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June 12, 2021

Good evening! My Evening Edition for today contains the following:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Plexiglass
  • About That G7 Photo
  • She Built A Wall
  • G7 Feedback
  • Accused Of “Blocking Democracy”
  • A One Day Difference


Mike Huckabee


But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James 3:17-18 KJV



By Mike Huckabee

Is there ANYTHING the “experts” told us about COVID-19 that was actually true? The latest domino to topple is the idea of putting up plexiglass barriers to keep the virus at bay. Turns out they were about as useful as big, see-through cloth facemasks.

Americans spent $750 million in 2020 to put plexiglass shields up between each other. Now, a Harvard researcher says that was mostly “hygiene theater” because the threat wasn’t from large droplets that a shield could stop but from airborne particles. They might help a store clerk who’s completely enclosed by the panels and dealing with strangers all day long. But a sheet of plexiglass between two desks is basically useless. Meanwhile, a study in the journal Science reports that if you put enough shields into a room, they could actually make conditions more dangerous. The best way to avoid the virus is through good ventilation, and the plexiglass panels can block air flow.

Ironically, as Victoria Taft notes at the link, the places with some of the best ventilation systems anywhere are Las Vegas casinos, and they shut all of those down. Or, of course, the great outdoors, where the experts told us not to go; just stay home and breathe the same air as everyone in your family.

What would we do without experts? Aside from live longer, that is?

About That G7 Photo

By Mike Huckabee

World leaders at the G7 summit posed for a weird, socially-distanced photo. The idea was to show a return to normal and in-person meetings – indeed, they had already fist-bumped and even hugged before the photo – but they stretched out for the picture to, as this story puts it, “placate their respective nations’ popular opinion.”

First of all, if they were actually “leaders,” they wouldn’t find it necessary to make believe to placate popular opinion. They’d be leading popular opinion. Second, all of them are fully vaccinated. If they wanted to show the world how cool it is to get vaccinated and return to normal, why are they sending the message that vaccinations might not work so you’d better keep social-distancing?

We learn from this that the G in G7 doesn’t necessarily stand for “Genius.”

She Built A Wall

By Mike Huckabee

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors recently stepped down amid a barrage of criticism over her spending millions of dollars on expensive homes in upscale, mostly white neighborhoods. Now, a new controversy has arisen after it was revealed that she spent an extra $35,000 on fencing, a call box, cameras and other security measures for her new $1.4 million home to, as one neighbor put it, “keep the riff-raff out.”

To be fair, you can’t expect her to put up with any violent, threatening protesters who might show up and want to trespass or take her property. And she can’t rely on calling the police; for some reason, they’re taking a lot longer to show up these days.


G7 Feedback

By Mike Huckabee

Isn’t it a relief that we no longer have President Trump to “embarrass” America on the world stage? As you can guess, that’s a sarcastic set-up to this story about President Biden’s first overseas trip. Thursday, he signed a New Atlantic Charter that reads more like the Democratic platform or the top hashtags on Cher’s Twitter page.

And he’s not exactly making friends and influencing people in the UK.

The writer of that story asks, if our friends are saying things like that about Biden, imagine what our enemies are saying about him behind closed doors.

On the other hand, a Pew survey in 12 foreign nations found that approval of America and faith in the US President to “do the right thing in world affairs” has skyrocketed since Biden replaced Trump.

Frankly, hearing that people in foreign nations are happier about who’s in charge in the USA than people in the USA are doesn’t strike me as good news for the USA.

Accused Of “Blocking Democracy”

By Mike Huckabee

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are taking a barrage of bile from leftists for refusing to agree to do away with the Senate filibuster. They’re accused of “blocking democracy,” because “democracy” means using a single tie-breaking vote to force a radical partisan agenda down the throats of half of America that wants nothing to do with it. I don’t think this word “democracy” means what they think it means.

But it’s possible that, as is often the case, the screeching leftist Twitter mob is just fooling itself and doesn’t comprehend reality. That reality is that there are other Democrat Senators who also don’t want to lose the filibuster.

They may or may not support the radical agenda, but they know it’s a bad move to kill the filibuster to try to ram it through and infuriate voters. That’s a surefire way to lose Congress to the Republicans and then find themselves in the role of powerless minority. Unlike “progressives,” they have the ability to think beyond their next move and consider the consequences of their actions.

Those other Senators aren’t speaking up because why bring the mob’s attacks on themselves when Manchin and Sinema are taking all the flak for them? But that doesn’t mean that if those two cave, there would be 50 votes to kill the filibuster.

Meanwhile, Manchin shows no signs of caving. In fact, his latest pronouncement is almost guaranteed to make the leftists’ heads explode like watermelons at a Gallagher performance.

Manchin no doubt understands what the hysterics on Twitter don’t: he’s from a heavily red state, and if the Dems threaten him too much, he could switch to the GOP and not only get reelected but return the Senate majority to the Republicans. So they might want to think twice before calling him nasty names. If they tick him off enough, he could crush their power-mad dreams in a nanosecond.

A One Day Difference

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden has largely dismissed and denigrated President Trump’s vaccine distribution plan and taken credit for having enough vaccinations for all Americans by the end of last month. But an analysis by the America First Policy Institute found that not only did Biden’s vaccine distribution closely mirror Trump’s, but the Trump plan would have produced the same number of vaccinations by June 1. That means all of Biden’s efforts made a difference of precisely one day.

