July 21, 2017

A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 2016 voters found that if they had it to do over again, 88% of Trump voters would still vote for him. That might sound like slippage, but it’s pretty amazing considering the 24/7 negative attacks since the minute he was declared the winner of the election. And it’s actually up 6 points since May.

More interesting than the raw support numbers were the reasons Trump voters gave for backing him and sticking by him. While the media are fixated on alleged Russian interference in the election, many voters either don’t believe it made any difference or don’t care. They say they voted for Trump because they love their country and were afraid of what would happen to it if Hillary got into power. They also think he’s doing all he can, with the media, Democrats, deep-state bureaucrats and some Republicans all trying to block and undermine him. As for all the anti-Trump news stories, they think the media are just being ornery because Hillary was their darling and Trump beat her.

It’s nice to hear that even in the 24/7 electronic media age, Abe Lincoln’s warning still applies: you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Especially not Americans, who have pretty good built-in bull dropping detectors.


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