August 3, 2018

You probably heard about CNN’s Jim Acosta leaving the White House Press briefing in a snit because the Press Secretary (full disclosure: my daughter Sarah) refused his repeated demands to deny that the media are the “enemy of the people” (President Trump has pointed out that he was talking about the “fake news,” not the entire news media).


I don’t know what he thinks the job of Press Secretary entails, but just for his edification, it doesn’t mean you stand in front of reporters giving your own opinions, or contradicting the President, or “explaining” what he “really meant” when he’s not told you that he meant anything other than what he said.  It’s not her job to interpret what the President thinks based on her own preconceived notions or to substitute her personal opinions for the facts she’s supposed to be relaying to the American people.  That seems to be what Jim Acosta thinks his job is.

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I think her answer was so perfect (it must’ve been if it got Jim Acosta to leave the room) that it deserves to be read word for word, so please click the link and do so.  I’ll wait here until you’re done reading (and, I assume, cheering.)


I believe my daughter put it so well, I don’t need to add a thing.  So instead of discussing this any further, let’s turn to another part of the newspaper, my favorite non-political section, the advice columns, where I spotted this very intriguing letter…



Dear Miss Mannerly,

I hold a very important career position – frankly, I believe the most important position in the world – yet I am having trouble getting the people I work around to show me the deference I expect.  Worse, my workplace is in the public eye, which makes these sleights all the more embarrassing and unacceptable. 

My chief problem is the woman who runs the daily meetings.  She always tries to keep the focus on what her boss thinks is important that day, instead of things I know to be more important, such as what a childish egomaniac her boss is.  Some of my colleagues (not all, thankfully) let her attempts to speak and answer questions on the topic at hand go unchallenged.  When the others refuse to insist that she change the subject to what she should be addressing, it always falls to me to “cut to the chase” and start shouting questions on the unrelated topic and telling her how to do her job. Often, she and the others ignore me, or ruder yet, try to talk over me, which forces me to shout even louder and repeat the same question multiple times.  Incredibly, my attempts to help her in this way seem to make her even less patient and more dismissive of me.

Despite my best efforts to refocus the meetings in the correct direction, and to be a shining example of our sacred First Amendment rights, I receive no gratitude.  Instead, I have actually been the target of criticism, even name-calling (“unprofessional,”“crybaby,” “jerk,” etc.)  Some have actually accused me of being the one who has lowered the tone of the meetings, can you imagine? Because these meetings are widely seen by the public, I have been subjected to outrageous insults from the rabble, such as cruel insinuations that I and the organization I represent “suck.” There has even been talk of barring me from future meetings. 

My question: how can I make these deplorable people I have to work around every day show me the level of respect that I deserve?

Outraged in DC




Dear Gentle Reader:

It is Miss Mannerly’s impression that they already do.



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  • Jack Chopin

    11/20/2018 02:10 PM

    I will be 81 in January and have read hundreds of books like those written by Leon Uris discussing the Jewish plight especially during World War II in Europe with an emphasis on Poland. I have always supported Israel and their independence, vitality and willingness to get their hands dirty building a country. The purpose of that preface is to try and assure you that I'm not against the Jewish people, however the conduct of the American Jewish community, particularly members of Congress leave me totally perplexed and confused. As a frequent visitor to Israel and a friend of Netanyahu (a man I very much admire) I thought perhaps you might have a better understanding as to why people like Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Diane Feinstein etc. work so hard to undermine the president who was an ardent supporter not only of Israel, but also the American Jewish community. Their conduct is reprehensible and I simply don't understand why they want to destroy our country which is given them freedom to worship as they see fit, supported in every way possible their ancestral homeland and the values this country was founded upon. I'm writing this note because it is the first time in 81 years that I am starting to feel negatively toward them and I am not at all comfortable moving in that direction because it's against everything I believe in and how I have lived my life. As a Baptist pastor hopefully you can provide a Missouri Synod Lutheran with a reasonable explanation for their conduct. Thank you, Jack Chopin

  • Tricia Kennemer

    08/12/2018 11:28 PM

    Unequivocally, THE best response/op you have ever written. 100% spot on.

  • Laura Hastings-Brownstein

    08/12/2018 09:43 PM

    DonaWoker - I’m glad you identified yourself as a Christian, because I would have not known this from you negative and unfair, and might I add hypocritical comments. And, btw, Sarah looks great in orange. Not sure why you think you are an expert on what color others should wear. Hmmm...

