October 9, 2016
- October 10, 2016

It wasn’t pretty. More like a street fight than boxing, but Trump fearlessly took the game straight to Hillary and made the next 30 days about her repeated lies and corruption and not his disgusting comments of 11 years ago.

He often reminded people why he won the primaries by unapologetically hitting at failed policies of the elites and establishment from both parties.

Trump needed to show contrast and he did. He is more a chain saw than a scalpel, but his cuts drew blood.

And it’s time to get rid of the so-called moderators. Get a big clock and let the candidates go to the stage and take turns and get rid of the media personalities who want to debate the candidates. My advice to “moderators?” If you want to debate, become a candidate.

Trump won the debate. That much I know.

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  • David

    10/11/2016 12:27 PM

    You proposed a "Bathroom Ban" for trans people so men wouldnt be able to ogle women in bathrooms. Which you consider a sex crime.

    You endorsed a man who admitted to walking through women's dressing rooms to ogle the young women changing clothes. Do you consider that a sex crime?

    How do you justify endorsing a man who does these things at 60+ years of age?

  • Lisa

    10/11/2016 11:42 AM

    What is a conservative Christian to do in this election year? I'm not sure who is the lesser evil. I'm terrified that either candidate, even in office for only 4 years, could do irreparable damage to our country.

  • Sue Posluszny

    10/10/2016 08:04 PM

    Mike, you present such common sense it is no wonder that you
    are not president. You must be too scary for the politicians.

  • Jennifer

    10/10/2016 05:55 PM

    I definitely like the Donald I saw tonight better - HRC was definitely rattled and didn't get to do her rehearsed sound bytes.
    What I would like to see is for him to - with questions on HealthCare - is tell people why we have fewer jobs. It's because of the 30 hour work week rule. So many businesses could not afford to provide healthcare, so had to cut hours on workers - and those people could not find a second job. So, they have no ability to afford healthcare because of reduced hours at work.

    Something he still needs to work on is to keep on track with the question. The one that comes to mind is on the Supreme Court justice question. He got way off track there and HRC called him on it. He needs to stay on point. I like how he turned things around on her on several occasions - and I mentioned this in a previous comment that I left.

    Again - still needs to explain things that the average person doesn't know what it is - he mentioned NAFTA again, and the Pacific deal - these need to be explicitly explained as to what happened and why those are bad deals for American jobs.

    I'm also liking the positive ads that I'm seeing from the Trump campaign. Most of the negative ones I'm seeing are from the super PACs - which I'm okay with. I like the issues he is getting out in a positive way so we are seeing both messages - his vision for bringing America back "up to snuff" and also the negative ads that are continuing to go more in-depth into HRC's corruption and hypocrisy. What I'd like to see is the PAC emails coming out that show the illegal campaigning done by HRC's campaign - that should be the next ad that we see! We know the MSM is NOT going to do ANY reporting on that whatsoever.

    Please tell Trump to keep up this line of what he's doing - the positive ads by his campaign and explaining the issues. But also to the PACs to continue the negative ads against HRC - since he doesn't have to "approve" those. I have not seen (that I can remember) one positive ad for HRC - she is in attack mode only which is just not going to play well with most voters.

    One final thing Trump should consider - all the Dems and some of the Republicans scoffed at Mitt Romney for saying how Russia should be a concern for us - and here we are 4 years later and he was right!!! That needs to be brought up - the issue was there - Obama laughed, and now Obama's policies along with HRC as Secretary of State have brought us to this mess with Russia. I think if Trump actually said - Hey, Romney was right! Look at the problems we have due to your failed policies that have brought all of these issues. You continually say Russia is hacking your emails - well, your failed policies have brought us to this point! Not to mention the issues in Syria.
    I think him saying this would also heal some wounds in the Republican party. Some people are just not happy with him - which is unfortunate as this is where we REALLY need to band together as Republicans and Conservatives. He needs to acknowledge what other Republicans have done well to help our country. As my mother used to say - you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Admittedly, you can catch a lot more with poo, but honey smells better...

  • Howard Briones

    10/10/2016 11:04 AM

    Trump could have buried her. ACA is discriminatory & racist to American Indians in non federal tribes. Pts 2006-09 of ACA says tribal member & org. It doesn't cover non fed tribes. When Sebelius was head of HHS she put forth a directive that non fed tribes must "prove they are Indian enough" to continue to receive hc from IHS. Under title 6 of the CR act no federal funds can go to any program that uses race as a qualifier. There are approx 500k+ in non fed tribes. Non fed tribes have no legal standing in fed court. So ACA attack the most vulnerable minority population. For low info people Pocahantas' tribe isn't federally recognized. Under civil rights law ACA must be repealed & all funds must be returned plus fines & jail of 10 years per violation. It's a serious violation & has serious consequences

  • Dave Lally

    10/10/2016 10:53 AM

    It was obvious Donald decided not to be baited and held himself in check. It was also obvious he got under Hillary's skin a few times evidenced by her red cheeks and forced smile. Her main points were practiced rhetoric, nothing new. She evaded questions in regard to the emails which is obviously a sore spot. Trump made his points and underscored them. Hillary was defenseless and lost this round despite what some in the media would have you believe .