September 18, 2019

Democrats need to face it: the tables have been turned on them. Until recently, they’ve been on the offensive --- the word “offensive” applies in more ways than one --- and we know now that the craziness started well before Donald Trump came down the Trump Tower escalator and announced his campaign for President. They’ve violated both protocol and federal law in their effort to take him (and others) down and are now so freaking Trump-deranged that some members of their own party are looking for the nearest exit, embarrassed to be seen with them.

In other words, their schemes appear to be backfiring, and even with most of the media on their side, this is not going to be pretty. The Mueller report was a bust. Mueller’s own testimony before Congress (their idea) was, too. Importantly, the IG report on abuse of the FISA court will be out soon. Thanks to Judicial Watch, documents they thought would never see the light of day are gradually coming out. Attorney General Bill Barr is determined to find out just how the “Russia” investigation got started and –- more importantly –- how it became about Trump.

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Corey Lewandowski, who once led Trump’s campaign, appeared before Jerrold Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, and it turned out to be the most entertaining spectacle I’ve seen in a while, even more so than Sean Spicer’s appearance on DANCING WITH THE STARS. Nadler and his cohorts heaped abuse on Lewandowski and tried to use him to implicate Trump in obstruction of Mueller’s special counsel, but he boldly stood up to them in a way they surely hadn’t expected. They behaved shamefully. He, with his outspokenness and snappy humor, was magnificent.

As long as the Democrats demand political theater, it’s nice to have something this fun to watch.

So, Trump’s enemies staged the show, but they don't like the ending. So now, they’ve got to get hold of something, anything, to distract us from the humiliating narrative they’ve created for themselves. They need another story! And YahooNews has conveniently provided one, a story that even puts the focus back on “Russia, Russia, Russia!” The headline reads, “Exclusive: Russia carried out a ‘stunning’ breach of FBI communications system, escalating the spy game on U.S. soil.”

Thanks to Dan Bongino for explaining the strategy in his Tuesday podcast; I’ll summarize and comment below, linking at the end to the podcast and YahooNews story.

First, recall that in the days before Obama left office, he made nearly three dozen Russian diplomatic officials leave their offices in Maryland and New York and head home to Mother Russia, supposedly as punishment for all that pesky election “meddling.” On December 29, 2016, Obama gave them 72 hours to leave; they were described as frantically packing bags burning papers. But the YahooNews story said there was another, super-secret reason why Obama was so furious and insisted on their leaving the country immediately.

In the words of a former senior CIA official (who may or may not be John Brennan but who almost certainly is), “It was a very broad effort to try and penetrate our most sensitive operations.” According to the story, Russia had dramatically increased its capability to decrypt certain types of secure communications, and they might even be able to hack into computers that were not online.

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But only now are we getting to the part of the story that is most useful to maintaining the Democrats’ "Trump/Russia" narrative even as it is falling apart. It says that this compromise of FBI computer systems happened not long after some Russian operatives (SPIES) living under deep cover in America were discovered, arrested and induced to plead guilty. And then it says that these Russians were trying to recruit a ring of American assets, “including CARTER PAGE [emphasis mine], an American businessman who would later serve as an unpaid foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

Aha! There’s a big problem with the timing, though: The discovery of the Russian spies, the compromise of FBI systems, and even the attempt to recruit Carter Page happened back in 2010. Why would Obama wait till the very end of 2016 to make his big show of expelling the Russians if these events are tied? It doesn’t make sense.

Also, we who have been paying attention know that Carter Page had indeed been recruited --- but not by the Russians. He was working with our own FBI as an informant on this case! YahooNews buried this hugely important piece of information about him just as surely as THE NEW YORK TIMES buried exculpatory evidence for Brett Kavanaugh in its recent editorial about his alleged sexual misconduct.

But that’s not the most significant part of this story. Bongino points out that at the time Obama ordered the expulsion of the Russian diplomats, Trump’s soon-to-be national security advisor, Mike Flynn, was on a brief vacation to the Dominican Republic. As we already knew, Gen. Flynn was an adversary of President Obama’s when it came to his Iran policy (and bless him for that); Obama reportedly couldn’t stand him and even warned Trump about him. We know the FBI started listening in on Flynn’s conversations in 2015.

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Bongino’s theory is this: Obama’s people set up Flynn, by waiting to expel the Russian diplomats until Flynn was out of the country, knowing that he, as the incoming national security adviser, would certainly have a conversation with Ambassador Kislyak about this and it wouldn’t be on secure phone lines. (Any contact between Russians and members of Trump’s team could be used to further the “collusion” narrative.) Of course, this brings us back to elements of the plot that are common knowledge: Sally Yates expressing a ludicrous concern about a possible Logan Act violation and Comey setting up the interrogation of Flynn –- with no lawyer present –- in the White House.

