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August 14, 2023



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Maui Fires

The known death toll from the devastating fires on Maui reached 93 over the weekend, and hundreds of people are still missing. It’s become the deadliest wildfire in the US in the past century. The burn is now about 85% controlled, but the damage is severe. I urge you to continue to pray for the victims, and if you can help, to please make a donation to Samaritan’s Purse, which is coordinating with local churches to get aid to victims ASAP.

President Biden is getting backlash for his seemingly uncaring “No comment” when asked about the fire while vacationing on the beach.

The fires are still burning, but the finger-pointing and blame have already begun. A local couple is suing four power companies for leaving electric lines energized during a high fire risk warning, blaming them for sparking the fires.

And of course, the “let no crisis go to waste” crowd is blaming the fires on “climate change.” But Clay Trauernicht, a professor and environmental management expert at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, is throwing cold water on that claim. He’s been warning for years that the decline of agriculture has led to over a million acres of land on the islands being covered with unmanaged, nonnative grasslands that turn into a big buildup of highly flammable fire fuel during dry spells.

In short, the destruction isn’t caused by human intervention via man-made “climate change,” but by the lack of human intervention via intelligent land management.

The next round of partisan indictments

I don’t like to comment on stories until they actually happen, because you never know if leaks and predictions are going to pan out. But just in case, and to help you brace for it, here’s a story about the next round of ridiculous partisan indictments against Donald Trump and his associates from Fulton County, Georgia, prosecutor and rabid Trump hater, Fani Willis.

Willis didn’t have jurisdiction to bring charges over actions taken in Coffee County, so she’s reportedly planning to twist and abuse the RICO Act, aimed at putting away mob bosses, to turn Trump's making a phone call and Republicans examining voting machines into federal racketeering charges. It’s a good thing Atlanta has no real crime to deal with, which has freed up over a year of her time to waste the taxpayers’ money on this snipe hunt.

Out of curiosity, when will we see all the RICO Act indictments against every Democrat who ever made a phone call telling someone to “find more votes” in a close election? I’d be willing to bet that would apply in literally every close election of the past 50 years.

Flashback: A reminder from last February, this is the foreperson of the Fulton County grand jury.

A clear-eyed view of Dr. Fauci

Just in case anyone still has a shrine to Dr. Fauci with one of his bobblehead dolls in it, maybe this will open their eyes:

The watchdog group OpenTheBooks just released about 1500 unredacted pandemic era records showing that the leaders of the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, including Dr. Fauci (already the highest-paid “public servant” in DC), made over $325 million in profits off of COVID-19. NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins and former NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci “got 58 royalty payments for allowing companies to use their COVID-19 vaccines, which in return (were) developed with funding from U.S. taxpayers by private pharmaceutical firms.”

OpenTheBooks had to use the Freedom of Information Act to force the government to divulge this. Also, Dr. Fauci promised to donate his royalties to charity. According to this source, there is no evidence that he did.

Pro-LGBTQ propaganda

The Mars candy company is facing calls from conservatives for a Bud Light-style boycott over their new packaging that takes the Skittles’ slogan “Taste the Rainbow” way too far. The new bags for Skittles depict cartoon children playing on a skateboard ramp covered with graffiti that reads “Joy is Resistance” and “Black Trans Lives Matter.” This is part of their “limited edition 2023 Pride packs” designed by LGBTQ artists, with $1 of every sale going to GLAAD to “support and increase visibility for the LGBTQ+ community.” Really, is that the LGBTQ+ community’s big problem: they’re not visible enough?

A lot of parents think that it’s even less healthy to let small kids swallow leftist political and gender propaganda than to let them eat Skittles. Some critics also pointed out that to access the company’s website, you can have verify that you’re over 13, due to the fact that young children are too immature and susceptible to advertising so they must be protected from undue influence. You can sell them pro-LGBTQ propaganda, but not candy.

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A Blue city competition to be the worst

Sadly, there are a number of blue cities plagued by crime, homelessness, filth, poverty, drugs and other symptoms of generations of Democrat rule, and voters have yet to connect the dots between (1.) “Horrendous living conditions” and (2.) “How we vote.” But in the competition to illustrate just how bad letting the left run things can get, San Francisco is finding some creative new ways to pull ahead of Chicago and Portland.

Nick Arama at reminds us of San Francisco’s many problems that have caused residents and stores to flee, adds two new ones. First, it’s now more lucrative to be a drug dealer than a senior software engineer at Google. The base pay for the Google position is $211,000 a year, while successful drug pushers in the open-air drug trade in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods are making $350,000+.