  • Alice Speck

    08/12/2018 02:02 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,
    You should be so proud of Sarah. She is one tough cookie. She definitely knows how to put people like Jim Acosta in their place, and I love it. God bless your beautiful daughter & all her family.

  • Ruth Forester

    08/11/2018 09:00 PM

    I watch the live coverage on Fox News, of the WH press briefings. I would show that big boob the door, or send him to the back of the room! He's the most arrogant, rude, argumentative, infantile...only about grandstanding for the cameras! He and Nancy Ryan are the worst. NO ONE should have to put up with their behavior. There needs to be some standards of behavior...then ban them if they can't act civil. Sarah is amazing, in the way she deals with them and still maintains her dignity! <3

  • Richard Kurkowski

    08/06/2018 05:38 PM

    Jim is a Jerk!! He has NO respect.

  • Ronald Anderson

    08/06/2018 12:11 PM

    Sarah the warrior her.

  • Linda Evans

    08/06/2018 05:46 AM

    Wonderful, a delight to read, this level of sagacity and humor gives me hope for the future of mankind!

  • Melissa Spurr

    08/05/2018 01:35 PM

    I have tremendous respect for your daughter, Sarah. Despite very hateful treatment from the press, she handles herself with grace and dignity. She is a role model for young women. God bless her, and you too! Keep up the good work.

  • Joe Gordon

    08/05/2018 11:22 AM

    Mike: You and I met in 2015 in NYC in the Fox studio. My wife and I were very impressed with the time spent talking to us about our small business, and we were contributors to your campaign. The reason for writing, is that I was defending your daughter on Facebook, from critics of her response to CNN trying to force her to give a personal opinion. The exchange on Facebook got intense with a known Fox sportscaster named Bob Picozzi. He then asked to send me a private message "To avoid embarrassing me!" He then launched a vitriolic diatribe calling me a "Clown and a Pathetic old fool". After I told him he was childish, he went on a vicious rant, calling President Trump a "Mother Fxxxxr, and me an "Ignorant zealot", an "axxhxxe", "no good lying son of a Bxxxh." Then he added "Fxxk you"! then...after demanding that I don't reply again, he came back, after studying 3 years of my Facebook posts, and seeing my picture with you, and called you a phony, and Sarah a lying sack of Sxxt. I am concerned that a celebrity (Whom I think works for a division of FOX) would threaten a 76 year old man who has recently recovered from esophageal cancer (it's of my Facebook page), and seem to be in a stalking mode. I am sorry to bother you with this but Knowing that your daughter needs Secret Service protection, I feel obligated that a Fox employee is an angry, vulgar enemy of both you and Sarah. We still very much enjoy your perspicacity as a Fox commentator.

  • Chaplain Tim

    08/04/2018 08:56 PM

    We need a superwoman that does not bow to new media pressure! See who it is!!

  • Donna Long

    08/04/2018 04:11 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I love the way Sarah handles the daily briefings. She doesn’t deserve what she takes on daily. In all my adult life, I have never seen such disrespect for the office of the presidency. It is astounding to think that this is ok. Jim Acosta is more than likely being told and paid by an outside source to say such demeaning things. He is such an embarrassment. And as for taking up for an athlete who makes multi millions of dollars and treat him like he is a God; is also astounding to me. This needs to stop. So much hatred in this country.

  • Art Rittenhouse

    08/04/2018 03:19 PM

    Your daughter is awesome!!! I hope she never ever thinks about quitting this job!!! I can not believe how she can think and respond so eloquently every time!!!! I am sure you are very proud father. You don't do so bad your self. HaHa. Keep up the good work!!!!

  • E. Grogan

    08/04/2018 02:29 PM

    Mr. Huckabee: My husband and I watch Sarah's press conferences alot. We are both so impressed with her and how she handles herself. She is amazing and I have no idea how she handles such a high pressure job and maintains a home while raising 3 young children. I hate it when Acosta or April goes after her, it's horrifying and she doesn't deserve it. I cant say enough how much we like her, shes doing a fantastic job! I watched her in the latest Acosta horror show and when she looked like she might cry (just for one second though) I was right there telling her don't let them break you". It was the only time I've ever seen her look like that and I imagine it's all taking its toll. Truly, I cant think of a better person to be press secretary than Sarah. We pray for her and her family's safety every day. You have every reason to be proud of her and I LOVE that you always have her back and you speak out when shes been put thru the wringer one more time. Blessings on all of you, I will NEVER be able to thank you and Sarah for all youre doing to restore our Republic.
    We love you, God bless you and keep you all safe!!!

