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April 18, 2021

Friday, President Biden was set to perform a milestone for all Presidents: his first greeting of a foreign leader at the White House. But when Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga arrived at the front door, Biden was nowhere to be found (insert your own "Nobody's home" joke.) Suga was greeted rather awkwardly by Vice President Kamala Harris, who then gave him a tour of the place. Her performance did not get good reviews.

Meanwhile, the big question on everyone’s lips (except the media) was “Where is President Biden?”

Biden did eventually show up for a meeting and press briefing with Suga, but there was never any explanation for why he left an important ally waiting at the door – particularly an ally from a nation where protocol and courtesy are considered extremely important. As several conservative commentators pointed out, if Trump had done that, he would have been subjected to a media feeding frenzy on everything from how he was a blundering embarrassment on the world stage to questions about his health. For Biden, crickets.

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  • William D. Jakovac

    04/20/2021 08:26 AM

    What an embarrassment from our country to embarrassment of the leader of an important ally. Why don’t Joe’s handlers get him out of the way and crown Harris as the president? Everyone knew all along this was Plan A.

  • Therese Tuckness

    04/19/2021 03:57 AM

    Doesn't Biden have a personal secretary to tell him his daily schedule? Someone's busted on this! What an embarrassment to read he's not serious in running this country or to care about anything then, my pet "cats". (All four of them).

  • Bobbie Dolsn

    04/18/2021 02:26 PM

    Biden has no idea he sits in the whitehouse! Harris has already taken over just as Hillary ran the country rather than her husband whats-his-name!