In fact, President Biden could cite that as fulfilling a campaign promise. Many of the dealers are Honduran illegal migrants who send so much money back home that it’s fueling a housing boom in parts of Honduras. Biden said he wanted to combat illegal immigration by improving infrastructure in Central America, and his policies are doing just that. Of course, it’s at the expense of the lives of the Americans who are being killed by fentanyl and other deadly drugs, but hey, you’ve gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.

As if that didn’t provide a big enough flashing neon sign to “STOP ELECTING THESE LEFTIST DISASTERS,” Arama offers this:

Due to all the open drug dealing and violent crime in downtown San Francisco, Health and Human Services is urging federal employees to work from home and not dare to venture into their offices in the…wait for it…Nancy Pelosi Federal Building.

Moral: If you value your life, stay away from Nancy Pelosi! Now if only voters could grasp the larger message behind that.

Related: Los Angeles made a move to challenge San Francisco for the title of Worst-Run Blue City with this story. Shoplifting is so out of control that on Saturday, a gang of between 30 and 50 thieves in hoods ransacked a Nordstrom’s in broad daylight and stripped it of up to $100,000 in merchandise. Alas for them, it’s become almost impossible to make crime in L.A. even worse. The Nordstrom’s flash mob couldn’t top the $300,000 worth of merchandise stolen just last week from the Yves St. Laurent store.

More competition for San Francisco: Seattle just became the new leader for the title of “Blue city the largest percentage of residents want to flee.”

Finally, here’s an article on the frightening wider implications of the spreading plague of crime and how the Democrats’ refusal to deal with it is creating a widespread social rot that’s destroying public safety and the ability to do business (retail theft losses will top $100 billion this year alone, a cost all the rest of us will pay), and is creating entire populations who refuse to be governed. This will inevitably result either in lawless anarchy or extreme counter-measures, neither of which will be peaceful or pretty.

If only someone had foreseen that doing away with the police, emptying the jails and legalizing crime wouldn’t have a positive outcome!


“So, yes, I would love to see a special counsel, but not David Weiss.  I mean, what are we gonna see next?  Hunter Biden’s a lawyer, are they gonna appoint him special counsel to investigate himself?”

--- Texas Rep. Pat Fallon, House Oversight and Accountability Committee

California stupidity

California’s politicians have a plan for dealing with the huge power shortages their previous plans have caused:

1. Force everyone to buy electric cars.

2. When there’s the threat of a blackout (probably because of everyone having to charge their electric cars), drain the power out of everyone’s electric car batteries and back into the grid.

It’s like a perpetual motion machine of stupidity!

Garland’s appointment of Weiss is last straw for legal analysts

The ‘Justice’ Department, at least for now, is behaving with impunity, like the sham court system of a police state.  Attorney General Merrick Garland and second-in-command Lisa Monaco must not care how obvious this is.  We’re just supposed to accept it.

It doesn’t even matter to Garland that with the simultaneous cases involving Presidents Trump and Biden --- especially the “classified documents” cases --- we have an A/B comparison that shows the dramatic inconsistencies in how the two are treated.  The two-tier ‘justice’ system could not be more clear.

We all know the mainstream media would be screaming bloody murder if the “Biden Inc.” stories being told now were about the Trump family.  Yet Hunter’s attorneys have actually praised Joe Biden’s emerging involvement in Hunter’s business as “the acts of a loving father.”  (This after Dad repeatedly lied about having any contact with his son about business at all.)  And the media repeat this with a straight face.  They must practice this every day in the mirror until they can do it.

Legal professor Jonathan Turley originally praised the selection of Merrick Garland as attorney general (I can’t imagine why --- what a bullet we dodged as a country when he didn’t make SCOTUS!), but he now says he has come to see Garland as a failure.  Garland’s decision to appoint David Weiss as special counsel to investigate the Biden finances “captures,” he said, “why I have lost faith in his leadership --- and why his department is at one of the lowest levels of public trust.”

But Garland had to think he could get away with appointing Weiss, even though Weiss headed an investigation that has been repeatedly trashed by IRS whistleblowers as essentially “fixed.”  Those agents say they were prevented from even asking about Joe Biden and that the Bidens were tipped off to planned searches.  And as his so-called investigation stretched ever longer, Weiss could have extended the statute of limitations on various financial crimes during a couple of key years but made the decision not to.