  • Spunky52

    08/04/2018 01:47 PM

    Sounds a lot like lil jimmy has a closet persona coming out. The answer is correct- they already show you the respect level you absolutely deserve. Mabye some lessons in actual manners, in regards to the respect that you should show to the office of the Presidency of the United States, and the workforce that is the supporting cast in our governments highest office..... When these "professionals", get out of group hate classes and begin to tell the facts, TRUTHFULLY, then maybe they will earn a place to talk. I've sent messages to Sara Sanders to treat them as the children they are acting like.. give them time out from the press briefings, when they are insubordenate, and disrespectful. First occurance-barred from the press room for 1 week, 2nd time two weeks, third time lose your press credentials to attend the briefings forever... for every action there is a reaction...simple

  • Patricia Myers

    08/04/2018 01:38 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Your daughter is an asset to the Trump administration. She does an outstanding job every day against the hateful press. Acosta is a very rude, disrespectful person and deserves whatever Sarah gives him. Frankly I don't know how she puts up with him everyday. I admire her very much. You should be proud of her and I am sure you already are. I just love her.


    08/04/2018 11:05 AM

    Sarah is doing a fantastic job, but I think the press corps gets away with too much. There should be rules for them to abide by. The abuse she takes is unwarranted!

  • Mary Berger

    08/04/2018 08:32 AM

    Your daughter is someone to admire! It's a good thing that she has experience with babies because she needs it with the press. Next press luncheon needs to have pacifier and sippy cups to match their maturity. Maybe a time out chair? God Bless

  • Janna Halverson

    08/04/2018 12:47 AM

    Please tell Sarah that I, for one, thinks she is doing an awesome job and I'm sorry she has to put up with people like Jim Acosta and April Ryan. Also, I agree with Ms. Mannerly. :)

  • Kim Gant

    08/04/2018 12:02 AM

    Great job by Sarah... professional, appropriate and authoritative! I can't imagine anyone doing a better job!

  • DonnaWoker

    08/03/2018 09:27 PM

    As a Christian, I am very disappointed in your response. These reporters are just doing what they are supposed to do. They are supposed to ask questions that people don't want to answer. Failing to answer them with integrity and transparency only encourages them to ask more. Your poor daughter looks so miserable. Why is she staying in this job? She obviously hates the job. She always looks like she's being forced to do the most distasteful things anyone could imagine. It is a very distasteful job - being forced to lie daily to protect a boss who cares only about himself and his wealth. A free and open press is so important that our founders included protection for them in our Constitution. They MUST be allowed what they want to ask. They deserve clear, honest answers so that We the People can hear clear honest reports. When her boss keeps making things up, she repeats them, no matter how untrue. The press is NOT the enemy of the people. The current regime is. She should run away from them as fast as she can! She should defend the media. Not telling lies? Giving alternate facts?? That's them, not the press! Obstructing justice? Fighting back?? Sorry, that was Sarah-and it may be her own problem of obstructing justice. Orange is not her color.

  • Karl Shumaker

    08/03/2018 09:07 PM

    Gee, I wonder whom you are not mentioning?

  • Marde Mc Craine

    08/03/2018 08:12 PM

    Sorry to say Jim Acosta thinks the world revolves around him. Sarah must be extremely strong to take the insulting way they treat her. What happened to fairness and courtesy? I am not a old lady and was in the hospital laboratory field for 18 years and also a "female" deputy of the deplorables and "smelly" Walmart shoppers. In truth, we know how most of the so-called media are and it is sad. God Bless You and Your Family.

  • judi wall

    08/03/2018 06:47 PM

    Ms. Sarah deserves to be respected by all press. Fake news is never going to like President Trump or anyone who works for him. As far as I'm concerned Jim Acosta needs a good ole southern whipping.

  • Kathy Ferguson

    08/03/2018 06:46 PM

    Sarah was, as usual, spot on in her response. I respect her dignity and wish I could be as professional in avoiding sarcasm. I would have said, “Mr. Acosta the American people are smart enough to know who their enemies are”... and we are.