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October 10, 2021

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! These are the top stories that ran this week on our website.

Today's newsletter includes:

  • We are holding the wrong people to account for Afghanistan failure
  • “Shut up and obey” is not a strategy for anything
  • A furious backlash to Biden, Garland plan
  • In MORE Facebook news...John Stossel sues Facebook
  • "Imminent threat"


Mike Huckabee

We are holding the wrong people to account for Afghanistan failure

By Mike Huckabee

Thirty House Republicans signed a letter to top military leaders, demanding the release of Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who was thrown in the brig for publicly calling on the top brass to accept accountability for the tragic botching of the Afghanistan withdrawal. I just want to know why it’s only 30.

Also, Rep. Louie Gohmert visited with Scheller and had some encouraging news to relate afterwards.

As if to hammer home that the only people the DC liberal establishment think deserve jail are those who disagree with their politics, an investigation has been launched into Lance Cpl. Hunter Clark. He’s the Marine who was seen in a viral video saving a baby by pulling it over a barbed wire-topped wall at the Kabul Airport during the botched Afghanistan evacuation. His alleged crime: he accepted an invitation to speak at a rally from former President Trump.

Note that he was not in uniform and made no political statements. He was invited up by Trump as part of a public show of support for US troops, and he thanked the crowd for their support and said it means a lot and he’s glad to be home. For that, he’s now under a command investigation to see if he violated any Department of Defense policies.

So to recap so far: Ask for accountability from failed leaders, go to jail. Get thanked in public by a former President for saving a baby, go under investigation. Preside over the worst strategic disaster in modern military history, keep your job and get praised by CNN.


“Shut up and obey” is not a strategy for anything

By Mike Huckabee

The Bible tells us in Luke 8:17 (NAS version), “For nothing is concealed that will not become evident, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” Or as Shakespeare put it in “The Merchant of Venice,” “Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man's son may, but at the length, truth will out.” (By the way, “a man’s son” was not a reference to Hunter Biden and his laptops.)

Despite all the power and influence of the government, media and social media, you can only fool the people for so long and hold the lid down on discussion of your chicanery before the under-the-radar chatter finally explodes into the public sphere. We’re seeing that happening all around us these days, with erupting backlash against attempts to censor everything from discussion of vaccine side effects to the origins of COVID-19 to the efficacy of natural immunity to questions about the 2020 election.

Attacking those who speak up only works for so long, particularly when influential people start speaking up, whether it be Eric Clapton, Nikki Minaj or French tennis pro Jeremy Chardy, who says he’s suffering intense pain after getting vaccinated and it's derailed his tennis career.

As noted in the story, that’s not meant to discourage vaccination, since the potential side effects are still less of a risk than COVID. But if you’re asking everyone to take a shot that might have even a tiny chance of serious side effects, then you can’t just order them to shut up and take it without question or else lose their job and all their rights, which is the autocratic method this Administration has chosen. Right now, Americans are scared enough of COVID to go along with that, but “Shut up and obey” is not a strategy that will work longterm in this country.

Likewise, after being silenced and shamed for months into not questioning any aspects of the 2020 election, the findings of various audits and investigations, coupled with the indictment of a top Democrat lawyer on charges related to lying to the FBI to frame Trump and his people for Russian collusion, has many people finally speaking up. Some are even prominent Trump-hating liberals who suddenly seem to have taken the red pill and awakened to what we’ve been telling you here for years now.

Here are two stunning examples: liberal British comedian Russell Brand admitted he was “in awe, gobsmacked, flabbergasted and startled” by the indictment of Michael Sussman and the realization that Trump was right about a conspiracy to frame him. Like too many people, Brand was getting his news from outlets that went on 24/7 about “Russian collusion” as “absolute fact,” so he assumed it must be true (a rookie mistake when watching CNN.)

Brand said he wanted to believe that the Democratic Party is the party of “inclusivity, and diversity and truth and social justice and all great, positive ideas” (yep, that's the image they push, like putting a bouquet of flowers on a pack of cigarettes.) But, he said, “To discover that this was propaganda, a construct, a confection by the Democratic Party — who, of course, are now in government — is kind of beyond disappointing, because you begin to question and query what other things may not be true.”

Yes, and you should! Good for you, Russell. Embrace the truth, and it shall set you free. For a start, you’re welcome to subscribe to my newsletter, which is also free.

Another example, again from Britain, but let’s hope this reflects what’s happening here, too: writer Rob Liddle in the Sunday Times of London is still a Trump hater (as you can tell from his article), but his blinders have started to slip. He admits, “So Trump was right” about the election being rigged against him, and “The American public is slowly waking up to the fact that they are being led by an ineffectually devious, senile halfwit.”