Fortunately, Flynn has a REALLY GOOD lawyer now. And she’s yet another reason why the Democrats’ "Russia" narrative and their plan to oust Trump is in the process of backfiring big-time.


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  • Carl Smith

    09/19/2019 09:20 PM

    According to the Life Insurance Institute actuarial tables I have already passed my "Over Due" Date. So I'm almost certain I will never see Justice in my lifetime. I humbly request that IF Justice is ever achieved could a copy of the people sent to prison be buried in the same VA Cemetery Plot I will occupy?

  • Patsy L Bruinsma

    09/19/2019 06:01 PM

    Several years ago, I read the "Left Behind" series. In one of the books, the pseudo-benevolent leader that came on the scene called for a meeting of the 'higher ups' and all the media. One of the media invited had excused himself halfway through the meeting (he was struggling with what to do with Jesus Christ in his life) and during the restroom break, he gave his life to Christ. Upon returning to the meeting he witnessed the hypnotism of the rest the of people in the room, and couldn't believe how they each gave their loyalty to the leader no matter what he told them or asked of them. (He himself was able to deflect the lies because of the Spirit's Presence in him.) I say all of this to ask - tongue in cheek - when did those liberal politicians and their blind following of media attend a meeting together and learn all the lies that they are on board with, repeating them over, and over, and over... they sure act like they have all been hypnotized. SO TIRED of it all!! I appreciate your posts and other conservatives that, I hope, are getting the truth out there, but I quake for those people who swallow all these blind people are telling them!! It quiets my spirit to know that my God is on His throne and nothing or no one surprises Him. His Will be done!! Thanks!

  • James Robert Huffman

    09/19/2019 04:36 PM

    Thanks for the great summaries.

  • Helen Suzanne Tritt

    09/19/2019 10:12 AM

    Thank you Governor for your IN DEPTH, Honest News coverage. Always done in humor and honesty, couldn't ask for anything better. Unless of course, would be the NEWS of the CORRUPT DEMOCRATS BEING HAULED OFF TO PRISON WHERE THEY BELONG!
    Thank God for you and the wonderful work you are doing in providing this country with REAL NEWS.

  • A George

    09/18/2019 11:16 PM

    When is Trump going to take out the trash ? George Soros funds so many projects that promote progressive left wing ideology! George Soros is also responsible for the problems with Latin America with him installing “pink wave “ dictators. The world will be a better place when this man no longer exists to push for chaos and division!

    Between 2000 and 2003, Open Society Institute contributed $600,000 to the Common Cause Education Fund, according to a Common Cause spokesperson in 2003. And the American Spectator stated that between 2001 and 2009, the total contribution from Soros’ Open Society to Common Cause was over $1.2 million. Other big money groups that have heavily funded Common Cause include the Joyce Foundation (which President Obama previously served as a Board Member), Arca Foundation, and the Carnegie Corp. of New York.

    Despite its own funding by a left-leaning billionaire, Common Cause is a fierce critic of the Koch Brothers. Common Cause organized a “Koch Busters Rally,” which called on the Koch brothers to have an “open discussion of the challenges that unbridled corporate power pose to our democracy.” Meanwhile, the Democracy Alliance, another Soros-affiliated, left-wing group, emphasizes secrecy and confidentiality among its members/donors

  • Hugh Gautier

    09/18/2019 10:50 PM

    It was very colorful and those "Idiots" tried pulling every dirty trick in the book out and got their "Asses" handed back to themselves. They went even as far as to reword sentences that had been answered and got back as good if not better than they had put out. They had wanted him to talk about conversations with the President and he did the right thing refusing to answer things he clearly wasn't privy to. Which was what he should have done much to the chagrin of those DemocRATs [Yes, I spelled it right, they are RATs].

  • Bob Vogel

    09/18/2019 09:37 PM

    I pray that the lying liars in Washington would fall into the very pit they dug for MY President Trump.

  • Robert Allen Roesing

    09/18/2019 07:24 PM

    democrats need to be getting the hell out of America !!!! they are communists!!!
    my friends & I vote to hang them all who are pushing this crap against the American people period !!!!

  • Amelia Little

    09/18/2019 05:39 PM

    All those whackos who just insist on looking for the pony in the manure pile look more desperate by the minute. They all need to step down, go back home and let rational Democrats participate in actual Congressional business. I know there are some--maybe a bit left of center, maybe a bit more than left of center, but at least with brains to not go off the end of the cliff.

    I see that that has-been actress that is carrying on about anything--is calling, no, DEMANDING that "someone be held accountable for something--anything. Shows her level of intelligence. Well, does kind of fit right in with the extreme left of trying to impeach the President on something--anything. Anyway, wonder if she will demanding that when the doo-doo hits the fan about what some high ranking democrat politicians and officials have been up to--and are held accountable.

