January 7, 2020

I said it yesterday: “enough is enough” when it comes to political stunts such as Speaker Pelosi’s withholding of the two Articles of Impeachment (which are themselves a stunt). Democrats needs to get it into their tiny one-track brains that there is too much going on in the world to make everything about “getting Trump.” Sen. Lindsay Graham was out in front on this over the weekend, urging Pelosi to get on with it or else the Senate would approve a rule change that allowed them to go forward without a formal delivery of the Articles. They didn’t need her and refused to be controlled by her.

And now, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri has introduced a proposal for a 25-day deadline on getting the Articles. That’s 25 days not from the date of the proposal –- Hawley introduced it on Jan. 6 –- but from the Dec. 19 adoption of the Articles, “as recorded in the Journal of the House of Representatives,” which leaves Madam Speaker only until Jan. 13, less than a week from now and counting down.

At this point, that seems like a generous amount of time.

Hawley’s proposal would have to be approved without debate, by recorded vote in the Senate. Then, once the deadline is reached, if Pelosi hasn’t turned over the Articles, they “shall be deemed exhibited before the Senate” anyway and it will be in order for any senator to offer a motion to dismiss the Articles. With prejudice. (That means the Senate can’t submit them later.) As I understand it, the resolution doesn’t require that this happen, just that it will be in order if someone so moves. The Senate will also be able to conduct a trial if that’s what they decide. They can do what they want, Articles or no Articles.

Hawley’s proposal already has numerous co-sponsors, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Rick Scott, Indiana Sen. Mike Braun, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Montana Sen. Steve Daines, Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso (chairman of the Senate Republican Conference), Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, Georgia Sen. David Perdue, and Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma (chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee). Seems as though this would breeze through.

Pelosi says she's holding on to the Articles until the Senate has put in place a “fair” process. (You know what I think about that; thanks to the many thousands who signed my “open letter to Nancy Pelosi.”) But Hawley and the co-sponsors released a statement calling her on it, reading in part: “...the Constitution gives the Senate sole power to adjudicate articles of impeachment, not the House. If Speaker Pelosi is afraid to try her case, the articles should be dismissed for failure to prosecute, and Congress should get back to doing the people’s business.”

In other words, Sen. Hawley, being from Missouri, the “Show Me State,” was saying to Madam Speaker, “SHOW ME THE ARTICLES by Jan. 13, or we’re likely to dismiss the whole case.”

Likewise, Sen. Scott said, “If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to send the articles to the Senate, we should dismiss the articles of impeachment and get back to work on all the things that aren’t getting done...”

Sounds like a plan to me. Looks as though the Senate isn’t about to indulge the House’s power grab. Lindsay Graham has talked tough for a long time, but the day has come to take action to end the charade. If Sen. Hawley’s resolution hasn’t been passed by the time you read this, that needs to happen right away.

President Trump did a radio interview with Rush Limbaugh on Monday in which he addressed the charges against him: “They spent all of that time, all of that money, had brilliant people who happened to be, you know, very very --- they were crazed --- they were crazed. I mean, these people were dying to find something on Trump. They found nothing. I think there’s very few people that you’ve ever met who could have had that. They had so many investigators, they were calling people that I haven’t seen in years, and they got nothing.”

Rush asked him what he thought the point was of Nancy’s little game withholding the Articles, and he said he thought they were trying “to affect the election illegally.” He also said they weren’t sending the Articles over because they “are a joke.”

I've said that with growing concern about Iran, we need a full-time President and a full-time legislature. Trump understated the challenge posed by this distraction during his interview, saying “Yeah, it’s so sad for our country. We’re fighting with Iran, we’re fighting with all of these different places, and in many cases we’re doing great...but I have to spend and my team has to spend time on this stuff.”

It’s a wide-ranging interview. If you didn’t hear the show, you might enjoy the transcript.

So it looks as though the Senate will actually be able to speed up this confounded process so we can get it over with –- without using a cattle prod on Nancy Pelosi. She can turn over the Articles or she can put them in a hermetically-sealed mayonnaise jar under Funk & Wagnall’s front porch (thank you, Carnac the Magnificent). But if there is a trial, look for the anti-Trump side to protest loudly about Senate rules and propagate all sorts of misconceptions about how it’s supposed to go. Anticipate hearing a lot of them.

Byron York, over the Christmas holidays, wrote an article that took apart some of the anticipated misconceptions; these had already been brought up by Yale University historian Timothy Snyder in a series of tweets. Snyder was telling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that as Majority Leader he had “zero constitutional authority” to define the shape of the trial. In Snyder’s opinion, the Chief Justice gets to run the trial, not just preside! What part of “The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments” does Snyder not understand?

