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January 10, 2021

Mark Steyn, speaking on Wednesday’s TUCKER CARLSON show, had a sharp observation: “It’s always interesting to me that people are surprised when a tactic that’s proved effective for one group of people is then suddenly taken up by other people of whom they don’t approve.”

"There’s been a complete collapse of equality before the law,” Steyn explained. “The more [people on the left] are not subject to any laws, the more onerous the burden that falls upon the law-abiding.” Those on the left can do anything, he said, while those law-abiding souls on the right are “micro-regulated.” (To quote Victor Davis Hanson, “Ideology trumps accountability.”)

"At some point, that has to give,” he said. “And whoever is behind this, to a certain degree, that ‘gave’ today in Washington.”

If that’s what we’re seeing, we conservatives will have to be careful not to become the thing we hate, as so often happens to people. (It’s certainly happened to the left, who used to be pro-free speech.) It may sound cliché to say it at this point, but we really are better than that.


Focus Group-Tested Word Alert

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve noticed that anyone who points out that the same Democrats who supported violent leftist protesters who attacked federal buildings are now condemning violent rightwing protesters who attack federal buildings is being accused of “whataboutism.” For those unfamiliar with this word, it’s a made-up term that means “Stop pointing out my hypocrisy.”


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  • Donna Solly

    01/14/2021 06:58 AM

    Did you say that Trump sullied his reputation with the Capital storming? If you did......I’m done with you. I heard his speech. He DID NOT have one thing to do with that storming. Nothing he said incited one ounce of storming. You are hurting your daughter’s chances of obtaining a governorship by your reckless and false observation.......if you did say that. not be as the rest and turncoat on our president......
    Biden will never be my president. I am disappointed if you did say that.

  • Madonna Paulson

    01/13/2021 05:03 PM

    Pastor Huckabee what do we do now? I understand to pray and believe God for a miracle. I understand that the left is trying to steal not only President's Trump victory, but our freedom. What do we do now?


    01/11/2021 10:35 AM

    Mike. You are the one source I turn to for info I believe I can trust. It also has something to do with the fact that your writing is so crisp, concise and brief..Esp brief. Not to mention funny. My favorite thing you say is "The Democrats and the media...but I repeat myself.." Love that.

  • Debbie Sandoval

    01/11/2021 02:36 AM


  • ap

    01/11/2021 01:50 AM

    Free the first!

  • Sarah Matzen

    01/11/2021 12:52 AM

    Drain the swamp and start making arrests today!

  • Julie Buckley

    01/11/2021 12:46 AM

    I’m looking forward to January 20th, when we see DJT show Joe Biden the door......fingers crossed ??

  • Suzanne Klein

    01/11/2021 12:43 AM

    Stay in touch

  • Hilda Johnson

    01/11/2021 12:25 AM

    A lot of this is coming from the Judicial system. Nobama loaded the court with liberal judges who are trying to legislate from the bench instead of interpreting the constitution and existing laws.

  • karen Peterson

    01/11/2021 12:11 AM

    Thank you for all you do!!!!

  • Linda and Sam Brooks

    01/11/2021 12:01 AM

    Love your program

  • Paul Siepen

    01/10/2021 11:56 PM

    Great work! Thank you.

  • Tina Cooper

    01/10/2021 11:32 PM

    Please help us all you can

  • Sue Weinert

    01/10/2021 11:27 PM

    Thank you!

  • Mayra Gutierrez

    01/10/2021 11:18 PM

    Thank you

  • Patricia A Dooley

    01/10/2021 11:18 PM

    I’m so concerned about America. Do we need to store water & survival stuff???

  • Cheri Feeney

    01/10/2021 11:15 PM

    Newsletter please

  • Wendy sage

    01/10/2021 11:03 PM

    Still praying and still hoping

  • Kayla Lain

    01/10/2021 10:59 PM

    Thank you

  • Doug McBroom

    01/10/2021 10:53 PM

    They are lying to us. Demeaning is and playing us like a fool. We must stand together or be ruled by lesser men. God help us.

  • Camille DeLong

    01/10/2021 10:46 PM

    Keep us informed

  • Trever Mitchell

    01/10/2021 10:42 PM

    Jesus wins

  • Chris McKellar

    01/10/2021 10:40 PM

    Did President Trump sign the insuraction Act? Is he going to be our President for the next 4 years?

  • Donald

    01/10/2021 10:38 PM

    Keep on fighting

  • Wendy Young

    01/10/2021 10:33 PM

    Sign up please