December 13, 2019

From Dot W:

Wouldn't it be great if your friend Laura Ainsworth could compose a song exposing the whole truth of the Democrats, and all other liberals who are unlearned, and describe how spoiled, immature, rotten, ignorant of facts, unable to face the truth, and so ignorant concerning the difference between a lie and the truth, and how honest folks are torn between pity and disgust toward them.


From Laura A:

Thanks for the inspiration, Dot. Love the theme; I’ll see what I can do. A documentary in song!  Of course, with that subject matter, the new song could be even longer than AMERICAN SPIES. Speaking of which, now that the IG report has finally confirmed what we already knew about the spying, I think it’s time to feature the anthem AMERICAN SPIES again. I wrote it and recorded it during the summer, but everything in it has since been borne out. It's even timelier now.  Enjoy!

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