Maybe someday, he'll wake up to the fact that Trump wasn't just a victim of the cabal, he was the only person standing between it and the rest of us and fighting it. But that might take a handful of red pills for some people to see.

Note that he makes the same point that I have made repeatedly: you don’t even have to go into conspiracy theories about hijacked voting machines or stuffed ballot boxes. Just the collusion between Deep State operatives, leftist billionaires, the media, political figures, lawyers, Big Tech and social media to make sure voters heard only one side of the story was enough to unfairly tilt the election – and they’ve openly bragged about how successful that was. They even hail themselves as heroes for making sure the “right” person won by suppressing “unwanted elements of US political conversation” – as determined by them, of course.

Liddle points out that Time magazine said this cabal wasn’t subverting democracy by rigging the election, they were “fortifying” the election. We all need to start speaking up to make sure they don’t “fortify” any more elections. They do it the way cereal makers used to claim their sugary cereals were “fortified” with vitamins. They claim it’s good for you, but it’s just a thin coating over a bowl of junk.


A furious backlash to Biden, Garland plan

By Mike Huckabee

I’m very glad to see that Attorney General Merrick Garland’s plan to engage federal, state and local law enforcement to intimidate parents who protest the actions of leftist schools boards is being met with the overwhelming furious backlash it deserves. One commentator said this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back (sorry for triggering any animal lovers) for the Democrats’ dwindling hopes in the midterm elections. This is such an outrageous assault on the most basic rights of all citizens to engage in free speech and protest, and of all parents to have a say in how their children are educated, that the outrage cuts across all political and racial lines.

To be clear: I'm not defending anyone who makes actual physical threats against school board members. But Garland cited no examples of actual threats to justify this. Instead, his statement included vague and overly broad terms such as “harassment” and “intimidation,” which signals that this is really an abuse of power designed to chill free speech. He also offered no justification for literally making a federal case out of these hypothetical threats, which are already covered by laws and police on the local level. The only reasons to federalize this are to assert more control in picking targets and to ramp up the intimidation factor (ironically, Garland is the one who seems to be guilty of attempting to harass and intimidate people.)

Here’s a round-up of just some of the reactions to this Orwellian abuse of power:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted Garland for “weaponizing the DOJ by using the FBI to pursue concerned parents and silence them through intimidation,” adding, “Florida will defend the free speech rights of its citizens and will not allow federal agents to squelch dissent.” His spokeswoman also called it “despicable and un-American,” saying, “Florida law enforcement is perfectly capable of responding to crimes in Florida, and we have never heard the FBI suggest otherwise. However, disagreement is not harassment. Protest is not terrorism, unless it involves rioting, looting, and assault, like some of the left-wing protests of summer 2020.”

Speaking of that, while the DOJ and FBI busy themselves with surveilling Trump voters and intimidating concerned parents, murders took the biggest spike in history in 2020, nearly 30 percent (thanks, all you police-defunding blue state Governors, mayors and city councils!)…

And while the FBI is ignoring that, they’re also doing virtually nothing about actual violent terrorists and anarchists like Antifa, as long as they’re on the left.


In MORE Facebook news...John Stossel sues Facebook

By Mike Huckabee

This week, all the 24/7 news channels could have a theme: “All Facebook, all the time!”

But in a week with so much dramatic Facebook news –- including a whistleblower on 60 MINUTES accusing them of exploiting hate and misinformation for profit and a crashing halt to their platform for six hours on Monday –- it might be just as important to focus on what some would see as a smaller story: the $2 million defamation lawsuit filed against the Big Tech behemoth by veteran investigative reporter John Stossel. You’ll know immediately whose side we’re on, as we’ve also had it up to HERE with so-called independent “fact”-checkers –- both the “official” ones who get paid to distort the truth and the pajama-clad partisans with nothing else to do but sit and snark. We applaud Stossel for refusing to take it.

Stossel has 19 Emmys to his name. He’s the former host of ABC’s 20/20, STOSSEL ON REASON, and his own show on FOX BUSINESS NEWS. He’s currently the creator and host of STOSSEL TV. He’s also the author of several bestselling books. And yet to put his reports on Facebook, even he has to gain the approval of partisan, agenda-driven gatekeepers.