  • Bev Harper

    09/18/2019 05:17 PM

    Mike, you keep writing, and I'll keep reading! And smiling. It is so good to read something I can trust, and know the research is good.

  • Dawn Street

    09/18/2019 04:22 PM

    And the scariest thing about all of this... They almost got away with it. I do hope Americans are now awake, angry and actively seeking answers!! We need to take back our country.

  • George Korth

    09/18/2019 03:42 PM

    Why don’t we impeach Nadler for dereliction of duty for not representing the people

  • Jacqueline Ceccorulli

    09/18/2019 03:08 PM

    Mike, love the way you sum up an event with humor and dignity. Also love the way the Dems keep self imploding.

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    09/18/2019 02:59 PM

    A thought question: what is your estimate of the House majority post 2012 elections?

  • Rick Kiister

    09/18/2019 02:09 PM

    In order to keep editors on their toes and in the interest of accurate reporting, my week only has 7 days. ( See masked bank robber article)

  • rodney burke

    09/18/2019 01:53 PM

    I'm sure if we watched the whole Lewandowski episode with Nadler and co. we would have seen how many times he humiliatedNadler. Ilove the time when Sherry jackson Lee was on a rant and he kept firing back. "Are you gonna sked me a question or are you gonna stay on a rant? The broad wouldn't shut UP and ask a simple question. As one person said, "He played the entire committe for the fools they wre. Doug Collins ripped into Nadler several times. he even asked for a vote to adjourn because Nadler was CLEARLY violating committee rules of procedure. They just can't accept defeat. This failed, The IG, the Delcas is going to be two monumental failures and humiliation may not be the proper term for the results. Of course Durham and Huber are yet to be presented. and then there are the sealed indictments. Yeah, I do need sme popcorn, Can't wait for Act II to start.:)

  • Audrey Osendorf

    09/18/2019 01:35 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee. I love your newsletters. They are serious but fun(tastefully). I share your information on Facebook often. I’m determined to get my liberal friends to see the truth. God Bless you!

  • Margie Babik

    09/18/2019 01:18 PM

    I still can't believe that when President Trump became President, the left/liberal/socialists/ democRATS managed to turn the focus on Flynn and Manafort and had them imprisoned and are trying to impeach President Trump. I can't believe that NO ONE called out Hi-liar-y on ANYTHING and she committed TREASON!! Obama committed TREASON. The IRS lied and targeted conservatives and NO ONE did anything about that either! I'm sorry. I don't mean to rant and rave. But it's just mind boggling to see what goes on in our government. Where is the truth and justice. God help us.

  • Cindy Wallace

    09/18/2019 01:11 PM

    Thanks for helping us keep all the different time lines and characters straight. Who did what when and to whom and in what context and possibly why-are so confusing.

  • Donna Crafton

    09/18/2019 01:09 PM

    Get it on.........root all these swamp creatures out of this fine country......thanks to Trump and our All Mighty GOD........we are going to see justice done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Bodley

    09/18/2019 01:09 PM

    I AM SO SO SO SO TIRED OF THIS WHOLE THING!!!! Why doesn't President Trump & W. Barr bring their own teams in to override the stallers, replace C. Wray & useless twits like him in our FBI & other groups, get the info, declassify it & get it out to the public & put these evil crooks in prison & their cohorts no matter who they are!!! Let's pray folks for God to show His glory & strength by uncovering these people, all of them, once & for all & show the power of prayer. Maybe, by some miracle if these yahoos hit bottom far enough they may repent & see the light of Jesus. Doubtful, but maybe. Love thy enemy & pray for them. Their only hope is to get hit so hard & lose everything; be so flattened they may beg Jesus to forgive them & be their Savior.

  • Firewagon

    09/18/2019 12:54 PM

    Perp walks, anyone?

  • stephen mitchell

    09/18/2019 12:49 PM

    Yesterday my friend received a letter , along with volumes 1 and 2 of the Muleller Report , from " Common Cause Educational Fund " . Karen Hobert Flynn , President , seems to still be pushing the Russian collusion with President Trump . She would like us to pass on these two volumes to , " friends , family members, colleague or community members ". She states further , " it's up to people like you and me to cut through the media spin and start a chain for everyone to understand the threat facing our country " .

  • william fuhrer

    09/18/2019 12:42 PM

    Is there a conservative college or university where professors who teach that TRUTH is IMPORTANT. If so could you get FOX to have an hour program TRUTH in JOURNALISM outlining what should be taught in Journalism class and what FACT CHECKING is and what the duties of ethical editors are

  • wally kempton

    09/18/2019 12:40 PM

    If they are breaking the laws , whether repub or demo , they need to be prosocuted to the extent of the law ---lying to a congressional investigation should be very, vey serious