If we knew for sure Garland was deliberately TRYING to help the Bidens, what would he be doing differently?

Garland also worked with Biden’s attorneys on the “sweetheart” deal that even would have given Hunter immunity for yet-indicted crimes, such as failure to register as a foreign agent under the FARA law.  That would’ve sailed right on through if Judge Maryellen Norieka hadn’t read the tiny print.

“Garland’s failure of leadership has undermined key cases,” Turley says.  A Harvard-Harris poll conducted this summer showed that 55 percent said they view the Trump indictment as “politically motivated” and 56 percent believe that it constitutes election interference.  This is good news; it tells us that over half of Americans polled finally have a CLUE.  It should be more like 90 percent at this point, but still.

Recall that when John Durham was appointed special counsel, he was serving as U.S. attorney from Connecticut.  Since special counsels are supposed to come from outside government --- that’s what makes them “special” --- Durham resigned as U.S. attorney before taking that authority.  Weiss isn’t doing that; he’s setting a new precedent, as Garland has allowed him to violate the rule by continuing to serve as U.S. attorney while being special counsel.  (As we’ve discussed, the rule has no teeth.)  Garland has gone even farther by appointing Weiss, someone who stands accused of conflicts of interest and false statements that involve this very case.

Another problem:  Garland is apparently keeping the focus on Hunter Biden.  The ‘Justice’ Department, Turley says, is still refusing to respond to questions on the possible inclusion of Joe Biden in the investigation.

Turley says Garland has “virtually ensured” that Congress will pursue an impeachment inquiry, because it’s really the only avenue open to them.  Turley sees impeachment as a sort of “constitutional Kryptonite,” as “no court could seriously question the right and duty of Congress to get to the bottom of corruption allegations against the President without delay.”  (At first, we assumed Turley’s talking about impeaching Garland, but he obviously means the President.) Weiss, as special counsel in an “ongoing investigation,” can refuse to answer questions before Congress, but they’ll have authority to demand answers from fact witnesses, including Biden family members.

We’d add one note of caution:  California Rep. Darrell Issa, a former Director of National Intelligence, said over the weekend that a full investigation needs to be done and a powerful, unassailable case made before an impeachment is held in the House (I've been making the exact same point in media appearances for the past month.) Otherwise, the Senate will just acquit in about five minutes.  The evidence has to be so massive and so incontrovertible that even the Senate HAS to agree.  But in just the past few weeks, it seems we’re just about there.  More will break this week.

Roger Kimball at AMERICAN GREATNESS has introduced a new concept that needs to catch on.  You’ve heard of contempt of court and contempt of Congress --- what about “contempt of public”?

“I think it should be added to our vocabulary if not our code of laws,” he says.  He’s making the same point we have in the last couple of days about more and more “norms” being trashed and institutions that were set up to provide checks and balances being stomped on with cleats.

“It names a grievous assault on the community,” he says. “By making a travesty of the rules and institutions that undergird our societal life, contempt of public threatens to undermine that essential if often hard-to-define societal lubricant:  trust.”

In this must-read piece, Kimball calls the appointment of Weiss as special counsel “a multifaceted act of public contempt.”  It’s entirely possible, he says, that with the boldness being used to pursue Trump, he might win the nomination, and then the election, from jail.  At least then, when he pardoned himself, most Americans would know his convictions had been politically based.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, a man capable of saying absolutely anything his party wants him to say no matter how obviously untrue, had some tough sledding this Sunday on CNN, when even Jake Tapper acknowledged that what Joe Biden had said about Hunter not making money in China was untrue.  All Raskin could do was try to shift the conversation to Trump.  Pretty hilarious.

(NOTE:  We apologize for the use of the expression “the walls are closing in” that appears in the linked-to piece.  How many times have we all heard that one?  Even though the walls finally do appear to be...well, you know...we’d prefer it if news outlets didn’t copy each other’s verbiage quite so much.)

Speaking of people like Raskin who will say anything, Hunter attorney Abbe Lowell spoke with Kaitlin Collins on CNN and blamed the failure of the plea agreement on “every MAGA right-wing fanatic.”  He blamed Trump, too, for “trying to use Hunter Biden to explain his own conduct.”  I didn’t say it had to make sense.

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J6 Committee destroys evidence while real investigators seek it out

As you know, the January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee headed by Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompon has acknowledged it “failed to preserve” (translation:  destroyed) massive amounts of evidence from their so-called investigation.  Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA says this evidence has “gone the way of certain Secret Service call records, the Capitol Hill pipe bomber’s identity, the ID of the White House cocaine addict, and Hillary Clinton’s bleach bit emails.”