Snyder also asserts that the senators are functioning as jurors, and as such must set side their “normal concerns” and “swear to be impartial,” or else they will “endanger the rule of law and the Republic.” York outlines the important ways in which an impeachment trial is nothing like a criminal trial in the justice system.

It’s an interesting read, especially since we’re getting close now to finally dispensing with this lunacy –- at least unless Rep. Al Green has his way and they impeach the President AGAIN. (Good grief.) When Democrats start trying to pick apart everything about the Senate trial, you’ll want to know what is and is not legally part of the process. You can be sure that most in the media will get things very wrong.


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  • Nancy Lawson

    01/11/2020 07:17 PM

    This impeachment Is the biggest bunch of malarkey I’ve ever heard. Next they will be trying to impeach President Trump for not holding his mouth the way the think he should when he smiles. The sad part is that’s no way any more ridiculous than the thing Pelosi tries.

  • Glenda Lagerstedt

    01/09/2020 08:46 AM

    Bravo. Thanks for getting this truth out there, showing them for the fools that they are. God bless you in your work for our country and for Him.

  • Janet Tharp

    01/08/2020 11:10 PM

    So sick of their games!? There has to be away to stop all this trash now !

  • Dawn Street

    01/08/2020 06:04 PM

    Hawley and the co-sponsors released a statement calling her on it, reading in part: “...the Constitution gives the Senate sole power to adjudicate articles of impeachment, not the House. If Speaker Pelosi is afraid to try her case, the articles should be dismissed for failure to prosecute, and Congress should get back to doing the people’s business.”

    In other words, Sen. Hawley, being from Missouri, the “Show Me State,” was saying to Madam Speaker, “SHOW ME THE ARTICLES by Jan. 13, or we’re likely to dismiss the whole case.”

    This sounds like a plan to me.

  • Julie Huntley

    01/08/2020 02:47 PM

    I am getting very confused in how can the House (Democrats) can say they can add more articles and impeach President Trump however many times they want?? I understood you can only impeach a President one time only. Can you clarify this for me?? Thank you.

  • Melinda Long

    01/08/2020 11:16 AM

    I agree...if it is in the Constitution: “The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments” , then let's get the ball rollin'!

  • Dianna Sykes

    01/08/2020 11:07 AM

    I think we should throw the whole demented congress out and replace them with our courageous, strong, Country loving young men and women that serve our Country with dignity and Pride. They understand what it means to honor and protect us, we will be looking at more"911's" if not for them. Like it or not, we finally have a President that stands tall and says "NOT ON MY WATCH" we may not agree with how he says it but he has our backs and our Countrys' interest first and formost. He keeps doing what he promised.

  • Lynn Taylor

    01/08/2020 07:04 AM

    When our great President says “Yeah, it’s so sad for our country. We’re fighting with Iran, we’re fighting with all of these different places, and in many cases we’re doing great...but I have to spend and my team has to spend time on this stuff.”- IT IS SO SAD!!

  • Paul Miller

    01/08/2020 03:07 AM

    I hope you see this and actually give it some thought Mr. Huckabee. The left has been ridiculous through this whole process and the majority of American voters see that I think. But let me tell you something else we see, or don't see! What is starting to look almost as bad is that it appears the republicans are doing absolutely nothing about the circus going on in the house. Yea, you speak of investigations and blah blah blah, but the blah is all we see. We are at the point that if something doesn't happen soon your credibility is going to drop to the same level as democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are at. I mean how much of an investigation is needed when we have video evidence of them clearly breaking the law almost daily? Please do something about this before it's too late!

  • Jeffrey Youree

    01/08/2020 01:38 AM

    Someone needs to bring this witch hunt under control. I don't know does Joe McCarthy ring a bell to anyone. If I were to do the things currently running through Congress they would throw me in a hole under the jail and throw away the hole and I would be labeled a traitor. I mean good grief.



    01/07/2020 08:47 PM

    This should not be a surprise. The whole process will be a great waste of time. That is if people do not go to jail.

  • larry huffman

    01/07/2020 07:42 PM

    why are joe and son not being prosecuted for their crimes?

  • Christopher P Kelley

    01/07/2020 05:30 PM

    "With Prejudice" -- means the HOUSE cannot submit them later!

    Checkmate, Queenie Dear!

  • joseph orsini PhD

    01/07/2020 04:56 PM

    VOTER FRAUD potential in CA: all residents of CA, legal AND ILLEGAL, must have a CA driver's license, which automatically enrolls the person in the voter registration rolls.

  • Rick Legg

    01/07/2020 04:51 PM

    Vote every democrat out to save America!