He appeared Monday evening on FOX NEWS PRIMETIME with this week’s host Ben Domenech. Stossel’s problem with Facebook started when he posted a couple of videos about climate change and the California wildfires. Stossel says some “fact”-checkers from the team Climate Feedback, a spin-off of parent group Science Feedback, twisted his words so they could flag his posts as “misleading.” It’s incredibly easy to distort what somebody said so you can argue against THAT, rather than what they actually said. We’ve had to deal with that ourselves; in fact, it happened to us last week, with our story on the Maricopa County forensic audit report. So we were very interested in what Stossel had to say.

On his website, Stossel notes that Science/Climate Feedback uses Facebook to censor “lots of responsible people, such as science writers John Tierney, Michael Shellenberger and Bjorn Lomborg."

He explained to Domenech that the reason he’d left FOX NEWS was to do independent reports like the ones that had been posted to Facebook. “And I’m very careful about what I say,” he said. These “fact”-checkers, hired by the Poynter Institute, described by him as “a lefty group,” are so alarmed about climate change that they won’t allow anyone to even postulate, “Well, maybe we can adjust to this.” Stossel accuses them of actually manufacturing a misleading quote --- even putting quotation marks around it.

We thought it might be fun to look up the Poynter Institute and their International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), so we did and found their “Code Of Principles,” which include “A Commitment to Non-Partisanship and Fairness” and “A Commitment to Open and Honest Corrections.” Gosh, we love unintentional humor. Why, it looks as though John Stossel is accusing the “fact”-checkers of violating their own principles as stated right there on their own website. I wonder how well their “Code of Principles” would stand up to a fact-check.

Anyway, Stossel said the fakery was pointed out to the “fact”-checkers and also to Facebook but that it wasn’t taken down. “And that’s just lying about me,” he said. It didn’t matter –- reviewers labeled Stossel’s piece “FALSE.”

Stossel was able to get interviews with a couple of the reviewers and showed them the original video posts. (That’s rare, by the way; usually there’s no way to appeal these actions, and they don’t even tell you what they find objectionable.) The reviewers told him, “Oh, we never watched that.” So Stossel got “black marks” for something he never said and the reviewers hadn’t looked at.

What’s the significance of this? As Stossel explained, when you get two “black marks,” Facebook cuts off your views. In the case of Stossel’s climate videos, that’s 24 million. “Now, I don’t get anything like I used to,” he said. And, of course, that was exactly the idea, as the powers that be have no room for dissenting opinion. “...I’m being punished by these idiot ‘fact’-checkers,” he said.

In his lawsuit, Stossel claims the “fact”-checkers never actually challenged any facts in his videos, adding that their process “is nothing more than a defame users with impunity, particularly when Defendants disagree with the scientific opinions expressed in user content.” He's saying what we’ve said for a long time: they’re not checking facts; they’re checking opinions. (In case you wondered, that's why we keep putting quotation marks around the word "fact.")

Stossel believes Facebook should, first off, fire Climate Feedback “because they are silencing a lot of good science reporters.” That activity does seem to be spreading these days, infecting social media like some kind of...well, virus.

Matt Agorist wrote about Stossel’s lawsuit for THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT.

Apparently TFTP has had a lot of trouble with this, too. As Agorist writes, “THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT knows this process all too well as we have a target on our backs and we have successfully refuted and overturned nearly every fact check from the outlets who respond to our appeals. But even after the fact check is reversed, the damage is done.” He explains that even when there is vindication, users are never notified of that.

This can happen to you, he says, even when your content is “100 percent factual.”

Agorist’s piece has more details about what Stossel said vs. what he was purported to say. The “fact"-checkers flagged Stossel’s content as “misleading” and --- our favorite --- “missing context.” Stossel alleges that what they did has ruined his business model after his “viewership plummeted,” and he also cites “reputational harm.”

According to Agorist, THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT had a similar experience with some perfectly accurate information they posted about COVID when their commentary was falsely linked to a conspiracy theory having to do with 5G wireless signals. TFTP had said nothing about 5G, but by creating that link out of thin air, "fact"-checkers were able to label the commentary “false.”

Facebook is reportedly standing by its “fact”-checkers regardless of their bias. They told VARIETY that they believe Stossel’s case is “without merit,” proclaiming, “We will defend ourselves vigorously against the allegations.”

Agorist mentions the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as just one example of social media “fact”-checking leading to censorship of accurate and potentially game-changing information. (I would add that according to one recent poll, 16 percent of Biden voters said they wouldn’t have voted for him if they’d known of his family’s dicey foreign business dealings.) You’d think that after they’d been proven so utterly wrong, "fact"-checkers wouldn’t be taken seriously any more, but they work in service to an agenda so the truth hardly matters.