If these documents are unattainable, that means they’re useless for Trump’s defense.  (Can you say “obstruction of justice”?)  This fact was not lost on Trump, who has called for his J6 indictment to be immediately withdrawn.  Of course, it won’t be.

TWO TERABYTES of information are gone.  Without getting too technical, that is one titanic boatload of information.  And it has sunk like the Titanic.

It’s so unretrievable, it may as well be somewhere in President Biden’s cerebral cortex.

The committee says it wasn’t required to keep it, but that is one more lie.  And why WOULDN’T they keep it, if it supported their claims?  Judging by the way they’ve sicced the legal system on Trump over the documents issue, we think they should be held to a much higher standard themselves.  Victoria Taft concludes, “Because so many of these types of incidents have taken place...the Democrats no longer get the benefit of the doubt.  They have earned suspicion, antipathy, and hisses from the American people.”

Meanwhile, EPOCH TV has examined tens of thousands of hours of security video from the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and is gradually filling in gaps in our knowledge.  To their everlasting credit, this is actual investigative reporting.  Watching the thin line of Capitol police trying to control this crowd, which was already growing and gaining steam while Trump was speaking some distance away, should make anyone wonder, “WHY WEREN’T THE NATIONAL GUARD THERE??”  That’s what former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has been wondering for going-on three years.

We’ll have analysis later in the week, including new mysteries about people in the crowd behaving strangely.  Who was the woman in the pink beret?

A don’t-miss episode of LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN

It’s not often we just refer you to an entire show for all the information you can glean, but Sunday’s LIFE, LIBERY & LEVIN is packed full and important to watch.  At the time of this writing, the link to the entire episode hasn’t been posted, but you can get started with the monologue, in which Levin is on fire…

Then there’s guest Alan Dershowitz, who says the current abuse of the legal system is “worse than McCarthyism.”  (Imagine what it means for a liberal to say that!)  He goes into detail about the problems with these various judges and courts and says, “You cannot expect the American public to accept this, the appearance of justice and the reality of justice, when you have such a distorted system.”


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  • stephen russell

    08/15/2023 12:37 PM

    Trumps GA case:
    Media circus
    Bogus charges
    Election inteference
    Notice timing
    Only hope to see trial prosecution make gaffes & laffs during case run
    Or charges dropped

  • Robert Janovick

    08/15/2023 10:18 AM

    I have been charged for a subscription on my credit card ending in 1416 but have not gotten any news letters. I have looked for a method to contact you but this is the only way that I could come up with - - as I recalled making comments (published) on your newsletter before the paid one was offered. Please get in touch / Bob

  • Paul Kern

    08/14/2023 09:10 PM

    None of us truly awake are surprised. I saw the Epoch Times stuff about the phony ballots and J6 and even the Covid files they got out of Red China. It will be hard as many in the UniOarty are bought by China and Soros. Appears the Treasury Department is doing what the Weimar Republic did. Print money with no value! I see Joe is borrowing from the CCP to cover his losses. The left using the Constitution of the USSR which mandated complete separation of church and state!

  • stephen russell

    08/14/2023 06:39 PM

    New Lahina 2 ideas:
    New waterfront
    3D planning
    Ask for donations worldwide
    Update area
    Add dwtn Hotel
    Yacht harbor
    Jet ski area
    Offshore Island see

    Poll Locals in area

  • Stephen Russell

    08/14/2023 06:37 PM

    Maui Fires :
    Natural , winds knock down powerlines
    Sabotage alert system>

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/14/2023 03:53 PM

    Why is it that whenever the Blue Reich (aka oxymoronic DNC) want to do something cowardly, self degrading , stupid, bigoted or unjust they trot out a pair of boobs or a Black face?
    Do they think it gives it credibility?
    NO -- they look like drags and Gone with the Wind cast members.
    Why Blacks and Women continue to let this crap party that have never done anything for them continue to treat them like this I don't know -- and don't try.

  • Carl E Serkland

    08/14/2023 01:31 PM

    Those drug dealers in San Francisco have another advantage: I'm pretty sure they are NOT filing Federal and/or State tax returns on their income, so they are saving about $100,000 a year (or more!) by not paying taxes (assuming at least 35% total taxes, including "self-employment (which is about 15% -- both sides of FICA).