  • Walter A. Kac

    01/07/2020 04:04 PM

    Just AMAZING how Democrats thinking adults - have to be brought to the water’s edge - have to be explained the obvious several times, to ensure the cannot twist, ignore and move forward with their dubious agenda.
    Your article (s) leaves nothing to wonder, except an attempt by the Democrats to move on as if nothing was written, mentioned or action for warnings.
    Let’s see their surprise and twisted press sessions or releases in astonishment when they are either dismissed or moved forward without their decisions or approvals.
    Some sentences are run-on or not punctuated properly, because I am tired of getting tired of their nonsense

  • Patrick McClurkin

    01/07/2020 01:56 PM

    The dems are already regretting their impeachment farce and Pelosi is in hot water! She caved to her radical base and now is attempting to exercise some control over the Senate since she has lost control of the House. What a joke! She needs to realize she is violating the Constitution, and obstructing justice! Pass Senator Hawley's resolution today and get on with burying this mess!

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    01/07/2020 01:26 PM

    Pardon my bluntness, but Pelosi needs to stick those articles of impeachment (actually revenge for Trump defeating HRC) where the sun does not shine.

  • Joni Evans

    01/07/2020 01:14 PM

    Yeah for Lindsey Graham and Boo to Nancy Pelosi. Something should be done about Mrs. Know It All.

  • rodney burke

    01/07/2020 01:14 PM

    I think first off, nancy needs to be slapped into next week, Thursday will be fine I nominate Matt Gaetz for the job. Speaking of a dictator? nancy talks like one and wants to legislate like one. Her true colors are our ther for all of us to see. She openly advocates abolishing elections because she wouldn't always get her wayl She is acting in a treasonous way, a communist way and that needs to be brought to a screeching halt. I say less than 13th. Say "Today, nancy or we go without you." time for games and waiting is over. It is time to throw this back in her face...HARD!

  • Margo Bombard

    01/07/2020 01:07 PM

    I'm with the Senate! With or without her, let's move this along, the President has more important things to do with his time in office than to placate a House that has sadly overstepped their bounds and gone out on the thinest of limbs to handcuff this president to keep him from doing the job that we elected him to do. I also agree with Senator Graham, Nov. 2020 is just around the corner and it will be a privilege to dump this House Speaker and her cronies for good.

  • Craig Stotesbery

    01/07/2020 01:01 PM

    I hope this Hawley change in rules passes and takes effect asap. I am not holding my breath. The Republicans are not on the ball as a whole. romney already wants witnesses if there is a trial. I now understand why the democrats roll over the Republicans now. The republicans couldn't do much when they had the majority in the House. If this continues the dems could take control after the election and we all will be SOL!

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/07/2020 12:55 PM

    I read this right after I wrote my PS comment to your yesterday's newsletter and, since I DID read this newsletter against the backdrop of the gravity of what I HAD just written in that PS comment, the only response I am going to make to it specifically is that you rightly referred to this impeachment story AS "madness" and "lunacy"....MADE MORE SO BY THE FACT THAT...

    Actually, BEFORE I read this newsletter....and right after I wrote my PS comment..I watched a YouTube video of a precious thirteen year old girl who was caught in a crossfire shooting (between kids) in a mall here, a week ago Saturday! And someone who spoke AT the funeral made the statement: " OUR KIDS ARE SCREAMING FOR HELP".....

    which reechoes what I keep stating about how the unspoken cry behind gun violence falls on the deaf ears of the Democrats who care more about NOT helping our President than they care about helping our kids!

  • Don Chenault

    01/07/2020 12:49 PM

    rinos romney, collins, murkowski rand paul will kill this proposal if a majority vote is needed... would be very encouraging if the senate does this

  • Greg Dawson

    01/07/2020 12:42 PM

    The Democrat party and therefore the House of Representatives has forsaken their sworn duties to serve at the pleasure of the American People. They have failed to perform and show no signs they intend to perform as faithful servants of the American People in the future. Therefore, by the power vested in me by the Constitution of the United States of America, as a natural born citizen thereof, taxpayer and voter, I hereby remove and disavow authority of the House of Representative and void the charter of the DNC.

    From this moment on, the United States House of Representative is defunct. They no longer possess any lawful function of government. Any unfinished business currently before the House is now voided and if deemed necessary will be examined by the United States Senate where it will be give due consideration and dealt with in an appropriate manner.

    I am sorry to have to do this. I know it will send a lot of Democrats into retirement earlier than they thought. I am revoking their retirement packages as well. They didn't earn them as they were directed.

    OK, that should set us back on the right track. Time to get back to doing the American People's business.

    I'm going to work on what might be the best use of the former House Chamber now. If you have any questions or have a suggestion as to what we should do with the soon to be vacant House Chamber (I was thinking a Bistro featuring some excellent Pacific Northwest Micro Brews), feel free to contact me.