We wish John Stossel well with his litigation. In fact, we’ll give him the last word, by linking to his website, where he gives his side and shows the videos that were flagged.


"Imminent threat"

By Mike Huckabee

When the president of the National School Board Association sent a letter to President Biden, urging him to use federal law enforcement to deal with the “imminent threat” of parents showing up at school board meetings to protest their kids being forced into draconian COVID restrictions and indoctrinated with pornographic sexual content and racist “Critical Race Theory,” many Americans rightly reacted with fury and dismay. Public school bureaucrats have no divine right to decide how they will treat other people’s children or what they’ll teach them, especially if it’s controversial leftist propaganda that parents don’t want polluting their children’s minds.

In fact, in Virginia, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign took a big stumble when he sided with these educrats in a debate, declaring, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Problem: that right is actually codified into state law, which he should know, having been Governor before (State code section 1-240.1: “A parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.”) Even Democrat ex-Gov. Doug Wilder slapped him down, saying, “If parents don’t have a say-so in terms of their kids’ education, then who does?”

We all know the left’s answer to that question: they believe the government owns your kids, the same way it owns every penny you earn but is generous enough to let you keep a few of them.

Anyway, do you know who didn’t give that outrageous letter the quick trip to the circular file that it deserved? Attorney General Merrick Garland, who announced that the FBI and the Biden “Justice” Department will begin holding meetings with federal, state and local law enforcement to discuss ways to combat this “disturbing trend” of parents refusing to let their children be brainwashed with leftist garbage. He didn’t exactly put it that way, of course, but I cut to the chase.

Garland said in a statement, "Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values. Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety."

That’s funny, I thought the term “public servant” meant they serve the public, not the other way around. Also, America’s greatest core value is freedom of speech.

To be clear: it’s important to remain civil even when you’re justifiably angry. Nobody should express their anger at school boards with threats and intimidation. FYI to AG Garland: that also applies to BLM and Antifa protesters. But it’s reasonable to assume that with this massive effort to start “policing” and monitoring parental speech, the goal is not to prevent real threats and violence but to intimidate parents into being afraid to speak up at public meetings. It’s the same method that’s been used to intimidate Trump supporters into being afraid of expressing their honest opinions on social media. They know “Big Brother is watching you.”

So keep showing up at public meetings to express your opposition, but do it civilly. And most importantly, show up to all local elections and VOTE THESE BUMS OUT. The left has figured out that the way to destroy America is from the bottom up. So they show up for local elections, where voters have gotten complacent and assume it doesn't matter whether they vote or not. This is how you get city councils that defund the police and Soros-funded district attorneys who release criminals the prosecute people who defend themselves from criminals, and yes, school boards that push anti-Americanism, critical race theory and radical sexual politics. If you want to get rid of them, show up at the meetings, but better yet, show up at your local election polls.

Meanwhile, with every new action taken by Merrick Garland, we see what a debt of gratitude America owes to Sen. Mitch McConnell for blocking Obama from putting him onto the Supreme Court. Far from the moderate, centrist jurist he was touted as being, he’s proving daily that he has no qualms about treating the Bill of Rights like toilet paper and abusing his powers to impose the will of the authoritarian left. I am counting the minutes until 2024, when a new Republican President has him escorted from the DOJ, hopefully never to hold any position of public trust again.


For more news, visit my website here.

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  • Billy Andrews

    10/12/2021 10:04 AM

    Governor... Only the Brits! Only a reserved Englishman could create such a damning, acrid and effective insult as Rob Liddle's "...being led by an ineffctually devious, senile halfwit". OH, how I love it !! Thank you for sharing it, and it WILL be heard again in political conversations around South Florida. Love and Light to you and yours... Billy

  • Anita David

    10/11/2021 09:01 PM

    I was proud of you for daring to speak truth re: obccines then you said this - "As noted in the story, that’s not meant to discourage vaccination, since the potential side effects are still less of a risk than COVID? go to VAERS - see the tens of thousands of deaths, permanet adverse health effects of the v. BTW your newsletter is a small book - no one has the time to wade through that much intense writing - pls encaspulate.

