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March 28, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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Power is slipping away from Democrats, and they know it

I’ve always thought that most Democratic policy ideas were wrongheaded, but only in recent years has the Party actually embraced and enacted the most wacked-out, rubber-room, lunatic fringe delusions of the far left. Now, incumbents are watching in despair as polls that they thought couldn’t possibly go even lower somehow set new world limbo records.

(That new NBC poll shows Biden’s approval is down to 40%, and approval of his handling of the economy has dropped below one-third to 32%. Again, I have to ask: who ARE those 32%?!)

Everything they’ve tried so far hasn’t worked: accusing anyone who opposes their insane agenda of being a hateful, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic insurrectionist Nazi; blaming systemic racism for crime rates that are skyrocketing only in blue cities that have defunded the police and legalized crime; blaming greedy oil companies and an invasion Putin launched last month for gas prices that have been spiraling upward since the moment Biden took office last year; etc.

The politics of personal destruction and distraction just aren’t working any more. Voters practically got whiplash seeing how the switch from Republican policies to woke leftism crashed the country and destroyed their communities, schools and cities. They’re too smart to believe that America’s problems were caused by some bogeyman other than the failed leftist policies that clearly caused them, any more than they can be convinced that a muscle-bound six-foot hulk with male genitalia is a woman.

Democrats are now realizing that they are in the same position as Wile E. Coyote after he runs over a cliff and it takes him a moment to realize he’s about to plummet to the ground. He might try flapping his arms in a desperate attempt to fly, but it’s not going to work.

This is why we’re seeing panicked Democrats flail with “Hail Mary” plays like pressuring Biden to force their radical agenda on Americans with unconstitutional executive orders before they hit the electoral wall at 90 mph. Or the push to give Americans inflation-increasing “free money” to help cover rising costs due to the inflation they’re already causing. Or how about appealing to people’s envy by taxing billionaires? They’re unpopular, right?!

Then there’s the ridiculous call to impeach the only black SCOTUS Justice, Clarence Thomas, because they disagree with something his wife tweeted over a year ago. There are a lot more details, but it’s all so mind-numblingly stupid, I’ll just let legal scholar Jonathan Turley explain both what the Dems are caterwauling about this time and why, legally, it’s a giant load of bull leavings.

They sense that power is not just about to slip out of their hands, but voters are about to forcibly pry it from their hands and smash their fingers to ensure they never try to grab it again. In short, they are reaching peak desperation. Unfortunately, that means Republicans have to be careful and be prepared for anything, from unconstitutional power grabs in DC to attempts to change election laws or get their rivals taken off the ballot. As any hunter will tell you, an animal is most dangerous when it’s cornered.

Let’s see more of this

Three people who had their Twitter and other social media accounts suspended are suing the Department of Health and Human Services, HHS Director Xavier Becerra and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

They say their First Amendment rights were violated because these government entities conspired with and pressured social media companies to censor what they labeled as “misinformation” about COVID. They argue that not only was what they wrote later proven correct, but the HHS has no legal or constitutional authority to collude with private media platforms to censor citizens’ speech. In addition, Murthy’s demand that Twitter and other platforms turn over information about “problematic” users to the government was done without legal authority and constitutes an illegal search in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

A quick search turned up almost no coverage of this lawsuit in the media. They’re also studiously ignoring a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the HHS filed last week by Judicial Watch, demanding all emails related to COVID-19 vaccine side effects. It was filed after the FDA failed to supply the requested public records by last October.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of lawsuits, but when the people in government abuse their powers and refuse to abide by the laws that they’re responsible for enforcing, there’s only one way to bring them in line, and that’s by turning to the courts and asserting your Constitutional rights. No wonder leftists hate the Constitution so much and are so desperate to stack the courts.

More on Twitter

Speaking of Twitter, an intriguing idea has popped up online: urging maverick billionaire Elon Musk to buy Twitter and turn it back into a free speech platform. It started when Musk asked his Twitter followers to vote on whether Twitter adheres to the principle of free speech that’s essential to a functioning democracy (70% voted “no.”)

Musk’s comments have people speculating that he might be thinking of launching a rival platform. But there are already Twitter alternatives. So some suggested that instead of competing with Twitter, he should just buy it. It has a market value of $31 billion, and he’s worth over $200 billion, so he could afford it. And think of how much more profitable it might be if it added back both the people who’ve been banned for wrongthink and all the people who’ve quit because they’re so angry over the banning.

Besides, imagine what a novelty it would be for Twitter not only to respect free speech, but to be run by someone who actually cares more about satisfying customers than imposing leftist dogma?

“Where’s the beef?”

Is anyone old enough to remember Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” commercials? (Bonus points if you remember the name of the lady who said it: Clara Peller.) Well, Bill Gates, who can afford all the beef he can eat, thinks you need to eat fake beef grown in labs.

Gates took a break from trying to force vaccines onto the entire world to promote a new scheme to save the planet: using government coercion and regulation to force people in wealthier nations to eat only “synthetic beef” (he assures us we’ll get used to the taste.) Lucky poor nations would still be allowed to eat real beef, but we’d replace their native livestock with genetically-modified animals that produce more beef per emissions.

No, I kid you not. This is not the plot of an old sci-fi dime novel. This is what happens to someone who has so much money, he starts mistaking himself for God.

If President Biden really wants to tax billionaires, I suggest that he tax a few billion from Bill Gates and use it to buy every American a Whopper, to repay us for the agony of having to deal with Windows and the hubristic emissions of Bill Gates.

“Worst school district in America”

It looks as if Loudoun County, Virginia, is getting a little competition for the title of “Worst School District in America.”

A miracle

We need more miracles, and here’s one: a breakthrough that allowed a victim of one of the most horrible paralytic diseases imaginable, advanced ALS, to communicate again through brain impulses.

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  • Anne Turner

    03/28/2022 10:24 PM

    Bill Gates started out with the reputation of being a solid family man. He was liberal but not insane. It now appears that money and power have corrupted his mind and soul. It happens.

    It is difficult to believe that any school district could behave as these school districts are behaving. How can society hold parents responsible for the welfare of their children, if the government is teaching children to hide things from them? In the first place I doubt very much if there are that many children who truly want to be the opposite sex. Children go through fazes. A only boy in a household of older sisters may end up playing with dolls snd attending tea parties but he will grow beyond that when coming into contact with other boys, Conversely, a girl in a household of older brothers may become more athletic and a great tree climber. But puberty will set in and interests will change. Children can easily. be talked into a mindset, particularly if it brings them a lot of positive attention. Isn’t it great kids, Davey has realized he us really a girl. Let’s celebrate Daisy’s new identity. Now let’s keep this quiet kids. You know how some parents get all excited about change. We need to protect Daisy from adults who do not understand.

    In history civilizations who have gone off the deep end morally and politically, have crumbled. This has happened over and over again. Successful civilizations have lived by a set of orderly rules, with the family unit being extremely important. Basically, the Ten .commandments are a set of rules enabling God’s children to live together and prosper in an orderly way. We are collectively breaking them all. How shameful it is to destroy this Country from within. That 32% simply do not know what is really happening. Ignorance is not bliss.