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Comments 1-10 of 27


    06/13/2021 07:33 PM

    Thanks Mike for your insight. I pray that OUR LORD will put down the eveil place this world is at right now, we as a people need to repent and seek HIS FACE. Keep up the good work MIKE

  • John C. Duroe

    06/13/2021 06:33 PM

    Thanks for all your input and reporting on current situation. As Franklin Graham has indicated, we may be in need of The Second Coming.

  • Judy Radley

    06/13/2021 03:46 PM

    Why have any G7 summits in the first place? It is all staged BS as those attending don't care about what other countries are doing, it is all just for show. Has anything good ever come out of G7 summits? If there was, do you think the biased media would ever report it? Why even meet in person any longer? Why "Big Tech" could write its own narrative bias to why communism is better than any other kind of law of the land! (Sarcasm of course).

    Look at how much money is wasted on these BS sessions? And nothing is ever done to save money, it is all about scamming nations into believing that global warming, oops, new name now, 'climate change' is the only thing that is worth talking about and how they can manipulate more countries to feel 'guilty' that they are causing 'climate change'. When the true villains causing 'climate change' are communist controlled China, Indonesia, Russia, North Korea, African nations, Iranian controlled nations, et al, because they corrupt by their blackmail money as anyone who questions their government, are no longer heard from, as they are shot and killed so the truth is never allowed to surface.

    And the truth is, climate change happens all the time, and in cycles. They failed to tell the truth that glaciers that may be melting is not because of 'climate change' its because glaciers are old and they eventually break down, and ice melts eventually because too many animals expel gases and internal warmth that makes the ice melt. If nature was left to its own care without any human intervention or manipulation, then there would be less animals that need to be regulated by nature instead of over populations of animals that the pseudo-scientist think need to be 'cared for'. Nature knows what it is doing, and has survived very well until these 'tree huggers' and 'Green Peacers', (which are also now Vegans, misguided fools of reality, and the lack of protein from meat, causes mental insufficiency), interfered with nature's natural process of only allowing the strongest to survive. With this chimera BS, that is so evil and definitely Satan's hand in all of it. Just like in the movie, "The Ten Commandments", when it showed Sodom and Gomorrah's inhabitants as part human-part animal. That is more reliable than any of the Nostradamus predictions, as the Bible is Truth. And why the Democrats refuse to acknowledge that without God to guide them, they are dead air and not fit to rule over anything. God knows what we are facing, the faithful unto Him, and He has a plan, and we will not be forsaken, we just have to continue to be patient and keep the faith to God, not man.

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/13/2021 01:56 PM

    Thank you

  • Steven J Fuller

    06/13/2021 01:27 PM

    75+ years post WWII President Trump expected the nations of Europe are past time to "grow up" and as adults start paying their own way. YES certainly they are beyond esctatic that the Democrats who believe money grows on trees has returned as "Big Daddy Moneybags"...

  • Allegra Kitchens

    06/13/2021 12:41 PM

    The "G" in the G7 summit stand for gutless!

  • Jerry

    06/13/2021 11:35 AM

    If one listens to leftists and the vile comments they spew. image one puts its best face forward when on tv, can one understand what these people are like when the cameras are off. I say this a personal person camera like some police wear would indicate how vile and creepy these people are. I believe they may have pagan traits they engage in they become savages so upset with themselves that civil society has to be destroyed

  • Jerry

    06/13/2021 11:13 AM

    Biden’s claim America is back is true lawlessness is back deception is back and the world is leaching off the American taxpayer’s dime Harris approach to lawlessness on the border was a campaign issue for her and she has made good on that Biden and Harris are extensions of the Mexican cartels

  • PAUL Schaber

    06/13/2021 11:05 AM

    After listening to SLEEPY JOE BIDEN talk about the G7 Meeting, I get the feeling the
    other G-7 leaders have found the perfect fool and already know that PUTIN on Wednesday
    is going to take JOE BIDEN to the back of the barn and destroy him completely and then
    just walk away. The reason my conclusions just look at who the other G-7 members and
    especially MERKEL of Germany. She is the receipent of the NORD-2 Pipeline and you must
    remember Putin and his buddies in the Soviet Union know thatthe pipeline goes through the
    UKRAINE and other Eastern European Countries to get to Germany. Then take a long look
    along the UKRAINIAN Border. The Soviet troops just sitting there doing exercises and
    scanning the Ukranian landscape at the same time./ Then look carefully who sent an Advanced Satellite Tracking System to Teheran to help the Republican Guard in its defense projects. Then realize right now the IRANIANS have a ship and another vessel on its way to Venezuela with
    new long range missiles. This is all the same person, who has been in power since the
    Clinton era and going forward, he only feared TRUMP and none of the other Presidents
    who have been in office.

  • Jerry

    06/13/2021 10:18 AM

    Biden meeting with Putin will be like look a dog chasing it’s tail Putin will be amused watching Biden as he chastised Putin for hacking the pipeline the meat packing plants and a accusation of election fraud as Putin laughs a Biden the simple fool he is Putin then will kick sand in Biden’s face and turn his back on him and walk out in disrespect of this coward. Putin only respects strength