  • Priscilla Travis

    10/11/2021 02:26 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I agree with you on everything. It's that simple. You are right. You have a such a good, level-headed, common-sense, Christian view that you do not veer from, on all matters, that is so refreshing. I wish everyone was like you. Thank-you for being in the public eye and expressing these things. I would like to ask you a question. I would like to go to graduate school and get my MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in Studio Art, concentrating on painting, but I am continually disappointed in finding out that so many colleges persecute Christians unnecessarily. You see my work will totally be about Christianity through the ages, ending in a very large work of the Second Coming. I want to go to a place that will support and encourage that, and not hate on me and persecute me for my theme. But I am finding fewer and fewer places to even apply to. I am all alone, with no financial support, other than a low paying secretarial job, so I have to go a public school that is tuition paid (there are some, on the graduate level, in art). I have been applying for 4 years now, to various colleges, and have been turned down. I even experienced very ugly and surprising prejudice in some classes taken here at FSU from the TEACHERS, when I did a painting about anti-abortion, and another one about miracles. One nice teacher even told me not to even mention Christianity in my artistic statement when applying. My question to you, is, do you know of schools, other than very expensive private ones, that would NOT persecute a Christian artist, that you could recommend? I prefer southern colleges, as I am very much a southern girl. Thank-you for any help.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/11/2021 10:27 AM

    One Nation Under God, for me a powerful statement Gods intend has many reasons for a wonderful society one of them is to work result make life easier improve the situation we are in provide food, shelter, civil behavior and respect for each other a simple set of rules the 10 Commandments. Biden and the Deep State is destroying the work ethic leaving people idle and losing their self worth, unlawful mandates, temporary governments funds in exchange for obedience to the government NOT the intention of our God as the 10 Commandments are written watching America disregard Gods simple rules watch our country fail into the darkness of Communism or Socialism call it what you wish misery and despair will follow one might think about what happens when a heart stops and what is the next step after ones body turns to dust.

  • Robin Rebhan

    10/11/2021 08:57 AM

    " A furious backlash to Biden, Garland plan ". No doubt about it " Mom(s) " all across the country need to run for the School Board of Education. Mothers need to take back our schools! And Moms need to run for public office and take back our country!

  • Renee Kendrick

    10/11/2021 02:15 AM

    I saw a "NO MASK, NO SERVICE" sign this past week at the drive-thru window of a fast food burger joint. DUH! Fortunately, I was not confronted by any of the employees about not wearing a mask in my own vehicle. I had the ammo ready if they mentioned it. Doubt I will be going back to that establishment because of the sign. Clearly, they want to go out of business! Here's your sign!!!

  • William Fuhrer

    10/10/2021 10:31 PM

    Who would you choose for your Vice President and cabinet. How many methods are there and which is the best

  • Paul Kern

    10/10/2021 09:36 PM

    Another week of Marxist planned drama. The right still catering to then at Capital Hill and my home state of Washington. We need God to raise up real leaders and pastors. Men of wisdom. Not catering to the worse in people or pretending to be little gods, like the dying president and his cabinet! That is what I see.
    I am glad you and others saw thru the game FB is playing. I pray daily for God to expose the evil, move mightily here and for our brethren in other countries.

  • Carmine Fea

    10/10/2021 07:53 PM

    Yes, regarding the 2020 election, a democrat law firm lying to the FBI about President Trump, the liberal main stream and social media withholding from the public negative news about Joe and Hunter Biden, Facebook's Zuckerburg placing ballot boxes strategically to help democrats, as well as democrat secretaries of state and judges overruling legislative voting laws that made cheating easier, rigged the election.

    However, my complaint has been and remains the republican party did not help themselves and has significant blame for the 2020 presidential loss, particularly since voting irregularities were expected with mail in voting and much of the democrat lies and rigging for Biden were obvious. Stop whining. pay razor edge attention, hire the best professional and promotional campaign minds to rebut and blast to kingdom come democrat lies and dirty campaign tricks, verify every vote, keep Zuckerburg out of our elections, and let's TRY to win in 2022 and 2024.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/10/2021 07:41 PM

    Who should take care of children, parents or Government? Our schools teach children to hate; Federal and State fund with taxpayer money to our schools. Joe biden sits in the Oval Office and has been a government official most of its life how does he behave? The life of his family is corrupt, joe is corrupt, untruthful a coward and is anti american anti parent and has rejected his church's beliefs , violated peoples personal space with unwanted touching and has lived a life of luxury, some people say crime doesn't pay I disagree, most people would take a fraction of the easy work joe biden has put in, in his entire life. Never served in the military had others do the fight for him he has needed security with him during his life because of the way he has treated people and he wants government oversight to to teach our children how did his children work out I say keep the government and joe biden as far away from children as we can or a country of government influence like the Congress and biden's Cabinet is a recipe for a destructive and immoral life. Biden is not for Americans Bring back God get rid of Biden and the clones that make up this Deep State Government.