And you know what? They may be right, but they have nobody but themselves to blame. They know that Trump is not an ideologue, he’s a dealmaker. He tried to deal with them, and so far, they’ve delivered nothing that he promised the voters. His first 100 days passed, and then his first 200. Where is border wall funding? Where is Obamacare repeal? Where is tax reform? The Republican leadership didn’t seem too concerned about embarrassing Trump by failing to give him what he promised his voters. Some even ran to any convenient camera to make a big show of their contempt for them. Trump warned that if they failed to work with him to get things done, he would reach out to Democrats. I guess they assumed the Democrats were so principled that they would refuse to deal with someone they’ve dubbed The Devil just to advance their own interests. If so, then I have to assume they’ve never met a Democratic politician.

For the record, Paul Ryan and McConnell were also in that meeting. And I agree: it is unconscionable to link issues like the debt ceiling to emergency disaster relief. But we know that wasn’t going to stop the Democrats from doing it. Trump faced a choice of tossing the Democrats a bone or holding up needed funds to the storm victims. Republicans had to choose which would make them look worse: compromising or delaying aid. Maybe if they had proven they were reliable dealmakers who were in Trump’s corner, he would’ve stood behind them. But they hadn’t.

Instead of blasting Trump for turning elsewhere, the Republican leadership should chalk this up to lessons learned: if you want to be at the dealmakers’ table, then prove you deserve to be there by showing him you can accomplish something. This one small deal with their opponents doesn’t mean “You’re fired,” but it does say, “You’re on thin ice. Shape up and get it together.”


Mike Huckabee



Sex not science

By Mike Huckabee

Studies have shown that young Christians are becoming more secularized, as they delay marriage and accept such sins as premarital sex, cohabitation and pornography. A new book by a University of Texas sociology professor argues that this erosion of traditional morality is not due to science’s assaults on religion but to our amoral, sex-oriented culture co-opting young Christian singles. In “Cheap Sex,” Prof. Mark Regnerus argues that young Christians start out with higher moral standards, but because they want to find love, they end up in the same wider dating pool as everyone else and that culture of cheap sex starts to deaden their religious beliefs.

Some say churches need to modernize and make accommodations to the new standards. Others say churches need to evangelize young people on morality to counter the thorough evangelizing that the cheap sex culture is giving them. I think you can guess where I’d fall on that argument. Read the whole article, then share your views in the comments.



Texas churches sue

By Mike Huckabee

Three Texas churches are suing FEMA over its refusal to provide flood disaster aid to religious institutions on grounds of separation of church and state. The policy has long been defended by liberals, but churches call it blatantly unfair and discriminatory. They say other non-profits such as museums and zoos, and even sleazy beer halls and nightclubs, qualify for federal grants to rebuild. But churches are barred from getting help to repair their damaged buildings, even though they step in to help FEMA by providing food and shelter to disaster victims, in many cases providing more help than government or any other source.

This isn’t the first time this controversy has come up. It’s a long-simmering injustice that’s gone on through a number of natural disasters. Click the link for the full story. Maybe these churches have the right idea, and it’s time for the current Supreme Court to revisit this issue.



Bernie Sanders' pony

By Mike Huckabee

Bernie Sanders sidestepped responding to Hillary Clinton’s latest excuse for losing, that he cost her the election by “promising all Americans a pony.” Sanders said he’s not interested in playing the “blame game” and wants to "look forward and not backward.” He said, “I’m working overtime now to see we overturn Trump’s decision on DACA, pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and next week I’ll be offering a Medicare-for-all single-payer system.”

See, he’s not promising you a pony. But I bet if you dig through those promises long enough, you’ll find a pony somewhere.




More on DACA

By Mike Huckabee

To listen to the most vocal DACA proponents, the people threatened by the end of the program are all innocent children or fresh-faced, hard-working college students with spotless records, a veritable 21st century version of “Up With People” without the songs. The reality doesn’t exactly jibe with the stereotype. For instance, did you know that DACA shielded people up to the age of 31? Also, two reasons they had fewer criminal charges than average is that many of them were never vetted for records, plus crimes associated with hiding their illegal status – falsifying IDs and Social Security numbers, lying on government forms, etc. – simply aren’t counted as “crimes” by their defenders. At the link are some more stats that some people would prefer you not see.

This isn't intended to smear the DACA program members, but if we're going to have a debate, let's just have it on honest, realistic terms and not pretend we live in a liberal Fantasyland.



News Bits

The Onion nails Hillary.



Finally, amid all the selflessness, unity, generosity and heroism in the wake of the devastating storms, there are always a few nasty, clueless idiots. For instance, the ISIS supporters calling on jihadis to attack storm victims at shelters.



Amid the devastation from Hurricane Irma, people are looking for anything to provide hope and inspiration. Even a tough, resilient palm tree named Hector.



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  • Helen Nisley

    09/08/2017 05:16 PM

    When storms like Harvey and Irma are imminent people rush for plywood to board up, if they have room to store when they take it down they should keep for next time. We did that on Ms coast when we lived there.
    Could military transport planes be used to evacuate people from heavily populated areas to alleviate traffic problems like in Fla.


    09/08/2017 12:07 PM

    I am part of the "Trump Base" and I could not believe how pleased I actually was that an agreement to increase the debt ceiling was made. Good for Trump! His do-nothing Congress is more infuriating than an increase in the debt ceiling.